Seeing Grandma...

"Runners just do it. They run for the finish line even if someone else has reached it first." Author Unknown

Yes, I am quite the evil child where I was suppose and planned to see my grandmother yesterday after the team championships, although afterwards at the team picnic, I was asked by good friend flyers and couple, ST and JH to go to a Yankees vs BoSox game...how can I resist?

Anyways, since I went to the Yankees game, I needed to see my grandmother and also pick up a few supplies for the Hood to Coast relay that I had packed up and shipped back home...(Running reflective vest and I love NY shirt)

So as I was done with the Alzheimer's group run, I headed off to the bus terminal to be shipped off to Jersey to see my cousin, my grandmother and aunt/uncle...

Upon my arrival, I hung out with my cousin and his wife early on in the day, watched their wedding video, where they thought it was hilarious to see me shaking as I gave my speach...ha! I was pretty funny and really should have relaxed a little bit more....but what is done is done.

After we went over to see my grandma, where she was having some issues with her feet due to the fact of high blood sugar levels, her kidneys had faultered somewhat and now the inbalance of water is swelling up her legs...she is very unhappy and the days of tiredness and unease has really brought her to being very unhappy.

I saw her, as her sight is getting worse as well. She only recognizes voices now and it was totally sad to see her in that condition.

The worst part was this. My cousin was sitting next to his wife and my gandmother, my grandmother does not recognize his wife since she was newly introduced into the family within the past year. She asked my cousin who she was, where his response was that she was his wife. Then my grandmother asked if she was married...and my cousin said yes. Then she asked where my grandfather was...and we both looked at each other and did not know how to answer that question since my grandfather had recently passed away not long ago this past year.

We stayed a little while as my grandma wanted us to leave...then my grandma went back to bed as she was restless and we left shortly after.

It's just a sad disease as it realy toiuches the heart and the amazement of my struggles as I want to do justice to find a cure...

Soon after, I left going back to NYC...

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