Team for Kids & Running Friends

"For me running is about freedom. I find that the freer I feel, the faster I am." Jennifer Beals, Actress

So after the whole daily wake up with the dog, the cycle of work and after work festivities, I made my way up towards the Team for Kids practice. Then, afterwards my Flyer team of selected "cool kids" would meet up for a picnic.

The day was somewhat cloudy as it looked as though the rain was going to actually come down. The practice for Team for Kids as a light one as I took on the 10 minute mile group. I talked the whole entire way with this yoga instructor, who wanted advice on the marathon and how things were.

It was good and simple. I was asked what the difference between the Alzheimer's group and the Team for Kids group and how different they were. They are.

I am more of a supporting cast role in the Team for Kids group, although the size of the group is much larger in Team for Kids, it's nice to have that large group dynamic where you don't feel like you are wasting your time. My alzheimer's group though is really nice because JL and I are heading the whole entire thing. We are in charge and it is our first year doing this entire thing. It is great to have the same sort of ratio of people that come to our Tuesday night practices, though we hope that more people would come to our Weekend practices as well, were we hope to teach people a little more and those are the longer runs.

But after Team for Kids brough on a different dynamic. After trying to find my friends at a second location due to the weather and non-picnic atmosphere in a bar, I finally saw some of my closest friends.

I got there late as everyone had a drink in them already. It was great seeing everyone there as we are all united by our running group. Many would say that we are very much a click within the running organization. The Monday group run has definitely allowed us to see each other weekly as most of us are regulars. I veer down the table as I see each person talking with one another in various conversations that are going on. It was nice to see how much of a group dynamic our group really functions as a whole and how lucky I was to be part of this group. I was the young one actually in the group as most of them are in their 30's. Allowing me to be part of the group, as two people: me and ES are the young guns... It's nice though because sometimes people talk down upon you as you are younger, less mature and so on and so forth. I am lucky to have some great friends to look up to, talk to about different situations and really broaden my life around because all of these people I look up to. Each one of us has gone through our own struggles in life, although we are united in one aspect: Running and how that turned into friendships.

I leave the bar knowing that I have such great friends. Those who are interested in my life and those who really care about how I am doing on a daily cycle. I will probably have these friends for life, knowing that they will be there through the thick and thin and hopefully for the better!

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