Running is elementary. It is elegant in its simplicity. John Bingham, The Courage to Start

Lance Armstrong with Alberto Salazar, one of his pacesetters, during the 2006 marathon.

Published: September 29, 2009

Lance Armstrong has inquired about being part of the New York City Marathon again — this time running only part of the race as a pacesetter for Joan Benoit Samuelson — and marathon organizers would love to welcome him back because of his star power and the runners from his cancer charity.

Armstrong had hoped to accompany Samuelson to the finish line as she did for him by running the final miles of the 2006 New York City Marathon, but the rules do not allow him to do so and he could decline to run.

Samuelson, 52, is running the race to commemorate the 25th anniversary of her landmark gold medal in the 1984 Olympic marathon, but she is also eyeing an age-group record in the race. To be eligible for a record, she can have a pacesetter. But were Armstrong to run as one, he would have tobegin the race at the start; he cannot jump in at a later point.

“There was an idea put out there to run a part of the race with Joanie,” Mark Higgins, Armstrong’s manager, said in an e-mail message, referring to Samuelson’s desire to celebrate the 40th running of the race and her 25th anniversary of her gold medal. “But since she is running as a competitive athlete in her age group, he cannot do that.”

Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France winner, ran the New York City Marathon twice during his three-year hiatus from cycling. His first year, Samuelson joined a Hall of Fame cast of pacesetters who ran parts of the race with Armstrong, including the three-time New York winner Alberto Salazar, who started the race.

Samuelson jumped in at the 10-mile mark and, while elbowing curious runners away from Armstrong, encouraged him to cross the finish line, in 2 hours 59 minutes 36 seconds. He called it “the hardest physical thing” he had ever done and later learned he had stress fractures in his legs.

Two marathons later (including Boston in 2008), Armstrong, 38, returned to cycling full time. He finished third this year in the Tour de France. Involved in forming a new cycling team, he has not trained for a full marathon, according to Mary Wittenberg, the chief executive and president of the New York Road Runners, the race’s organizer.

“We’re very happy to have Lance’s support,” Wittenberg said, but she added, “I’ll be surprised if he runs.”

“Lance had expressed interest through e-mails,” Wittenberg said. “But with a competitive athlete, you can’t pace unless you start the race. We gave him that option, which we are happy to extend. We don’t know if that’s of interest to him.”

Higgins did not respond to an e-mail message seeking clarification.

Starting the race may not be as meaningful as finishing it while accompanying a struggling runner, Wittenberg acknowledged. “They need a lot more help at the end,” she said.

In 2007, Armstrong ran without an entourage, finishing in a personal-best time, 2:46:43.

Samuelson is showing few signs of slowing down. She set an age-group record for women 50 and older when she finished the 2008 Olympic marathon trials in 2:49:08. She has never won the New York City Marathon; her best finish was third in 1988. The women’s 50-plus division record in New York is 2:53:53, set by S. Rae Baymiller in 1993.

The decision to extend Armstrong an entry, even as a pacesetter, would be an easy one for the New York Road Runners. “Our job is to build and promote this event — it’s a worldwide happening — and we welcome interest from high-profile individuals that add to the happening,” Wittenberg said.

Armstrong’s influence has extended beyond his two performances in the race. The Lance Armstrong Foundation’s LiveStrong team will bring 175 runners to New York for the Nov. 1 race, and the charity is expected to raise more than $700,000 from this year’s race.


Why take a subway when...

The key ingredient, in my opinion, to successful mental training is what I refer to as a "warrior attitude." Bob Glover and Shelly-Lynn Florence Glover, The Competitive Runner's Handbook

So I run to work...and most of my co-workers know it because I use to hang my clothes all around my cublicle area...then I felt bad and started showering at work and not hang my re-washed clothes in the shower...

Anyways, so a co-worker asked me if I had ran today or not...and my reply was...Of course! I explained to her about why I would I take the subway, if I can simply arrive by running about the same time? And also save $2.25 along the way...

So...one of my partners came out and said to me...

Why fly across the atlantic ocean, when you can just swim it!

I said exactly!

Oh brother!
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Even after all these years, running continues to amaze me. Mostly in its ability to clarify - to make things OK and bring you back down to earth, even when things are insane. Especially when things are insane. Mark Remy, Executive Editor, runnersworld.com


So...we have been fairly lucky throughout the summer on Monday nights where there were no rain days to cancel our ING Cafe runs...

So I asked our superior if we had to show up...

Her response:

...if you were running it as a participant you would show up, just like you did yesterday at the tune up, and expect NYRR to be there putting on the event, right? Now you know how it feels. Get your butt out there and run.

here's hoping no one shows up.

Ahh! Good old peer pressure...love it!...

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Crazy, but awesome...

Have a dream, make a plan, go for it. You'll get there, I promise. Zoe Koplowitz, Achilles Track Club member with multiple sclerosis

Why am I out at 7am on a Sunday when I only got 4 hours of sleep last night?

This is crazy...downpouring, rain, cold, tiredness...I contacted my other coach to discuss the matters...we did and we finally came up with cancelling...but it was far too late!

I awoke this morning after going to the little boys room saying maybe people eImailed us telling us that they were not going to show up...but I was wrong, totally wrong...there was no e-mails...this is bad!

I finally felt guilty and could not go back to sleep if "the kids (my Alzheimer's team)" were out there "playing in the rain" or rather running in the rain as they were told as their coach slept inside? Nope!
Ok, I couldn't be at the group meeting spot by 6:45 by this point and all I could do is actually be cheering on and taking pictures of my team...my 3 teams: The Alzheimer's Association, Team for Kids, the NY Flyers...but this is crazy...

I was thinking in my head, well...EVEN I would not be out there this morning...EVEN I take breaks and know when to say when...

EVEN I...ok, these kids are crazy, but awesome and they own a piece of my heart....so this is the least I can do for them!

I make my way from 59th street to 72nd and cheer on all the runners. It was best to use my new camera due to the capabilities of the water protection and wanting to test that out...use it as often...but yes, it was difficult to take some shots, but I got the hang of it and actually got some rather away shots than I usually do but there was really not a whole lot of light, so couldn't funtion that and I had an unbrella, so working two hands was not an option...which I fiddled with the nature of putting the unbrella handle in the shirt whole in back of the neck...but that didn't work too well...

Anyways...the race was on and off and downpour, the runners did not seemed to be too effected by it after they were all soaked already, but I continually got soaked!

I saw most of my local teammates from the NY Flyers, some Team for Kids members and most importantly my Run to Remember teammates...

As the kids passed, I missed them...but they shouted at me...ok, I'll get them at the second round...at least now I know what they are wearing and knew who was running...and some had really smily faces on! Yes guys, if you doubted yourself being a runner, you guys are truely runners now...well surpassing me there!

Anyways, they came back for their second loop, then I decided to walk to the finish line...again it was the least I can do for them and they all passed the test!!! 18 miles! Amazing in the worst of conditions as well...

They are trully amazing...far exceeding any of my expectations today...as all of them came in and I awaited to take their picture in the rain, soggy wet...

And...a special TFKer was out there as well giving out prezels with an amazing 3 hours of sleep as well...

I went to the ING cafe to see the lecture and went home shortly after to take a shower and a slight nap...

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Good things come slow—especially in distance running. Bill Dillinger, Oregon coach

So...after work I traveled my butt up towards my last (after work workouts) for the week. This was my own private practice for speed work and coaching.

I had just found out from coach (GW) that I had been charging less than what I should be charging...which means, I am probably the cheapest coach in NYC!

Yes folks...I'm still taking personal clients as a private coaching sessions or group sessions, BUT if you are doing the NYC marathon, you probably only have like 4 more speedwork sessions that you really want to do until the actual race. If you want me to really analyze your running habits and break everything down for you, then that's ok as well.

But anyways, I had to drop my time sheet off at the Alzheimer's Association where I had to travel to the east side and then all the way up to engineers gate for practice.

Traffic these days are horrendous where the UN summit is still taking place and all these presidential dignitaries and presidents/leaders are still in town which means the hypened up security.

In and out of lanes I go as I wiz by traffic and take my chances of green and red lights...these cars are not going anywhere anyways. So...that's why I do it! I also do it for the challenge and well, the chaoes of commuting traffic during rush hour on a Thursday...it all adds up to being absolutely hectic, but I love that...I would run through time square in a heartbeat...

I take my chances, swoop up towards the 80's and I see the Alzheimer's CEO LEB, with her grand daughter and her dog! Oh it was so nice to see people on runs, although LEB quickly shooed me away to tell me to take a shower or how I am dripping wet with sweat...

HEY, it was really humid that day! Anyways, get up to 90th street and just chill till my clients and good friends: EM, JK and ER show up.

I se my teammate, MT as she finishes up her workout and then I see ST another Hood to Coast teammate as he starts his workout. It's quite funny becuase most of my Alzheimer's Run to Remember team says that I pretty much know everyone in the park...(Hey I try ok? I love that social affair of knowing how people are doing...)

Anyways, as all my clients show up, I give them a choice of what they want for practice...5 v 3's as I call them or consistant reservior running of 4 hard loops at a Yasso 8's pace. I'm expanding their speed, which pretty much they got their stride and marathon pace consistancy...

As they went around the reservior loops, I was talking to the UA coaches who usually run the store. It's always good to know people in different areas. One of my Alz team members went into their store and they said that I coached them...the UA staff response was "gosh, how many teams does this kid coach?"

We finish our workout and go to get a slice of pizza and a milkshake...the best part was that ER got the milkshakes delivered as we stood outside...


...on towards the TFK charity event!

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Express to work

There is no time to think about how much I hurt; there is only time to run. Ben Logsdon

So...how cool or consistant am I?

Not very, just really, REALLY LUCKY!

I left for work today really quite late after a night of zonking out so early in the. night after a phone call.

I left pretty late actually as I had woken up pretty late...got my things and just left out the door.

Ok, so many of you know that now since I have moved, I have been running, walking or taking the subway to work. Since I no longer can walk to work, I usually run. I have been taking different routes as my commute often involves the prestine routine based on the color of the traffic lights...

But today, all systems pointed my way. I usually have my own challenge that I play by myself in which I usually can get somewhere below 42nd street without stopping. Now stopping for these traffic lights usually increases my time in which I wait...

Not today my friends...it was absolutely amazing. I went from 60th and 1st to 13th and 8th...non-stop!

Express! Absolutely amazing!

Well..maybe it had to do with some street closures from the UN summit...


Thank You Liz Robbins

The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.
Sir Roger Bannister, First athlete to run the mile in less than four minutes

Liz Robbins came into speak for the Alzheimer's Association tonight as many of the runners were excited to see a new face in the running community. Prestigious, runner and proclaimed writer from the New York Times, her book A Race like No Other is absolutely amazing and a quick read. It was great to have her speak with our group and I was lucky to have her as a good friend of mine to me to share this opportunity to my teammates.


Thanks so much again for coming tonight. It was really special to all of my team members that you were there to answer all of their questions. With such a long training session of a marathon training program, I bet it was nice to see a fresh face to answer any of their questions that they had. They were inspired by your words and your grace.

I do appreciate you taking the time and coming in to talk about your book. I had not expected people to flock over and we really overly exceeded the amount that we had thought. (I had to graciously give up some of my purchased books that I had bought personally for my teammates...)

Overall, it was an amazing event. Again, thank you very much and I hope we didn't make you too, too late for your other plans.

Brian & Jeff

As well as the Alzheimer's Association and Team Run to Remember

Lose your keys, wallet?

I focused on reminding myself I was running my race and not trying to keep pace with somebody. It's about your journey—not everybody else's journey Jennifer Beals, actress, on her first road race

Ever see someone lose their wallet or keys and say something when it falls out?

I mean NYers are such great civilians...seriously here.

This morning on my run to the office I ran through all the chaos of the UN summit once again and at the corner...dropped my keys. Good thing I could here the jingle of the drop as I would have left that behind.

Secondly, I had seen a teammate of mine on his way to work on 23rd street, said hello and went down 6th avenue...

Crossed the street and this couple flagged me down by waving...I was like what is the problem here?

They told me that something fell out of my bag...a black thing and a piece of paper...

Umm...that was my wallet! Holly sh*t! Crazy!

I was really reluctant to have those people flag me...wow, I was lucky...

Stupid bag...ok, stupid Brian for not putting on a latch with a safety pin to keep it closed...

That's going on the list now...wow, I was certainly lucky...the gods were with me on this one!


Presidential UN Summit

I ran and ran every day, and I acquired a sense of determination, this sense of spirit that I would never, never, give up, no matter what else happened.

Wilma Rudolph, US track star

Ok...so everyone knows that this week is the UN Summit, but well, I was running last night and wondered why all the crazy traffic?

Today, I ran around in the morning on the way to work...right at 57th you can see a dignitary lane for the Ambasitors and leaders of the world...quite a scene...

But then ran down where the main hotels were and the whole area was closed off to some traffic...swarmed with guys in suits and black jackets, it was a shit show...but all great to see!

Traffic was horrendeous! But all good...made it to work and we had HOT water! Wheew! Nice!

Alzheimer's team group workout tonight and then tomorrow the half way there party with Liz Robbins and Tara Parker Pope...

And...well, thinking about getting my camera!


When the guy says go, you start to suffer—or you might as well not be out there. It's a small piece of your life, make it hurt. Aaron Cox, Winner of US Mountain Biking Championship
Isn't it beautiful?

Yes, after 5 years...I have gone through multiple marathons and it's sad to see the old one go...

But this one I needed to get a shock proof, video, audio and most important...




Most mistakes in a race are made in the first two minutes, perhaps in the very first minute.

Jack Daniels, Exercise Physiologist and Coach

Ok, get to work this morning wondering why there is so much darn traffic...why is 1st so busy this morning?

I jogged slowly as my legs were tired from this weekend's run of 40 + miles...two teams going into their prime marathon training? Yeah, not so fun and my legs are taking it's toll...

Can't wait till marathon training is tapering down to see how my legs recover for this race...

Anyways, got to work this morning it was semi chilly and before I went to take a shower, I had to put some items up on the ftp site for our consultants...

Did that and went to go shower as people were roaming in...

As I turned on the water, I turned it half and half...ok...this worked the other day...

What happened? Ok, go in and see what happens...so I went in, COLD...

Ok, swithced it both ways and never the less it did not turn hot at all...

So I went in...


Nothing that wasn't too bad as I had experienced an ice bath before and it was good for my muscles and it was good to not spend a whole lot of time in the shower...

Ok, quickly go in, quickly come out... AHHHH!!!

Dunk your head in....dunk your head out!

Oh my gosh it is cold!!!


Ok...done and over with...

Later on there was an e-mail that was sent out saying the hot water in both the male and female bathrooms were not working...

Thanks maintenance...thanks a whole lot!


Team for Kids- 20 miler...

It's the road signs, 'Beware of lions.' Kip Lagat, Kenyan distance runner, during the Sydney Olympics, explaining why his country produces

Got up at 5:30 am this morning since The New York Flyer did not have a run on Sunday. GW and I were free to work for Team for Kids who moved their usual Saturday group run to Sunday morning. GW had texted me last night if I wanted to share a cab with him...of course I said sure!

So he picked me up at 62 and 1st and we were on our way toward Brooklyn. I had not gotten anything really into my system of what I usually would eat in the morning such as a banana or bagel or gatorade...

I was unprepared, but I had my granola bars and gu if I needed it...we arrived and found that there were about 100 members of TFK there...it's always nice to see such a large groupings of people and see that there are many friendships that are gained through this program.

The two other groups first started...as GW and I had the faster groups of 8's and 9's for marathon pace...so, my group was from 9-9:45...the bulk of the group. We went over the Brooklyn Bridge, made sure that everyone was ok in the end. Went around the Staten Island Ferry terminal and up the West Side Highway. It was such a beautiful morning and We were taking in the Sunday morning as we were passing by the Statue of Liberty and Battery Park.

The 8's pass us as we go by Battery Park and we joke around saying that our 9's would surround them so they can not leave...

We pace at a 9:30 pace stopping at the first water station. Some wanted to leave, while others needed a water break and bathroom break...

Ok...both the 8's and 9's were at the same water station...which was my bad...we should have distributed the water station to minimize confusion. This is where I went wrong and got confused through the rest of the day...

So as my group got split up, some continued on, some were still in the bathroom and I was left in the middle...with a dilemma at hand...

I needed to stay to make sure that everyone was ok. So I stayed. I stayed to the very last person there in the bathroom and made sure that everyone knew the route...to 72nd street, where there was another water station.

Ok, so I ran up to catch my group to make sure that they were ok...but got side tracked my another runner telling me that the group that I saw ahead, was the 8's...wait, I didn't pass them...so I continued and the group that I saw was my group...

So finally after drinking a cup of gatorade (mind you that this was my first drink of water that morning...) I finally caught my group...they were perfect! They were going at a great pace and did not even need me! So I followed and took the back seat...

Since MM was there, I knew they were in good hands and they were PERFECT! So I went back to a slight turn that could confuse people...and directed people to go down until the very last person passed. (I was approached by many bicyclist to tell me that many groups did not abide by staying out of their ways and taking up the whole route...ok, fine bikers...we'll try!)

So after they all passed...I followed and tried to catch up, yet again...wait, wasn't I doing this last weekend with the Flyers? I caught up to some, but didn't catch up to my group as they were well on their way going back towards home base and finishing...since they were ok, I decided to stay at the Little Red Lighthouse, underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

I welcomed all the runners and stood by the water fountain to tell them that they are doing a great job...again, I was staying there till the last few people showed up.

Then the scare...one of the groups had a person (allison?) had an asthma attack...she was panicing and I had my cell phone just in case. I told her to go to the shade, got her water and she slowly rested and calmed down...she took quite a while to get back into it, but she was amazing and left...

Then there was A...as the triple A's showed up. A had a tight quad that she told me to rub her knot out...it was annoying her and I was professional about it...I told her to lie down on the picnic bench and rubbed on top of her quad right below her butt. Then worked my way up towards the butt because of the tightness and tendons...whatever, I was just trying to find the knott people. Anyways, I tried to work things out and rub it out...I mean it was a beautiful day, people were around us and whatever! Ok, fine...think what you like!

Anyways, we thought that everyone had turned around and by that point, I was done with making sure everyone had the right direction, so I went back with A, which was great because we continued our conversation that we had while I was rubbin' her knot out. We talked about all different kinds of things: Job, life, running, and boy...so all good.

In the end we stopped a few more times to stretch, and completed the whole twenty miler...all the TFK kids were done and they are pretty we'll confident that they are able to do the marathon...

Even better...I have much respect for those runners who have never ran anything before and are "off the couch" runners...

I ran home after practice as everyone from TFK should be proud of themselves...

They completed a 20!

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Are we complainers?

Everyone in life is looking for a certain rush. Racing is where I get mine. John Trautmann

So got up at 6:30 am in the morning after chilling with my roommates as I got home pretty late last night with one of my Hood to Coast teammate, JT. I walked home and must have passed like 10 ice cream stores, only thinking about my Reach the Beach teammates from last year (E and DL, along with the ladies and the fun Dumb Van...)

Anyways, best oif luck to my Reach the Beach hommies on the Run for the Memory team...unfortunately I could not be there this year as I had hoped for because of work and submitting things out on Friday.

Anyways...so I got up early for a 16 mile run with the my Alzheimer's teammates on the Run to Remember team. I needed to be around Central Park West by 8am...umm...I left pretty late and had to hustle around to find the place that I was looking for where all my teammates were waiting in the lobby.

Coach JL was talking about nutrition and food intake, so that was fine as I wallowed around and tried to engulph my buttered roll. The team was set and left the lobby, the morning was chilly as we set our sites towards 72nd street and across towards the West Side Highway, but we got lost somewhere inbetween and somehow worked out way up towards 70th street and west end and then tried to find stairs towards the West Side Highway...

So...it was breezy and it was great...we had a huge showing today as the turnout and people wearing their training shirts was amazing!

The run? Well it was chilly as the group went along the West Side Highway down towards the boardwalk at W13th as we stopped for GU. Everyone looked pretty cute with their two hands on the little GU packets, like little children eating those plastic icy colored things...

We continued on as I stayed in the cool back of the pack, making sure that everyone was all good and JL took the lead. I ran along with JM and TA, who I had a great conversation with. It was much more challenging for me to run at their pace than to run my own and it's all about them. Really this year is all about helping others and JL and I take great joy in helping these guys get to their goals of running in their first marathon...it's going to be amazing!

So we made our ways around towards the end of Battery Park, water stop. Then made our way back towards the upper west side...all the way up and over to Central Park.

Once at Central Park...I took the crew that wanted to run 9 min miles to get use to trying to get under their goal of a 4 hour marathon. Those who are trying for a specific time should get use to their goal marathon pace.

We finished up at the end with a total mileage of 17 miles, which we actually made them do an extra mile...most of them were POOPED...as they were achy, they wondered if they should feel this way.

Then they all wondered if they were major complainers...

I said no!

Your going to feel this way...especially after your first longest run of 17 miles!!!

When was that for me?

Long time ago...

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Where to start?

I love controlling a race, chewing up an opponent. Let's get down and dirty. Let's fight it out. It's raw, animalistic, with no one to rely on but yourself. There's no better feeling than that. Adam Goucher, Winner 1999 US Nationals 5000 title

Gosh, nothing really planned this weekend as I plan on catching up here and there from my daily adventures...

So much to catch up on, where lately I have been absolutely obliterated from work (full time - architecture) and creeping in my training sessions of running jobs inbetween...

This week was rough as my job really took over where my Project Manager told me that I was the person who would have to step up! Ok, like I need to step up more than what I have right now? Can't this wait till after the marathon?


Ok, short and sweet these conversations to my fellow bloggers...but coming back home from a long day and opting to run home at 12 midnight?

Yeah, I think I have a serious problem here...

So this morning, I timed my walking/taking the subway commute to my daily regular running commute.

Which one won?

Subway of course, but only by 5 minutes...well, I took the ACE train...so we shall see how the 456 to the L takes next friday as I take at least one day a week off from running...

Am I crazy for doing this?

Oh yes, and as I tried to recycle or reuse my paper to the newspaper AM news distributer person, she flat out yelled at me...

I couldn't believe it! What a week...


Different route to work today...

Your training partners are key to your success, and friendships based on your runs together are strong. Bill Rodgers

I took a different route to work today due to the traffic lights that allow me to keep running across avenues and down streets...I don't like to stop at lights so I just keep running...eventually I'll make it to work...some ways or another. I go through avenues and streets and see people waiting for buses and sometimes I swerve in and out between people like a slalom skier...

sometimes I wonder when I will get hit by a car...i better watch out!

6 Past Winners in N.Y.C. Marathon Field

Published: September 15, 2009
New York City Marathon organizers announced Tuesday that six former winners had committed to competing in the elite field in this year’s race, including Marilson Gomes dos Santos of Brazil, who has won in two of the past three years.

Martin Lel of Kenya, who won in 2003 and 2007, Paul Tergat of Kenya (2005) and Hendrick Ramaala of South Africa (2004) are also expected to be in the men’s field.

Jelena Prokopcuka of Latvia (2005, 2006) and Ludmila Petrova of Russia (2000) have committed to the women’s field, according to the New York Road Runners, the race’s organizer.

The United States Olympians Ryan Hall and Brian Sell were previously announced as having committed to this year’s race on Nov. 1.

The elite men’s field has several runners who have thrived in New York, but the world’s best marathoners have gravitated to fall marathons that offer flatter, faster courses. Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia will run Sunday in the Berlin Marathon, where he set a world record last year in 2 hours 3 minutes 59 seconds. Duncan Kibet of Kenya, who holds the second-fastest time, 2:04:27, will also run in Berlin.

The Olympic champion Sammy Wanjiru of Kenya has committed to running the Chicago Marathon next month.



What distinguishes those of us at the starting line from those of us on the couch is that we learn through running to take what the day gives us, what our body will allow us, and what our will can tolerate. John Bingham, running writer and speaker/strong

So, I run to work now and I have been super busy with all these running activities that I haven't had time to even Blog...



I am exhausted with running and a little part of my has this feeling of: can't wait till this marathon is over, though my heart is really into it.

So, when do I get my own runs in? I run to work and that's pretty much the large portion of it...3 mile up, 3 miles somewhere like the park or anywhere else.

So...funny thing is that in the mornings, when I get to work, I quickly go and take a shower. Now, friday morning I showered in very cold water and was thinking why is the hot water not working?

But I showered anyway, freezing my butt off!

This morning, the same exact thing! WTF! In my mind I was saying: maybe I shouldn't shower at the office anymore...or maybe I should take to my Human Resourses...

Then I turn the water the other way around...and guess what...


Wow...I feel stupid now...


Boston Marathon Registration

Some people create with words, or with music, or with a brush and paints. I like to make something beautiful when I run. I like to make people stop and say, "I've never seen anyone run like that before." It's more than just a race, it's a style. It's doing something better than anyone else. It's being creative. Bill Rodgers


114th edition of the World's Oldest Annual Marathon is Monday, April 19, 2010
Online entry for the 114th Boston Marathon® on Monday, April 19, 2010 (Patriots' Day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) begins at 9:00 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, September 9.

Those interested in participating are encouraged to register early. The 2009 Boston Marathon reached its field size limit in late January. The field size will be limited to 25,000 athletes.


Nike Human Race Ambassador

Always take the long term view and train and race smart, with a bit of caution. Bill Rodgers

Guess I didn't get the job...Boo!