Are we complainers?

Everyone in life is looking for a certain rush. Racing is where I get mine. John Trautmann

So got up at 6:30 am in the morning after chilling with my roommates as I got home pretty late last night with one of my Hood to Coast teammate, JT. I walked home and must have passed like 10 ice cream stores, only thinking about my Reach the Beach teammates from last year (E and DL, along with the ladies and the fun Dumb Van...)

Anyways, best oif luck to my Reach the Beach hommies on the Run for the Memory team...unfortunately I could not be there this year as I had hoped for because of work and submitting things out on Friday.

Anyways...so I got up early for a 16 mile run with the my Alzheimer's teammates on the Run to Remember team. I needed to be around Central Park West by 8am...umm...I left pretty late and had to hustle around to find the place that I was looking for where all my teammates were waiting in the lobby.

Coach JL was talking about nutrition and food intake, so that was fine as I wallowed around and tried to engulph my buttered roll. The team was set and left the lobby, the morning was chilly as we set our sites towards 72nd street and across towards the West Side Highway, but we got lost somewhere inbetween and somehow worked out way up towards 70th street and west end and then tried to find stairs towards the West Side Highway...

So...it was breezy and it was great...we had a huge showing today as the turnout and people wearing their training shirts was amazing!

The run? Well it was chilly as the group went along the West Side Highway down towards the boardwalk at W13th as we stopped for GU. Everyone looked pretty cute with their two hands on the little GU packets, like little children eating those plastic icy colored things...

We continued on as I stayed in the cool back of the pack, making sure that everyone was all good and JL took the lead. I ran along with JM and TA, who I had a great conversation with. It was much more challenging for me to run at their pace than to run my own and it's all about them. Really this year is all about helping others and JL and I take great joy in helping these guys get to their goals of running in their first marathon...it's going to be amazing!

So we made our ways around towards the end of Battery Park, water stop. Then made our way back towards the upper west side...all the way up and over to Central Park.

Once at Central Park...I took the crew that wanted to run 9 min miles to get use to trying to get under their goal of a 4 hour marathon. Those who are trying for a specific time should get use to their goal marathon pace.

We finished up at the end with a total mileage of 17 miles, which we actually made them do an extra mile...most of them were POOPED...as they were achy, they wondered if they should feel this way.

Then they all wondered if they were major complainers...

I said no!

Your going to feel this way...especially after your first longest run of 17 miles!!!

When was that for me?

Long time ago...

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