Express to work

There is no time to think about how much I hurt; there is only time to run. Ben Logsdon

So...how cool or consistant am I?

Not very, just really, REALLY LUCKY!

I left for work today really quite late after a night of zonking out so early in the. night after a phone call.

I left pretty late actually as I had woken up pretty late...got my things and just left out the door.

Ok, so many of you know that now since I have moved, I have been running, walking or taking the subway to work. Since I no longer can walk to work, I usually run. I have been taking different routes as my commute often involves the prestine routine based on the color of the traffic lights...

But today, all systems pointed my way. I usually have my own challenge that I play by myself in which I usually can get somewhere below 42nd street without stopping. Now stopping for these traffic lights usually increases my time in which I wait...

Not today my friends...it was absolutely amazing. I went from 60th and 1st to 13th and 8th...non-stop!

Express! Absolutely amazing!

Well..maybe it had to do with some street closures from the UN summit...

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