Lose your keys, wallet?

I focused on reminding myself I was running my race and not trying to keep pace with somebody. It's about your journey—not everybody else's journey Jennifer Beals, actress, on her first road race

Ever see someone lose their wallet or keys and say something when it falls out?

I mean NYers are such great civilians...seriously here.

This morning on my run to the office I ran through all the chaos of the UN summit once again and at the corner...dropped my keys. Good thing I could here the jingle of the drop as I would have left that behind.

Secondly, I had seen a teammate of mine on his way to work on 23rd street, said hello and went down 6th avenue...

Crossed the street and this couple flagged me down by waving...I was like what is the problem here?

They told me that something fell out of my bag...a black thing and a piece of paper...

Umm...that was my wallet! Holly sh*t! Crazy!

I was really reluctant to have those people flag me...wow, I was lucky...

Stupid bag...ok, stupid Brian for not putting on a latch with a safety pin to keep it closed...

That's going on the list now...wow, I was certainly lucky...the gods were with me on this one!

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