Good things come slow—especially in distance running. Bill Dillinger, Oregon coach

So...after work I traveled my butt up towards my last (after work workouts) for the week. This was my own private practice for speed work and coaching.

I had just found out from coach (GW) that I had been charging less than what I should be charging...which means, I am probably the cheapest coach in NYC!

Yes folks...I'm still taking personal clients as a private coaching sessions or group sessions, BUT if you are doing the NYC marathon, you probably only have like 4 more speedwork sessions that you really want to do until the actual race. If you want me to really analyze your running habits and break everything down for you, then that's ok as well.

But anyways, I had to drop my time sheet off at the Alzheimer's Association where I had to travel to the east side and then all the way up to engineers gate for practice.

Traffic these days are horrendous where the UN summit is still taking place and all these presidential dignitaries and presidents/leaders are still in town which means the hypened up security.

In and out of lanes I go as I wiz by traffic and take my chances of green and red lights...these cars are not going anywhere anyways. So...that's why I do it! I also do it for the challenge and well, the chaoes of commuting traffic during rush hour on a Thursday...it all adds up to being absolutely hectic, but I love that...I would run through time square in a heartbeat...

I take my chances, swoop up towards the 80's and I see the Alzheimer's CEO LEB, with her grand daughter and her dog! Oh it was so nice to see people on runs, although LEB quickly shooed me away to tell me to take a shower or how I am dripping wet with sweat...

HEY, it was really humid that day! Anyways, get up to 90th street and just chill till my clients and good friends: EM, JK and ER show up.

I se my teammate, MT as she finishes up her workout and then I see ST another Hood to Coast teammate as he starts his workout. It's quite funny becuase most of my Alzheimer's Run to Remember team says that I pretty much know everyone in the park...(Hey I try ok? I love that social affair of knowing how people are doing...)

Anyways, as all my clients show up, I give them a choice of what they want for practice...5 v 3's as I call them or consistant reservior running of 4 hard loops at a Yasso 8's pace. I'm expanding their speed, which pretty much they got their stride and marathon pace consistancy...

As they went around the reservior loops, I was talking to the UA coaches who usually run the store. It's always good to know people in different areas. One of my Alz team members went into their store and they said that I coached them...the UA staff response was "gosh, how many teams does this kid coach?"

We finish our workout and go to get a slice of pizza and a milkshake...the best part was that ER got the milkshakes delivered as we stood outside...


...on towards the TFK charity event!

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