Cold and Rain

Ok, it clearly is getting colder by the day...what is up with this weather!

Yes, for the past few years it has been warm and we have been spoiled...it was 45 degrees when I woke up this morning, cloudy and such...though I still ran!

Got to work ok, but had my gloves and it was quite cold...

The whole entire day I was wondering if my private speed work class was going to happen...my original team of two had cancelled, and I had three others that wanted to join...

But the cold, wet rain was coming down and I didn't want them to get sick or injured this close to the marathon...so cancellation it is!

So what did I decide to do? Run in the rain back on home...it was very therapeutic, although very cold...the rain was like ice pellets coming down, it was shearing through your body, but you warmed up, as I galloped at my pace, elongating my stride and making the most out of it, although happy when it was over as I arrived home...

What a relief!

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