Let's start with this morning, shall we?

Is it so bad if you hurdle over a homeless man? I mean really now, when people are hogging over the sidewalk and all the space you have is to hurdle off of objects, you jump and hurdle over trash bags, objects and homeless men...right? I mean I would hurdle over dogs and children, if I had to, but the mothers/fathers and owners wouldn't be too thrilled about that...

Which leads me to my conclusion...is it so bad to hurdle over a homeless man?

Well, I did this morning.

There was so much talk and hype about the different colors and which wave you were in and so on during the afternoon. My facebook was going insane! E-mails flying from my various teammates wanting to know this and that...meanwhile, yes, still on this "probation" period at work (don't think I will ever get off of this as my boss wants me to focus more)

Afternoon run up to the park, I had left my stopwatch at home and had to run back to get it. Although there are many (many people)

Boy was traffic somewhat busier or maybe I was just playing the game of frogger. I tend to be on the risker side of things as recently I have been bumping into things such as cars, people and here and there...

Life in running always seems like a game of frogger, where I am the frog and all of these traffic things are out to get me each and every day.

I went to my apartment, a quick in and out, although...for some reason, I had lost my keys through the process, which took a whole lot longer than I had wanted and that really was not good. I finally found them, as I didn't know how late it was until I could see the park.

My speedwork kiddies all arrived relative to around 7pm as I was late as well, but wanted to go see what all the hype was about at Super Runners with the "SALE" that they were having with the marathon gear...

I wasn't going to buy anything anyways as usually the entire market for marathon items goes on sale usually a week or two after the marathon is over and that's when I usually swoop in to getting better deals (although risk the factor of not getting your size - so if you don't really need it...it's not too much of a loss)

Anyways, speedwork...TFKer seals joined as I wanted to coach her to her time goal. It was the first time she had really thought about the time goal relative to running mechanics, consistency, breaking down the course, pace, etc that comes with the territory of coaching an athlete. She has a great background and my speedwork peeps can give her great incite, TNT EM and Arthritis ER, are experienced and can offer advice.

My belief as a coach and more so of a runner is the fact of always asking questions to another runner. Runners often give their one sided advice to others (as runners often like to talk about running) and it is the option of that other runner to either take the advice and use it in their advantage or leave it, if it does not work for them. All relative...

The workout, consistency of reservior loops as they were running, I was talking to an elderly runner who talked about the "glover" mentality. I had never taken the Bob and Shelly Glover course, although many grassroot runners have. He was telling me this and that about the experiences and just the rights and wrongs in his opinion...but whatever!

Coaching is coaching and I think each coach has a different way and rhyme and reason.

Ended the night with some cat hill repeats and called it a night...
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