The essential thing in life is not so much conquering as fighting well.

Baron De Coubertin, Founder of the Modern Olympic Games

So I thought this was funny when I read this on my way back from my TFK practice...

I thought it was funny because they refer to me as a women...

"Who says women aren't running the world?"

What are women runners made of? Well...flesh and blood and sweat and running shoes—just like the guys, right?

Not really.

You see, when it comes to running, everything from our muscles to our minds to our emotions reacts very differently than it does in male runners. Sure, we love getting out on the roads and trails just as much as men do...we train and compete just as hard...and we suffer our fair share of injuries and challenges, too.

But let's face it: A guy never has to figure out which sports bra is the right one, how to run safely while pregnant, or whether menopause symptoms are going to affect his time in a marathon. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Yes, exactly, I don't know about menopause, running pregnant, and running in a sports bra...

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