TKF - final finalle

So...after the long day of chatting it up with runners and starting their whole New York City Marathon experience, I finally left and went along to round my rounds at the Marathon expo.

Little did I know that there wasn't much that I had liked and didn't really want to buy anything...crazy?

Yes...well that was short lived when I had to go to this Team For Kids dinner "last hara!" Celebration...at the armory...GW was there when I arrived and slowly but surely each of them showed up. It really is a great experience seeing all of them...giddy, as this day finally arrives and all of them are in great spirits!

They said their final speeches as all the coaches were brought up and they went over the course...I even got a little nervous as they spoke of the marathon course...the marathon is such a huge distance that you have to respect the mileage and even experienced runners get nervous!

So...all of the kids are ready to rock and roll as the start looms and the race is not a dream anymore, but soon will become reality...all the hard work and the rest is just the party in the end!

Good luck!
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