10 year reunion

Do quality workouts year-round, including during the winter. You're less likely to get injured because you won't hurry the training process, and you'll race better because you build fitness on a solid foundation. Brad Hudson, elite coach

Not much happening today other than cleaning up my room and going to my high school to no take part in their yearly "mud" race, but to talk to one of the coaches and settle a score with him.

I had not been paid from the work that I had done scoring high school meets...it was a bit upsetting because I had to wake up super early to get to the armory...and I needed the extra cash.

Very upsetting that I had to do that...and not been paid since then...or not received a phone call or any recognition since then.
So, I had to go see the coach face to face and talk with him...he knew that he messed up and messed our relationship, it's easy for him to say all this, but in the end, he's the one that messed it up...and has to live with it because I can let by-gones be by-gones (runner's menality or just personal mentality?) I am pretty care free about it and I just wanted to get paid...no one works for free...

The job that I had was fun, although it took some time and I worked about 6-9 Saturdays or Sundays...it was ridiculous that I was not paid yet...after one year almost passing.

Anyways...sorry to damper the mood...on the other note, it was my 10 year reunion and AT had organized and put this thing together...it was really great, since I didn't want the heartache and was out of town...although the class president was suppose to put this thing together...but we all knew he was useless!

But yes, it's quite scary actually! I was really excited at first trying to set things up...but not today, I'm actually feeling like I don't want to see everyone...kind of scared to see everyone...well, it wasn't the first time that we had all seen each other...2 years ago, one of our classmates passed away on a freakish accident, we actually knew each other since we were little kids and played soccer together...and in high school we both sang and played an instrument.

It's always so sad seeing this happen...but life moves on...

Here comes the reunion!

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