Racing entails risk. The most common mistake in addition to overtraining is racing too much too soon.

Tom Fleming

Leaving my work a bit early...though my mentality now a days is to keep my running coaching schedule and get into the office an hour earlier and leave an hour earlier as well so I get that extra hour to be by myself...although I think a whole lot of people in the office are catching on as the daylight is immersing us in depressional winter state.

Anyways, went from work straight to the 6th street track, where I needed to calibrate my watch to my footpod. I had reconfigured it right before I headed up to mohawk with Glen, since I had thought that it was wrong...but I made it even worse where the mileage that I had seemed to figure out more...hence me running 30 miles during the NYC marathon...maybe it was because I was taking small steps?

Anyways, I got to the track and started my calibration by running 1 mile.

1 mile on a flat track was a wonderful feeling, although it sent me back to the track days...

After the calibration, I had to see if my mileage and calibration was correct...so, I had to run another mile and see what the final distance would be...

In the end, great! So off!

.87 miles for a mile of calibration...that's HUGE!

Anyways, I couldn't calibrate all day long now, we'll see what we come about doing another day...

Arg! Useless!
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