No matter how old I get, the race remains one of life's most rewarding experiences.

George Sheehan

Ok...cold night to run last night as I had been really busy at work just trying to catch up on many things...what is up with being drained all week?

I think everything finally hit me as my body just gasped for recovery...as all these end of the marathon parties came about...FINALLY tonight I can stay in and sleep in tomorrow!

Although, who was I kidding!

Anyways, I didn't know where my watch had gone as I had been fiddling about trying to find it in the morning, thought I had left it at work and scrambled out the door...

Anyways, how runners depend on technology sometimes is ridiculious! What ever happened to going old school on just time and feel and just going out to run!

But anyways, I was on my way home last night with the nice blistering cold and just wanting to go home for the weekend...FINIALLY the weekend where I can enjoy it and just relax without a schedule...but I enjoyed teaching and going to the many practices...who am I kidding. I love people!

Anyways, I was on Park avenue...and just going about my business...I see a guy in a cane...he's going one way and he's going the other way...which way buddy!!! Come on!

So I went one way and he leaned over to that side and put up his cane right in front of me...

I slapped it down as it was going to hit me as I was going to run by...but slapped it down softly...

He cursed at me as I went by, saying something like, "watch out you damn runner!"

And I yelled back at him...cussing and getting all pissed off...

Ahh! What a night...+ I found my watch right on the tv room.
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