Halloween early for TFK

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

Jesse Owens, American track and field athlete and four-time Olympic gold medalist

So...e-mails have been flying around and words have been exchanged that today's Poland Spring marathon kick off - 5 miler was going to be quite the event for Team for Kids's members. We were all told to dress up in some kind of green, although some people came as other team members.

Oh so funny as this crew really takes the key in finding a good time together...this group just connects together where many people are really great friends and have found friendships through running...

So what was I?

I was told to be Becky, as Ren was Paige as we would cross dress accordingly to make quite the scene!

Becky was the yoga instructor, who had injured herself and was tied to the hip with another team member...now I was told to complete the package!

Anyways, woke up at 5:45 before my alarm as I had been waking up way too early recently. It's just that maybe there is way too many things on my mind and responsibilities that I feel that I need to take care of...but anyways, I hope to be able to sleep in after this marathon is over...

Anyways, work up early and arrived into the park early with my running skirt, sports bra and wig (although wore my wig when I got into central park)

People probably though I was crazy for running in a skirt! Anyways, it was pretty warm and I was thankful for that. I waited at cherry hill for quite a while...I was there at 7am. So...I waited...then more and more people showed up in costumes and then it was one large Halloween party!

Once everyone showed up, the crowd was getting really just quite a hilarious act as everyone had some sort of costume on.

The coaches had a meeting, then the kids went out on a run and stretching began, where everyone took a good part of the stretching and introductions of who was who...oh it was absolutely hilarious! Really they did quite the great job in introducing all the coaches and impersonating all the coaches as one large joke!

Oh they are funny!

The whole entire morning was full of laughter as we went to the starting line...and what a riot we all were and must have looked like to everyone that was running...since we were just frolicking along and just having a grand old time!

Oh it was a whole lot of fun as these guys really take it to another level...it's so great...what fun I am having this year...as many of them start to buckle down and get nervous for the marathon...

It's finally here folks!
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