It's the athlete's job to learn to do the hard things easily. John Jerome, The Sweet Spot in Time

I arrive in Jersey (almost missing my bus stop, which was fortunate because some other person had pushed the button for the stop request...wheew!) where my cousin picked me up from the bus stop.

We decided to go to my grandma's home to say hello to my grandmother first and since my sister was there, we would see her...but only my grandmother was there...ok, where was everyone...so, we went over to my Aunt and Uncle's place and got word that we were to hurry over and get ready...but why?

Yes, we were told that I was in charge of cooking the Thanksgiving Bird this year...again!

So, the story goes is that my grandfather would always take care of Thanksgiving dinner when we were kids. Whereever we would go, he would be in the kitchen taking care of things and doing it up, feeding more than enough food for everyone there. It was amazing his food and unbelieveable to eat...last year, as many of you all read already, he passed away and Thanksgiving would be the toughest holiday to fill.

The "kids" now adults took on the tasks to fill in the gaps as we decided to take on Thanksgiving by cooking for the parents and fulfill our grandpa's cooking abilities...it wasn't the same, although I like to be creative and took on the Turkey with a lemon/lime twist in a citrus turkey...

So...last year was a success in the parent's eyes, so this year they wanted more....WHAT!

Ok, think of something quick and let's just roll with it...how about a cajun Turkey? That will add a little spice to it...so let's go with it...add in a few items here and there and BOOM!

Seriously, what was I doing? We dressed up the turkey pretty well and moved on...into the oven at 1pm...which it would take about 4.5 hours to cook...then hour by hour I checked on it and blah blah blah...ate dinner got full and it was perfectly really good!

The memorable part of the evening was when I showed my family on the TV screen the video that coach J put together for the Alzheimer's Run to Remember team. It was pretty cool that they all loved it and they were pretty much looking for me from all the pictures...oh wait! I was taking the pictures, that's what I had told them that I wasn't in any of the pictures! Opps...then at the end I was in the pictures and they all loved it...

Anyways, it was a good Thanksgiving and one to remember, even though my grandmother recognized me and didn't recognize me...she still thinks I am in high school...
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