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Deanna invited me on what was called the Bridge Runners (a form of NIKE group) that goes around to different locations in the city to run across bridges to another borough or state. They make the most out of their runs as they express the good times and good scenery of what the city has to offer. The island has many bridges that secluded us from the rest of the world...

It was a warmer night though, which was good. I arrived way too early as Ming and I checked up on the other place (as they switched locations for the holidays) it's nice because you try to expand your running connections any way you can...but this was serious business...I think.

Ming and I returned to the other place as we saw all the other people awaiting to go...I think we were mainly waiting for one person...so we jogged over to the Brooklyn Bridge and started speedwork right there...fast, slow, fast, slow...till we got to the other side...then I showed Deanna how to stride, be comfortable and deccelerate....not many people can do this (or maybe lots of people can do this and I just don't know)

The idea is basically resting, while running and continuing your average marathon pace by increasing you stride width when tired. So, you recover to a level when you need it.

We continued around a park, strolled around a hill (up and down...) And then somehow made it around to the Manhattan Bridge...where we started again...5 lampposts, rest...5 more....rest...ok, let's go up to 10 lampposts...

I knew Deanna liked challenges and she seemed to keep up...so increased the number and didn't really count the lampposts that were out...it was tough and I was on and off recovering as I went out fast and was really surprised about her potential as a runner.

It scared me at first...thinking about it as I walked to the subway to work, really - you are training a gal that has the potential to become really good...I mean close as much as beating me good. I realized yesterday on the run that Deanna has a high tolerance for pain...she plays Lacross for god sakes!

Anyways...after the manhattan bridge, there was one of the leaders that insisted since it was the last bridge run for the year to do the Williamsburg Bridge...I have never done this bridge before and went off at the gates just pulling ahead because I loved hills...I awaited half way through to giving D a few more pointers, but yes...interestingly enough it was fun!

Anyways, there was a mishap afterwards with C and PBJ, whom got lost and continued on and got yelled at by the leader guys...which sent D furious!

Anyways...the night was nice. It was very...very tough and we shall see if we ever do that again. Went back with D to her work place and we discussed about ultra running...

Last run of the year to cap off 2009!
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