Holiday Season

Christmas is not the very big holiday for my family as my parents own a Chinese/Japanese Restaurant in Rockland County, so they work and provide services to the non-Christmas celebrating families.

So...this year, same as all years, I celebrated Christmas by going to Midnight Mass with a friend, who came in from Boston, who I met from the Boston Marathon Expo.

It was really nice spending time as we walked to the church, where I found that had Christmas Carols at 11pm and service at midnight. Although, as we strolled up to the church, everything looked closed and empty, we asked the homeless guys outside if there was service, they explained to us that the church was closed...these were the guys who we fed the day before the NYC marathon due to the excess amount of food we had at the Alzheimer's Run to Remember dinner.

So, we tried another church that I had in mind along Park Avenue, low and prevail...it was open!

Ahh! Good thing! Service was alright as usually I enjoy the priest/reverend's message about the year. But it was a bit disappointing as he did not really bring promise to the upcoming year and new hope...

Oh well! Christmas day followed as we walked around to various sites: Rockefeller Center, 5th Avenue, St Patrick's Cathedral...it was nice...but cold and crowded. What was up with all the strollers in high density places? Gosh it take so much damn room!

I cooked that night as I had wanted to try to make some interesting sushi (kiwi?, jalapeno peppers?)

Anyways, it turned out pretty darn good...but the Image results for jalapeno peppers, were a little too HOT!

The next day? Rain! But we went out in it...even better we walked from my place all the way down to SoHo for her Rice to Riches...then took the subway back home due to the cold, wetness that we were feeling...I hate umbrella's, so I was stubborn enough to stay outside and was soaked...

Uhh! Stayed in and good to go...long vacation soon ending...one more day of enjoyment!
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