Salt Lake City to Hawaii

I didn't want to run Boston to prove anything. I just fell in love with the marathon. Roberta Gibb on running the Boston Marathon

Ok...long trip 5 hours on the plane, but we're going to make it over there!

So quick turnover or lay over, grab a quick bite to eat and then off once again. It's not the first time I had been in Salt Lake City this year...I stopped by when I went to South Dakota this year and boy that was an eye opener!

Anyways, got onto the plane and to my surprise I got a runner sitting next to me...ok, she wasn't a marathon runner, although she came from San Jose and we talked for a good amount or portion of the flight to Hawaii...she was going down for her grandmother's 90th birthday, whom use to live in Hawaii. Anyways, we chatted all about running stuff, living on the coast and everything on top of that until I became sleepy and had to pass out...so I started reading not to be rude or anything while talking.

Anyways, finally make it after a 7 hour flight (due to delays from de-icing from Utah's bad weather) it was warm! Oh what a difference coming from Utah's 19 degree weather, now Hawaii's 70 degree weather and humid...

Oh dear...thinking about the marathon!!! It's going to be hot!
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