Running on the beach, expo and hiking...

I run with my head, my heart and my guts, because physically, I don't think I've got a great deal of talent or ability. I started at the bottom and worked up. Steve Jones, former marathon world record holder

So again having trouble waking up later and later as I wake up pretty early in the morning at 3 to 5am. I'm never going to get the hang of this...as I am so tired by 7-9pm...exhausted even!

Anyways, what did I do today? I ran! I ran pretty freely as I had gotten out of my sister's apartment by 9am...started running, got a little lost as I was turned into a circle and ended up at the convention center...turned my way around as I really did not know which way was which and oriented myself from the beach and the mountain ranges...then continued east as I passed by a small school and ended up at the Zoo. I took off my shoes and ran a little on the beach barefoot on the sand...ok, this should be fun!

I stopped, looked at the surfers and watched the water, the waves and the sand with small crabs walking so fast you can barely see them.

I got up again and started my trek back home, running with my shoes in hand and running in the sand (boy, my calves are going to hate me tomorrow!) As I made it back to Waikiki beach, I linger around, drop my shoes and take a dip into the nice ocean.

Oh that feels nice!

There are amazing looking women EVERYWHERE! My gosh, everyone in like string bikini's! Ok, need to go home and wash up...After I got my socks and shoes back on, I quickly made it back to my sister's apartment and changed clothes, ate some lunch and then was out again...to the expo.

The expo was pretty close as it was about (4-5) long blocks...clocking in about a mile away. I walked and arrived shortly after seeing all these Japanese tourist around. These people did not look like they had ran a marathon before. They didn't even look athletic! I asked the information booth person (who was Japanese) since I did not bring my mailing slip, where I should go?

She looked at me blankly and said, "expo? Yes, through those doors...ok! Fine!". I went through and saw more and more Japanese people...oh my gosh, this is such a weird experience!

Ok, go through a security check area of the marathon slips, they point me to a wall where I had my number but I had to still fill something out to bring to the bib person...then after I got my bib and chip I went to check my timing chip...

Oh gosh, it had my age wrong...it indicated that I was 10 years old! Ok, so now I had to go to trouble shooting and get this resolved...I chatted with the lady asking her about using a D-tag or using the Championship one time use timing chip.

Anyways, on with the expo, where I looked into the goodie bag and there was no shirt? How can this be? They told me that I would receive this later on as a finisher's shirt...ok? Still that's stupid!

Anyways, walk through all the nike stuff as it was totally geared up towards the race...actually we better get a nike shirt in the end because it's sponsored by Nike!!! Anyways, I doubt it! Then I walk out of all the Nike stuff and boom! Japan world...my gosh everything was catered towards the japanese...seriously, there really was not at all anything great and got a few food samples here and there, but nope...boring!

Anyways...left there with chili in my hand and a drink...I walked back and stopped by a shoe store...with a sale...then got back to my sister's apartment to wait for her.

As she came back, we went to the east side of the island to hike up to the top and just enjoyed each other's company. We chatted and I told her about my day and how people did not look like they were athletically fit to being a runner...well, some do not look like they don't even know how to run at all...ok, I have seen every kind of runner body, yes some people are small, skinny and built...but there are other builts as well...these Japanese people didn't look at all fit!!!

Anyways, watched the sunset and walked down...it was amazing scenery. We then had dinner at a brewery and then got ice cream, which I had seen a flavor called "sweet corn?" Gosh I needed to try that out!

Then back home, where I almost pass out on the way back...

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