Ok...so where is she?

I had been waiting in the time warner building since 6pm?

Yes, that was stupid on my call to not go home when I had the chance to do so and drop off my things when the E train came through...stupid!

Anyways, I was buying my time, catching up on my blogging and stories that I had wrapped up in my head...though it was nice to hear the christmas music and bright lights, I was in my running tights in the mall...right next to sephora (a women's fragrance and make up store)...yeah, wonder why I am single, right?

Anyways...the temperature outside was 34 degrees and I was not looking forward to that. It's not just the temperature, it's the fact of the wind combination. The wind just really kills you.

Anyways, so 6:45 finally rolls around and I finally get a phone call...about time! No, just kidding...As we went outside, oh the chilly wind...bitterness started sinking in...


Long day I guess...but we did a lap and discussed strategy. The rules of running and I was harsh...or bitter at the same time.

Anyways, we did a regular speedwork drill that involved hills, form, speed and well, I surprised C by taping her a few times to see for herself her form and running ways...

There is only so much you can actually tell a person, then they must understand themselves the ways in which you are teaching them...it's more like lead by example.

Anyways, C ran really well and got comfortable with things. She is progressing and she once she understands the ways of running she will do well...

She has the heart, determination and rigor...later on this will all pay off!

Although, is there an even bigger thing she is going for? She's joining the marathon maniacs and she wants to do the 50 states...something has got to give!
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Mike Fox said...

I totally agree - the cold isn't so bad...the wind is the worst.