From the moment I ran through the tunnel into the Olympic stadium I knew that the Olympics wasn't everything I wanted but it was everything I needed. Meaning that I had dreamt of winning for so long but by losing I would develop a whole lot of character and my running career would have a lot different direction compared to if I had won. Ryan Hall on his 2008 Olympic Marathon performance

Ok...temperatures reaching sub 30 degrees...maybe even sub 20 degree weather and the wind chill...

Forget about it...it probably was in the single digits today and tonight.

I had to cancel my Speedwork classes that I had been putting on for C and Jeanne (whom I gave as a pro-bono job for the charity group Right Rides.).

Hey it was a good cause and I had no clue what I was getting myself into...like I didn't know what I was getting myself into by signing up for all these coaching speedwork classes in the DEAD of WINTER!

The weather has really been "depressing" and it really is daunting on my attitude...how the hell am I going to be running and training HARD in the weather?

I have no clue...seriously...I don't know how I am going to break the Barrier with this weather...

Anyways...I checked into Jack Rabbits last night having one goal in mind...to get some rubber bands. Give me about this length as I told the helper to yard out the amount I wanted...

I need to strengthen my calves and Achilles as these are the main problems with my conditioning habits...5 feet of the regular flat rubber and 7 feet of the tubing...I figured to get the tubing to strengthen up my arms as well to gain resistance.

Anyways...back to the cold, I don't know how runners do it either...we are crazy to follow our regimens and training schedules that sometime we just put our heads down and go out the door. The breathe, the wind and the cold just seeps in...till we warm up after a mile and then are ok...until the next strong wind blows!
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