Sun tan (burnt)

Running changed my life and brought it into balance. I now feel as though my entire essence, body, and soul is centered. Donna Isaacson, Casting director

Ok, first day away in Hawaii, what do I do?

I wake up at 3am in the morning still on my usual work day schedule where I would wake up at 6am, but on the weekends usually wake up at 8am. So, I e-mail people back, wait for my sister to wake up at 5am or 6am for her run...may I remind you that 6am is 11am back east...so we go out for a simple 3 mile loop which was her usual run. It's absolutely beautiful outside and I stopped to take some pictures of the sunrise...absolutely amazing.

As my sister went to work, I went to wikiki beach and layed outside...I slathered suntan lotion on my front side, shoulders and face...but the back...opps!

So yeah, missed that, swept through the market place and found some cool things, although it's going to have to wait, cause I got some time and I will be back.

Anyways, headed home to await for my sister to come back to work and then she took me up to an adventurous sight up on top of the mountain range overlooking the city...absolutely amazing...

Got some food at Costco and ate at home...it was a whole lot of fun...what a day!
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