LR is the best!

LR is the bestest...

LR is the bestest girlfriend EVER!
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TFK Holiday Party

There are a ton of things going on in my life right now as I try to keep one thing straight from the next. Being in a relationship proves difficult for me as I am trying to handle things well...I never usually like to write about my relationships with people on this blog, but hey...why not?

Running has taken a one month hiatus as I have proven one good thing this year: my job opportunities have been proven by my legs as my legs pays my bills. It's scary! Really scary as I think about it more and more and never thought that my life would EVER turn out this way.

The economy still sucks as the job economy is slumping. Just trying to make ends meet, still be a morally good person and remain in high spirits...what else is there to look for in these economic times? But it's the season to be merry and high spirited...it's a good thing!

Last night after work, GW and I tried to get things wrapped up with some decisions for the Half Marathon TFK job. We then rushed on over to the coaches TFK event held by EC...it was a good setting, really homey and a nice feel for Christmas. All the winter coaches were invited as we still awaited confirmation on the restructure. But, business is business and we were all surprised to see MW there as she spoke to us and was in good spirits.

The rest of the night I packed my things for the weekend as I will be celebrating my college roommates wedding: NH and LS are getting married! Of course they had to ask me if I had a marathon that weekend, and book my time way in advanced! Opps! My friends know me way too well!
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December 7 - Cold...

Walking to the factory now is like walking through the Sahara desert, but just the opposite...wind at your face and the deep freeze that just takes your breathe away.

I'm taking a break from running...which is good, my legs have been hurting me since the cold factor just initiates more irritation.

Going into the factory is like going into a torcher chamber...you sense the deep freeze early on in the morning as everything in your body just starts to freeze over a bit.

Lunch hits as you try to warm up and feeling starts to retain itself...and then needing to go back to work, it starts all over again...

Lunchtime ordering at a place was hilarious, where JL ordered us some grub and kept calling back to the place asking where our order was at? The delivery guy had gotten lost and after about an hour, he finally finds the factory. The intercom communication between the delivery guy and Vinnie (a guy that works at the factory) was hilarious because Vinnie thought it was just a normal delivery for shirts as he asked how many boxes the guy had...he answered 3 (for 3 orders of food) plus since the delivery was late, the restaurant gave us PIE. Thinking about PIE, we all thought we were going to get dessert, but it was actually a PIZZA pie! Not an apple pie...

Oh well...frozen solid at the factory...although tomorrow the heating fan is being installed...BONUS!
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I'm too nice...

So...BOTH times that I took the plane I accommodated two different people. WTF! Seriously?

The first on the flight to Las Vegas, where I had the opportunity to take the entire row to myself, although a gal asked me if she could take the window seat. I said she could and she took advantage of it, where she took my cookie! WYF! Seriously!

The second time was when I was on my way back from Vegas this morning. I had an open seat in the middle and this couple asked me to switch with them so they could sit together...the trade off? An ass hole sitting behind me jamming the seat so I could not recline! Seriously? I didn't say anything to him and patiently awaited for him close up his laptop and go to the bathroom to recline my seat.

But in both incidents, how can you not accommodate other people? What's your reasoning to not accommodate others?
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NY Flyers Blog recap of the NYC Marathon - December 1st

A little surprise as this blog post will be up on December 5th on the NY flyer's blog page. Without dismay, you always receive it first, here on the CrazyAsian network!

Kidding! So Head blogmaster ES asked if I could recap my experience in running the NYC marathon in a Gumby suit, which as I jumped off of the bandwagon of Blogger remorse in my own blog recaps for the year...I have only tried to recap the more interesting facts of my life as a whole.

Marathon = Fun

Happy Holidays!

One month after the NYC marathon thrills are over and yet now is a time for reflection.
Many of us take the race of a marathon seriously, I mean what is not to take seriously about the race...

_It's 26.2 miles.
_It takes 4-6 months to train for the event
_It takes valuable time during those 4-6 months each and every day
_It requires going out in the cold or heat bearing months and grueling temperatures
_it requires waking up early
_it requires us to inhibit our alcohol intake (on some nights)
_and there are much more that I bet I am missing


Why do we do it?

We do this distance...
_to challenge our bodies.
_to take the next step in running.
_because there may be a special meaning, time or place in our lives that we just NEED to do this.

But the number one reason why we all train and race the marathon distance is...because we enjoy it and have FUN with it.

That's the magical word that sometimes is lost within our challenges in life and running.

For first timers, this joy and fulfillment is encompassed to the fullest. They don't know what to expect, they are taking every sight, sound and excitement in and living the dream. After the first marathon, you now have the experience and the time that you want to beat. You now have an expectation to reach and with that expectation we gain pressure.

Pressure to accomplish a personal record adding the emotion of accomplishment or failure. That is where many of us fall under a trap of how the season went when looking back at the success or failure of the race.

But why?

A marathon should be FUN, yet challenging and different each and every time. Yes, did I say FUN? How can a person have FUN when running 26.2 grueling miles? I mean, this is a race where your emotions take you to your very highs and very lows.

Have you ever seen these random surveys that ask you silly questions about a specific topic. Ever see a survey about running marathons?

I can clearly remember one marathon survey asking:

Have you ever ran a marathon in a costume?

I could only answer: No, but later wanted to prove that I can do a marathon in a costume.

This year's NYC marathon I completed what I like to call "the impossible." To me the race was far different and challenging than any other marathon that I have done thus far, but in a fun manner. I have learned through the many marathons that you learn and gain a different perspective through each and every race. You grow as a runner or what they call "mature".

First, the costume.

I decided to put a survey out on facebook to decide on which costume I should purchase and narrowed my choices to three costumes:

1) A Bundle of Grapes (one of the fruit of a loom guys) where the big picture I was thinking was "the big apple" but the apple costume was not as great as I had expected.

2) A caterpillar (multiple arms and legs would have made a great costume to dress up multiple sneakers, but the cost was way too high)

3) Gumby (a widely known icon and a costume in green representing Team for Kids, that I coach through the marathon season and it was on sale!)

And the winner was: Gumby!

This costume presented some questions in which I was not prepared to answer. The costume completely covered me from head to toe. Which presented many different challenges such as if I was to run with the costume beforehand or how to solve visibility, ventilation and sanitation problems.

My roommates told me to run around the block with my costume on at 3 a.m. in the morning to give it a "test" run. But envision this, you are coming home from a late night at the bar, somewhat intoxicated, and you see Gumby running around...wouldn't you run after Gumby?

I was afraid of this, and chose to just "go with it," making different modifications such as a pee flap, ventilation holes on the top, a drinking hole for a water bottle, helming the legs of the costume so the feet won't drag and adding a bandanna over Gumby's head to give him a little personalize of who I was. I had to just go with it as the ethic of not trying out anything "new" before you run a marathon was definitely out the door.

The race...
Arriving in Staten Island in a private bus was definitely helpful and roaming around athlete's village was a scene. What I remember one of my Alzheimer's teammates said, "finding our coach was a little easier in the mob of 50,000 people because all you had to do is just spot Gumby out of the crowd". Very funny!

The start of the race and chutes of the corals seemed challenging where there were throngs of throw away clothing on the ground. I decided to keep my face open until the start and BOOM! The race began.

At first, the race was very different looking through some screened eyes as ventilation was not the number one priority. Visibility through the costume's eyes presented the most difficulties seeing runners next to you (depth perception), in front of you and shifting lanes. The race was totally in tunnel vision.

The crowd and runner support throughout the entire race was fantastic. Many cheered, "Go Gumby!". But to my dismay, many small children were somewhat frightened by the costume, which later on I had come to my senses about envisioning a human like Gumby running straight at you. Would you like it if you were a child?

The Highs:
There were four points of the race in which I absolutely loved.

1) After taking a restroom break at one of the local parks in Brooklyn, I energized up with a Gel pack. A women comes over to ask if I could take a picture with her, as I said this was fine...she takes the picture, then she hurries to get more of her kids in the mix to take another...and another! I was stuck for about 5-10 minutes with this family along the side of the road! Only later to find a runner screaming out to the family, "even gumby has to finish the race!"

2) Another high was stopping along the elevated barriers on the side of the Queensborough Bridge (the quietest section of the NYC Marathon where no spectators can go) to cheer the runners on for encouragement, where the uphill battle of emotions between exhaustion and excitement mix. It was nice to cheer fellow runners and present a smile during desperate times of the race.

3) Running down 1st Avenue with a Gumby costume in the middle of the street waving your hands up and down to encourage the crowd to cheer and cause an uproar. I must have used so much energy doing this, but it was all worth it! I passed a local bar and the crowd just chanted: "GUM-BEE...GUM-BEE...GUM-BEE!" Increasing in intensity and loudness. It was awesome!

4) The Flyer Gel Station
What else is there to be said? Every flyer looks forward to this moment where they pass the tunnel of camaraderie of volunteers. Seeing your friends when you need it the most is quite the sight to be seen! As also in mile 20 where you see the infamous Patrick Duffy in a kilt playing his infamous bag pipes.

The Low:
Yes, even though you are running for FUN, in a Gumby costume and trying to coach the members of your team to the finish line. No matter what you do to prepare, there is always a point in the race where the question comes up as a negative...

At mile 22, the turning point of coming back into Manhattan seized difficulty in seeing anything. The sun blaring straight on to the runners faces as sight was already difficult along the course with the costume on.

The thoughts rolled around in my head asking myself: Why? Why did you need to run a marathon in a costume? Why are you continuing with a costume?

This led to an answer entering the 5th avenue hill and running the rest of the race at my own pace with the entire costume on. I needed to just get this costume off and be done, goal complete and then go back on the course to coach.

Looking back, maybe this may have seemed a little daunting to the other runners around me as they struggled up the 5th avenue hill or the last 4 miles of the marathon trudging away and seeing a costumed Gumby sprinting full force to the finish line.

I apologize to all as my actions were to only complete the entire race in costume...which now I can answer that question as a YES! Completed! I had FUN, experienced a whole different outlook and embrace the moment.

I ended up only with a chaffed nose as the screened costume of the eye rubbed up against my nose throughout the race. Leaving me with a red nose, many people asked what next year's costume may bring? Maybe since I have this red chaffed nose, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer will be thrown in the mix.

We shall see when next year rolls around as I'm currently taking suggestions...
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31 days for December (November 30)

There are 31 days in December...

You know how some small kids wait for Christmas and count down the weeks, days...hours and nights to finally open gifts towards Christmas morning?

Well...I will do a little version of that for the 31 days of Christmas till the New Year...the New Year! How quickly this year has come and gone, how many different things change, how many things are similiar, but each year brings a new beginning.

So here's to you December!
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Slip, fall!

"I think there is a couple of ways to look at guys stepping up their game. Either be inspired by it or give up. I have always chosen to be inspired."
Ryan Hall, American long distance runner and winner of the 2008 United States Olympic Marathon Trials

So as a coach, you tell your athletes to take care of themselves days and weeks leading up to the marathon.

Watch out and be weiry of everything and to use common sense in trying to save every ounce of energy.

Well...this morning, groggy coach decided not to run into work and take the subway in due to saving energy for the pacing job this weekend in DC for the marine corps marathon with CK.

As I was getting off the subway, I quickly double stepped the stairs and felt my flip flops catch the nosing on one of these stairs...

Uh! Oh!

I quickly placed my hands out as I could feel myself falling in slow motion...uh! The devistation, the humiliation from the people behind me!

I quickly got up like nothing happened and laughed at myself...oh man! What else can you do besides laugh in these situations because everyone else is laughing...

Why not join them?
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Boston Marathon Sign Up

Online, sprinters win race
Marathon fills its field in a record 8 hours
Filling the 20,000 spots for qualifiers stunned the Boston Athletic Association. (Jim Davis/ Globe Staff/ File)
By Shira Springer
Globe Staff / October 19, 2010

Runners around the world rushed yesterday to register online for the 2011 Boston Marathon, filling the race’s 20,000 available spots for qualifiers by day’s end and leaving the Boston Athletic Association stunned.
The record-setting eight hour, three minute registration — a stark contrast to last year’s nine weeks and three days — left an untold number of qualified runners without a coveted bib number for next April.
“We knew it was going to be a rapid response,’’ said Guy Morse, the BAA’s executive director. “We just didn’t know how rapid. It validates the concept that the Boston Marathon is every marathoner’s Olympic Games.’’
With the new registration record, the Boston Marathon solidified its place as one of the more popular and prestigious road races in the world. The record also highlights the changing landscape of marathon running, with more participants eager to run the biggest, most famous races.
Until the 2006 race, the Boston Marathon did not reach capacity by its late-March registration deadline. The idea that it would fill in a day seemed hard to believe.
As soon as registration opened at 9 a.m. yesterday, runners overwhelmed the BAA’s website, creating computer problems for a couple of hours. To resolve the technical issue and handle the deluge, the BAA made its homepage the race registration form. By noon, more than half the available spots were taken.
Recognizing that the field would be filled by the end of the day, the BAA took to Facebook and Twitter to encourage qualified runners to register immediately.
The BAA had anticipated that runners might want to register early and in record-breaking numbers. So it had ramped up its server capacity and e-mailed registration instructions and information to potential entrants. Qualifiers who mailed paper registration forms, charity runners, and invitational entries eventually will bring the field to roughly 26,000.
“More so than ever before, we got the word out because the race has closed out earlier and earlier in the last few years,’’ said race director Dave McGillivray. “There are more people running these days, more people qualifying, and a greater inventory of people who want to run Boston. As a result of all that, there was a sense of urgency that hasn’t existed before.’’
But even the early notification was not enough. Runners shut out of the race felt angry, frustrated, and disappointed.
“It makes me reluctant to come back,’’ said Kate Hovan of Monroe, Ga., who hoped to run her sixth consecutive Boston race. She said she had no idea the Marathon would fill up in one day, and tried unsuccessfully to register after work.
“In the past, I walked away with such a positive experience. It was so incredible to be a runner in the race with the crowds and feel like somebody important. Not being able to register did the opposite.’’
Michael Benjamin of New York City also found himself left out. “I had no idea it would [last only] eight hours,’’ he said. “I got my qualifying time last weekend and was all excited. Now, I’m disappointed. It’s deflating to think I’ll have to wait another year.’’
The BAA estimates several thousand runners who planned to enter the 2010 race failed to register before it filled and probably made sure they signed up early this year.
BAA officials say they realize they must respond to the spike in demand. To ensure the race remains accessible to as many runners as possible, the race may need to make its qualifying times tougher, institute an entry lottery, increase its field, or all three. Any decision the BAA makes will have repercussions throughout the running world and the eight cities and towns that line the historic course.
“We will discuss with the communities whether one of the options might be allowing the start to grow. We will take an even closer look at the qualifying times,’’ said Morse. “We have to look at other ways of entry. It’s been suggested that we go to a lottery, but I’m not a big fan of that idea. Once the facts settle in, everything will be on the table for discussion.’’
To qualify for the 2011 Boston Marathon, runners must meet certain time standards beginning Sept. 20, 2009. The standards vary by age and gender — 3 hours 10 minutes for men ages 18-34, 3:40 for women ages 18-34, and so on. The older the marathoner, the slower the qualifying time. All runners who registered yesterday must have their qualifying times verified before being officially entered in the race.
In running communities around the world, achieving a Boston Marathon qualifying time carries a certain cachet. If Boston continues to fill quickly, some marathoners may simply satisfy themselves with qualifying and not race onPatriots Day.
“What you’re probably going to see is more people thinking two years ahead,’’ said Runner’s World contributing editor John Hanc, who successfully registered yesterday at 10:30 a.m., working around one minor computer glitch. “Some other people are going to have to rethink whether they’re even going to do Boston. Some people may end up being happy saying, ‘I was a Boston qualifier.’ That is part of the prestige of Boston.’’
Yesterday’s registration kicked off six weeks later than in the past, ensuring qualifiers from major fall marathons would have time to enter the 2011 Boston Marathon before it filled up — or so they thought. Participants in the upcoming New York City Marathon now find themselves unable to register for Boston.
One answer to the overload problem is to make it more difficult to qualify. But that comes with its own set of concerns: keeping a reasonable balance between male and female entrants, and making sure hard-training recreational runners still have their shot at a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Other options include narrowing the qualifying window and expanding the field, perhaps replacing the current two-wave start with three waves, and giving charity runners their own wave.
“The challenge for the BAA is to find the right mix of field size and qualifying times to allow as many as possible to run,’’ said Morse. “I’m not convinced tightening up the qualifying times alone is the answer. I would like to find a way to allow more qualifiers to enter. That would speak to the field size question, but we don’t want to increase the field and reduce the quality of the event in the process. In the way we’ve approached it and the way we’ve set it up, this event remains about quality, not quantity.’’
At the earliest, any changes to qualifying times or field size would go into effect for the 2012 Marathon. For now, the BAA and the lucky runners who successfully registered must prepare for the race in April.



My question on facebook was if you saw 50+ pennies on the ground, would you pick it up?

I did...in the middle of my run today, I stopped to pick up 71 pennies that was just dispersed all over the ground...I also picked up a token for chucky cheese and a $10 pesos...

Another guy came by and picked up more of the valuable money, uh! I was disgusted!

Anyways, it was free! Why not right? I mean seriously in this day and age, I'd take anything right now...
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Packing and rain...

After packing up everything last night and trying to get the remaining items into my bag...

I left! wheeew my apartment!

It was raining outside, really heavily as I wondered my way to work. All I am thinking is basically to quickly get through with work and then I can be on my "vacation". I know, most people don't view vacations much as running a marathon, but I'll be doing not just one, but two!

That's not the accomplishment, there is more. (Well, it is an accomplishment, but still for me there is always something bigger ahead)

You heard it here folks, I'm attempting to set a larger goal at hand...something that I feel would be very challenging in my own strengths and I am even afraid to say it outloud because I probably won't get it...

The larger jewel?

Yes, it has to do with time...3:10's on both marathons. Doable? BQ in both? It's quite a challenge.

So, I get onto the subway and basically dose off a little. I'm on the Q, I'm suppose to be on the R...I see the R leaving at another train station and assure myself that I would be ok....i wasn't! I mean I have done this multiple times now where if I have not gone to work and used the subways in a while, I lose my train of thought and don't really know where I am going on the subway side...

Oh well...made my way thru work and now...

Let the vacation begin!
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How to be faster...

So...little tricks of the trade on how to increase your mental capacity and have a little leg strengthening...

Yesterday was a rather productive day, it basically involved getting my chores done very quickly:
_laundry at 6am
_cleaning the living area
_exchanging wet clothes into the dryer at the laundry mat for my roommate
_trader joes (some groceries)

Ok...so at trader joes, I got like 5 boxes of Chocolate Soy Milk (the largest jug) and some groceries, putting these in my backpack and carrying it from TJ's west side to my apartment on the upper east side (2 miles)

Oh man! Killer! Really killer...I almost didn't make it home ok, as I wondered how much weight I was carrying...

When I got home...

25 lbs!

Jeez! That is just crazy! Absolutely crazy...but I guess that's where my strength comes into play...
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UN assembly

Take care of yourself. Eat well, rest, train hard and smart, make time to think and breathe. Be intentional with your time.

Kristin Armstrong, Author and runner

All week the dignitaries from different countries are in New York, which makes running and getting around a hassle.

This morning my daily commute to the factory was disrupted by steel fencing...arg! I asked the police officer how to get around, he told me that it was best to run on 2nd Avenue...WTF! It was 6am in the morning and the UN is staked out like a police station...seriously, if someone was going to get through, it would have had to happen overhead or by the river because they got that b#tch tied up tight!

I made my way to 2nd avenue and then turned as a cop/black car/sirens passed me by...wow! That's been happening all week long!

Anyways, very slow run this morning into work as my legs were tired from the 27 miler I did on Tuesday? What am I crazy? When is this doubler that I have...WHAT! Next weekend? Someone has got to show me how to taper properly...
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It just hits you...

This past week, I have been pretty much out of commission due to well, say some stomach issues.

Monday's run consisted of pretty much the worst run that I have ever had due to...well...the runs. Everyone has a bad workout, everyone has some bad days, and yes...even I have some harsh outlooks...I am human you know?

I have been off work this entire week and well...I have regained my sleep, regained a little of my sanity and maybe regained a little too much depression...everything is hitting me a little too much lately...but I am trying to stay afloat...take it one day at a time here...that's all...

Ideally, I'm in search of a good job to re-establish myself into doing something that I ultimately enjoy. Coaching...yes, indeed I very much enjoy that from the first runner to the very last...I don't mind it at all...and running is suppose to be for fun...it shouldn't matter much if you are the "last" because everything ultimately falls on yourself...

There is a goal at hand here and that is ultimately up to you as a person and as a runner. You set goals out for yourself to accomplish and you keep raising for the sky to reach those goals...

But...what happens if there is no goals? What happens if you maybe afraid to reach higher goals out there for yourself? Ultimately there are higher goals out there, but what happens if you are looking at other things in life?

Questions...I'm still looking for answers...I'm still searching...

Life is complicated, yet simple, elegant and interesting...

Stop thinking, just do it...enjoy it and live it up...
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Running continuously over 50 or 100 miles may not be good for the heart: Study

31 August 2010

In 2009, a study was conducted in UK by Liverpool John Moores University and the Countess of Chester Hospital to assess the effects of running in ultra-endurance races. Typically aimed at super-fit and experienced athletes, these races are held over distances exceeding 50 miles (80 kilometres). The conclusions suggest that some damage is likely to occur to the heart muscle of competitors, while 12 percent of the study group showed signs of significant cardiac damage.

Commenting on the reasons for the research, Professor John Somauroo of the Countess of Chester Hospital said, "Previous studies into the effects of ultra-endurance exercise examined changes to the shape and function of the heart, and also changes in sensitive markers of cardiac damage including use of the cardiac Troponin I blood test. However, they did not look at electrical changes to an athlete's ECG, and whether there was any correlation between these and cardiac Troponin I. Because hospitals commonly use cardiac Troponin I in combination with ECGs to diagnose heart conditions, including heart attacks, this was deemed a useful and potentially enlightening study."

The study recruited 45 runners at the arduous Lakeland race in the north of England. This 50- and 100-mile (80- and 160-kilometre) event takes competitors over very difficult terrain with many hill sections. The 2009 event was further complicated by thunderstorms and driving rain. All the selected runners had trained specifically for this race, had been running marathons and ultra-marathons for over 2 years and had no known heart problems. Due to the extreme conditions and difficulty of the terrain, only 25 of the 45 runners completed the course (16 did the 50-mile course, and nine the 100-mile course) - and some of these collapsed at the finish.
Ranging in age from 24 to 62, they had blood tests taken for cardiac Troponin I, and ECGs were performed before and after the race:

• Of the 50-mile competitors, the average completion time was 15 hours, with an average weight loss of 2kg

• Of the 100-mile competitors, the average completion time was 36 hours, with an average weight loss of 3kg

• The cardiac Troponin I levels rose significantly in 21 of the 25 runners, and in three it was high enough to suggest significant cardiac damage

The ECGs at the start of the race displayed the typical features of an athletic heart, with the slow heart rate and electrical changes commonly seen in athletes. At the finish, there were significant electrical changes in over 50 percent of the ECGs, and in some there were bizarre electrical changes not commonly seen in normal ECGs, either at rest or during exercise. However, the changes in cardiac Troponin I did not correlate with specific electrical changes on the ECGs. Further data, to be presented at EUROECHO later this year, will show that baseline heart function was normal, but there was a 6 percent drop in heart function at the finish, which may also be relevant. Whether these changes reflect undiagnosed cardiac conditions was undetermined.

Professor Somauroo summarised the results, "This study suggests that running continuously over 50 or 100 miles may not be good for the heart. 96 percent of the finishers developed a significant increase in cardiac Troponin I, which can be an indicator of heart muscle damage - and 12 percent showed signs suggestive of significant cardiac damage. They also developed significant electrical changes on their ECGs and, in some cases, quite bizarre changes. However, there was no proven correlation between the changes in cardiac Troponin I and the ECG changes."



Seeking runners in the New York City area for a PAID study!

Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it's all about. PattiSue Plumer, U.S. Olympian

Seeking runners in the New York City area for a PAID study!


International design and innovation firm IDEO (www.ideo.com) is seeking runners in the greater New York City area for individual interviews September 16th or 17th. Interviews will take place in your home and will last approximately 1.5 hours. Photo and video will be used for our internal use only and you will receive $150 for your time.

We are interested in speaking with you if you fit any of the following:
• You are a trainer or coach who works regularly with new and novice runners
• You are a new runner who will only purchase technical gear for running and has had running analysis done or worked with a podiatrist
• You are someone who runs to get to/from work
• You are someone who very visibly and intentionally “dresses” for running
• You are someone who dresses uniquely for races and competitions
• You are someone who modifies their athletic clothing or shoes
• You are someone who is experiencing a running injury that’s stopped them from running
• You are a barefoot runner or someone who only runs wearing Vibrams
• You are someone who practices parkour or “free” running or teaches others
• You are a wellness or holistic fitness coach
• You are a high school track - sprint runner (We must have parental permission if you are under 18 yrs old)

If interested, please respond to Maria at mnorelli@ideo.com with the following information:

Which of the profiles above do you fit and why (please be detailed)?


How often do you run?

Why do you run?

What other fitness activities are you involved in?

My answers:

Hey Maria,

I recently saw or was passed along this message by Craigslist and am interested in your interview process...

Let's see, the list that fits me are the following:

• You are a coach who works regularly with new and novice runners

I currently coach for Team for Kids (NYRR Youth Services) and a NYRR Official Charity that I started up called: The Alzheimer's Associaiton (Run to Remember)

• You are someone who runs to get to/from work

I use to run to and from work from 60th street and 1st to 13th and 8th, totaling about 3.5 miles one way and back totaling 6-7 miles, each day (given one or two days off, for days of rest)

I got laid off from my architecture job and recently got employed by a friend (started up his t-shirt business called: Out of Pring Clothing - www.outofprintclothing.com), where the factory is located at Sunset Park, Brooklyn...exactly 10 miles away from my house. I run to work, ride the subway back home.

• You are someone who very visibly and intentionally “dresses” for running

People say that I am "flashy" when I run. I usually am identified by my bandanna (of any color) in practices and my American flag bandanna during races. I also maybe wearing a compression leg sleeve on my left side during competitions, but that's on occasion because of some achilies injuries...also my right leg has a large tattoo...

• You are someone who dresses uniquely for races and competitions

I occasionally dress up for special races. many of my team members from the NY Flyers would know me for my "speedo, underwear or skirt" running during special occasional runs: Natica Underwear run, Scotland 5 Miler and Boston's Santa Speedo Run. I am pretty secure with my body...and when I came back from Hawaii, I uniquely acquired a Tahitian look with a sarong for guys called the Lava Lava.

• You are someone who modifies their athletic clothing or shoes

You sometimes need to when you are running in the snow for seasonal changes. During the winter time, many runners put screws in their older shoes for traction on the snow. This is pretty much not unique.

• You are a barefoot runner or someone who only runs wearing Vibrams

I believe that wearing Vibrams is only good for strengthening. yes, i believe in minimalism running, although with the big boom of the book born to run, I believe that when he says run barefoot, he means run on softer surfaces and trails...roads and hard surfaces are not really great for running.

• You are someone who practices park our or “free” running or teaches others

what is "free" running? and what is park?

• You are a high school track - sprint runner (We must have parental permission if you are under 18 yrs old)

I am not in high school, although when I was in high school I was a sprinter...that later on turned into a marathon runner...

Which of the profiles above do you fit and why (please be detailed)?

Name - Brian Hsia
Phone - 914.417.1141
Location - 60th and 1st (Manhattan)
Occupation - Post-Architect, now unemployed: Coaching for two teams, part time work with NYRR and factory shipper
Age - 29

How often do you run?

Saturday - Wednesday. It really varies from season to season. During the NYC Marathon or Fall Season, the schedule goes to coaching other people and your legs run from Saturday to Wednesday or monday-wednesday (sometimes Thursday) with Friday rest and then the Weekends back to back long runs. When it is your time to coach beginner runners, your training has to change from yourself to others. You need to understand that the winter/spring season is for yourself, but when you are a coach the season belongs to others for practices only.

I run to work to get my fitness in and get my stride/own workout. So on Monday's and Wednesday's I can run a total of about 16-20 miles for the day.

Why do you run?

I run because it's a huge stress reliever. Especially in a large city like NYC and the NY minute, stress can build up and people's tensions can be so tight that you can go crazy. Running is the only time where you are free from a cell phone, internet, people and your thoughts are your own. You can simply turn off your brain and be by yourself, listening to the wind at your ears and enjoy the sights and nature around you.

What other fitness activities are you involved in?

Not many other activities, especially when your coaching career takes over. I use to play Ultimate Frisbee, try to swim and bike (which are my next things to get into for a triathlon)



Going into work today, I decided to not run and let my legs rest another full day because last night I ran a pretty fast 10 miler...without any luggage...a full 30 seconds pace per mile faster than my usual pace to work as I gear up for my doubler.

So...I took the first subway that came and it was the Q...yup, that means that I had to transfer somewhere, as I really don't pay too much attention to which train it actually was because the sign inside said it was a N train...but the speaker said it was a Q...oh well...ride it out, which I did and ended up in Prospect Park and had to venture my way back to Atlantic/Pacific and walk the transverse...missing my subway and waiting...


This is why I run instead of taking the subways, you never do get lost when you run...well, that's not true either.
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Massage school?

Even when you have gone as far as you can, and everything hurts, and you are staring at the specter of self-doubt, you can find a bit more strength deep inside you, if you look closely enough.
Hal Higdon

Heading into labor day weekend, well...the only thing about that was a busy week that I had before. I started my week with treks to the Swedish Massage Institute in an Open House trial, which intrigued me. The ideas of learning about the muscles and going back to school is one of my options...or maybe one of my fall backs, but there are a lot of negatives involved with this as well: no coaching for two years (longer runs would be cut) for TFK which is on Saturday's. My schedule would be shot, completely and I will be working like a dog once again...my ideal workplace? Working for the NYRR and gaining knowledge and having a type of working environment to succeed in every aspect to work alongside of running and developing the office style of running.

I thought about this long and hard where I even lost sleep because of it and woke up at like 4am one day...uh! It's crazy!

We shall see what my future brings...
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Summer gone?

"My thoughts before a big race are usually pretty simple. I tell myself: Get out of the blocks, run your race, stay relaxed. If you run your race, you'll win....Channel your energy. Focus.." - Carl Lewis

Like winter was over into Summer, we never had the spring time season...

And now with this rain that has chilled our lasting days of summer as we ride into the fall season, we wonder if winter is already here?

Ok, 60 degree temperatures don't call for winterous conditions, although it's a nice cool down from the humid summer that we had, which has effected most people's run.

I, on the other hand, never usually race during the summer time and had my chances of running during the month of August...which surprised me with my overall times...

Training has been tough to do because I have been overlooked and overworked...everyday seems like a work day and vacation is never there...but that's the dues you need to pay...

This time of the year, I always knew when I signed up for this gig that it's not the training that I do for my own times, thus my training is translated in the people who sign up for these charity programs to finish what they have started.

There is a difference though from these groups this year...
Although there will always be a difference because each year has a different dynamic and a different characteristic to the group.

With TFK, last years team gelled more, although I feel that this year's team is jellin now and there is more of a resemblance, but in a different way. Each year is going to be different, although I only have last year to compare it to.

With the Run 2 Remember team, I feel a grimace in the face of losing the other coach. We gelled as it was our first times doing this. Yes, I guess I am a softy when it comes down to coaching and that makes me less desirable, but I guess my personality shows more when it comes down to heart.

Overall, the experience has taught me many things this year. The balance, persistence and life of running in which I live for this experience every year. To see all of these people want to experience what I tend to do too much of and for them to go forth and conquer their dreams...

It's an experience where these members admire you as a coach, but you admire them for their hard work, their efforts and their dreams...they are doing something that maybe comes easy for you, but for them it's a reality...and you honor them for it.
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"You only ever grow as a human being if you're outside your comfort zone." - Percy Cerutty, running coach

Even I have my limitations, as it was POURING this morning. I ran in the rain on Monday to go to work and it was...well...

Pleasant, but soaked! On Monday, as I stepped out the door the drizzle started coming down...I wasn't that hung over by it, but as I got my breakfast on my stop at Chinatown at a local bakery, the rain started to pour...and it was like that the whole way thru..over the b
Brooklyn Bridge (which I found a pen along the way), past cars waiting (which a person from my High School Track saw me and later facebooked me asking if that runner that was running in the rain at a godly sane hour was actually me...and it was!) And finally getting to the factory soaked...

Today...I differ the experience where I am taking the subway. I run to work because for me and my sane head I actually can and it makes sense for me. Weird thing is and how my brain works is that I could save the $2.25 subway fare and arrive 30 minutes later than when the subway would arrive. I travel to Brooklyn (Sunset Park) which is a good 10 miles. To many that is a lot and especially at 6am in the morning. I am different...I find that saving what is 23 cents per mile is a bargain...yes, I am thrifty when it comes down to it (but not really thrifty when I am a person and running races...everyone is a little bit!)

Then what is really sick is that I compare it to my last job which was about 2.5 miles away in manhattan (which I ran to as well...same time differential - where I would come 10 minutes after or sometimes equal...where I would compare the mileage to distance and that would be something like 90 cents per mile...so I'm getting a steal!

I'm messed up in the head sometimes, but yes...I don't do well, when it comes to weather and rain...heat I can take...it's just the initial steps, but after I am out the door...I can care less...I am in my own world and zone! Nothing wrong with that...right?

I need to keep writing and get back on the blogging train again...more to come...
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It's been a while

Yes, it has...and I apologies for not writing for about a month or two...it's been especially hard when you go from everyday to feeling guilty and then having more jobs than most that you can handle...it's been tough!

I raced in the Bronx Hald yesterday feeling exceptionally good...most of my "races" have been purely based on ability and maybe since I have been running to work at a consistant sub 8 pace...but the marathon training with both charity groups have definately slowed me down to a harder more challenging pace of beginners in going slower, but that's the reason why I coach. Wintertime is for myself as the summer and fall is for others who are training for the NYC marathon. Yes, I know, I am a busy person and I spread myself thin...too thin sometimes.


Have been picking up part time jobs like the out of print clothing with JL (the other coach last year with the Alzheimer's Team) and team for kids has given me more responsibilities...and dog sitting...but, what lies ahead?

Physical Therepy, running management or well...staying on track till the wintertime...
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This week I was suppose to be resting for my 100 miler, although now that I have chosen not to do the race, it's a different story.

Nope...kidding. Whenever I have the opportunity to rest my legs or feet, I really should because there is a future in running for me or at least I should care about the future in running for me.

Last week JT gave me her metrocard because she was going away and she knew that I always ran to work. So, I took her up on the offer and this morning I had chosen to not run to work, but to take the subway in and rest my legs.

It really took about the same amount of time...well, shorter by subway of course, by half an hour...and I got to skip chinatown (where I usually get my breakfast and lunch) and try out a new place near the subway station at work...it was the same stuff, but it's good to know that I can just grab the subway without stopping at Chinatown now to get this stuff!

I'm taking the subway to work this week and give my legs the rest it deserves...good thing I am not doing the 100 miler, and well...I'll just stick with marathons from now on...

Oh and you know what?

Just a little frustrated by me not attempting to doing the 100 miler because I know I can do the race, it's a challenge that I know I can do, but I have only succeeded to the fact that my health is much more important since I had gotten laid off and no longer have health insurance. It just bugs me...
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Instead of waking up really early to run to work, Tuesday's are my day's off, which means weekend chores moves to these days.

Laundry is one of these chores as I dragged myself out of bed and just lied on my bed wondering why?

I'm such a busy person and in the past few days...yes, as active and personable that I am, I even get lonely...weird living with 6 other roommates and having 4 different running clubs, how can I be lonely huh?

I thought about this on my way back from practice, I thought about this waking up this morning...and when I struggled to put quarters into the damn washing machine (it got stuck...like 6 of them in a row!) An elderly lady showed me how the machines worked...prewash? Wtf!

I have always been putting my detergent in the prewash bin...OPPS!

She tells me that I need a women in my life to show me how to do my laundry...yup! That I do! Uh! Follow the directions and you will be safe brian...seriously (never my strong suit)

Anyways, as I woke up early to do laundry, I am just chilling right now on a bench outside with lady.

I see that there are more and more females out in the morning running. Why is it that females can wake up so early to run, while males have such a hard time waking up in the morning? The females are so disciplined...weird!

If you do think about it, I guess females have more to do at night and want to get their workouts done...while, for the male race, if they miss a workout, "oh well! Nothing to it"

I still feel that females are very structured, they are far more scheduled, disciplined and more in tuned. Eh! Maybe it's my estrogen talking...
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Do the things that you used to do without fear. Take the risk. It's all right to fall down and scab your knees.

Pat Tyson, Head coach of the Gonzaga University track and cross country programs

Well...let's just see...
I have barely had time to write these last couple of days and my life has been changed upside down, right side forward and so on and so forth.

After getting laid off, I enjoyed one or two days of relaxation and then finally hopped back on the bus. Actually, it was my connections that got be back into things so smoothly.

First, I contacted JLB about my lay-off and he suggested that I come work part time for him and his partner. I was delighted to, as the work would be "mindless" first getting use to it and then knowing where things are located. I would be working at the factory, where the heat and outside weather was not so bad (although today was scorching and settling in this subway car is the first time in air conditioning all day long)

I seem to be waking up earlier than my normal job (is it that I am excited to work there? Or just need to get the work done?) As I find myself running to work and then taking the subway home. I thought I had a meeting for my other job today, although that never happened. But oh my gosh! The subways take so long, and in the mist of

So, my second job was from my Team for Kid's job with the NYRR. Although, I am taking a pay cut from being a coach to being a staff member, I was able to get more hours and work for them at every practice. In the end, it's all about using one's connections, who you know and how well you interact with people.

Alzheimer's practice, where running for some in this heat is quite the change. We had a pretty good turnout, but it's really slow and steady...letting people learn and grow as a person through this process.

On the other side of things, I heard from my sister that my grandmother is not doing too well, her kidneys are failing, which includes another set of problems. I finally decided to cancel all of my reservations for the Ohio Burning River 100 miler. I was conscious and cautious of the heat as I trained mid-day to get use to it...the heat was a major factor in which I was scared of. The medical care after losing my job was another, and now that my mother is scared of my antics and with my grandmother not doing well...well, I rather leave that alone.

I had reservations about signing up for the JFK 50 and chose not to sign up. Maybe I am being a little stingent on my money, since I am laid off and want to get as many jobs in as possible.

In any case, I'll probably just stick with some NYRR races like the knickerbocker 60...do another marathon for time at the end of the year like Vegas or something...

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Laid Off...

The toughest thing for an employer to do is lay a person off...now, I have been awaiting to get laid off for quite some time now and the thought of having one of the partners come to my desk, have them say, follow me...lead you down a hallway to a conference room or nother office and another partner is waiting for you is never a good sign...

Well...I was put on furlough last year...right around this time, and all I can say is that it's just as hard for an employer as an employee...but, everything went bad last year when it first started...

Well...in any indication, I sort of looked forward to this as last week was more of a nightmare than anything else. I was whole heartedly put through humiliation as I was put to a lower than intern position of helping clean up the library. Granted, I learned from this experience and was humbled, humiliated, but humbled...you learn thought life's problems...

For me, I awaited this for about 3 months where nothing was going right. Pressure surmounted where I had to get everything correct and nothing was even at ease...it was no longer fun, but just a heap of hatred to higher expectations. Egg shells were on my feet and all I could look forward to was my afternoon runs...it was my only escape.

I no longer learned, rather was afraid to ask the wrong questions and do something wrong...it was utter...well...just unexpected.

But that was all about what happened today, just the reality of it all...the fact that it was my 3rd layoff in 5 years? Right? Stability in many ways of architecture? It shows that the occupation is not too stable.

Yes, I can be as savy as other people, I can give it all I can and focus on just architecture, but that was college and I have learned that there is much more to just work in life. So much more rewarding things than just your job. But maybe I am getting it wrong?

In life there is a balance between job and your actual life, you need to make things equal to balance between the two and make things right...you need your own personal life though, but know that your job leads all evils to what makes things work...and that is just the nature of life...

There is many different sayings: " more money, more problems" or money is what drives the soul...but one thing is true...there is a balance of happiness between money and the job you do...the reward for some people is that they absolutely love what they do, but are paid like crap, there are people who are paid a whole lot, but hate what they may do...

It's the balance between it all...
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Where are you?

Yes, it's summer and yes, it's the start of the busy season where architecture, running and coaching collide.

It's very crazy where life has been somewhat difficult for me. Finding pennies on the ground (although yesterday finding a quarter) and trying to find out what I really want to do in life...

I think I had a mid life crisis yesterday? At 29 years of age, I am finding myself even more confused about what I really want to do. Is that so wrong? I found myself lost, as though I know what I really want but afraid to take the steps to get there...

Do I want to become a physical therapist? Am I afraid of failing? Do I want to go back to school once again?

Life is tough, it really is...but this job has really put me in a position where I am really confused...do I like architecture anymore? I went through such hard work and worked hard in life to get me to this point...

For the past two weeks my life has been turned upside down...

_Loss of my wallet two days before my birthday...with my roommates...
_Friends celebrating my birthday the day before at a picnic
_my actual birthday where I spent time with some close friends
_the alzheimer's awareness forget me not gala, where the Jr Committee was honored and the marathon team as well...
_getting taken off my job and pushed aside, while also being told to work and clean up the firm

It's strange in life. There are times where you are pushed to your very limits and you realize a whole lot of things, then there are times where you have to face the facts and decide which road you want to take. Life is very difficult in that way, it's full of choices the path that you decide to take, you need to stick with it and move on and live life.

I need to make that choice...it's been one year since my furlough period, which put me in the dumps and strung me out. I realized a whole lot since then, gained new friends and realized a whole lot about myself. It has caused many different problems, although if life had changed where I was laid off instead, maybe lots of things would have changed.

I think a whole lot about this...about what life has brought me within the year. There are lots of achievements, lots of happy times and lots of low points, where life has gotten me to a point where things needed to move on...

Decisions need to be made...the time is now I guess...

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Hot out there...

Ok, so I have been slacking on the writing department where I had not written about the past 3 hot events such as breaking 3 in the Boston Marathon, running the Bear Mountain 50 miler and Ragnar Relays...let alone my own Birthday...

But here it goes as of this week...and last night...

Yes, it's scorching hot and humid outside as I ran home and as I got home from a very hot day...I was drenched with sweat and my pores was definitely not stopping. I was dripping all over the place and my roommate was using the bathroom so I could not just jump into the shower.

This week has been seriously really busy as I have been trying to keep my regular work separate from my alzheimer's work (which seems as though I am doing a whole lot of the work to keep things successful.)

I have been drained, exhausted and just really tired. My coaching jobs really hasn't started yet and it's going to be a very busy summer...I can feel that coming.

Anyways, hopefully I can keep up...
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Walk up!

So get into work this morning to find that the elevators did not work and the power was out! Ha...wait, what does that mean?

Everyone had to walk up the stairs and my office is on the 9th floor!

So people were bitching and complaining, here and there and some people were in a bad mood, huffing and puffing and all worn out! As I rounded into the office, some people were already there and awaited for whomever to show up...when I arrived, they were like, oh this is not a big deal for you at all...and it wasn't! Well, walking up 9 floors is not a HUGE deal, but it still is a big deal.

I nearly stepped on a huge dragon fly this morning and it would have been bad luck...or I just got scared and scared the bejeezes out of me...oh well...

That's my morning commute for ya...

Oh yes, I also had to shower in the dark this morning as all I could see is my glow in the dark bracelet...cold shower, dark as I closed my eyes to shower...oh well...got out and heard the hum of the printers...turned back on the light and changed out of the dark...

Wheew! What a morning!
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Memorial Day Weekend...

I don't like the hills so I can avoid the hills, but I know I need the hills and must conquer the hills.
Ted Spiker, The Marathon Virgin blog at Runner's World.com

It's the very start of the Memorial Day weekend and knowing the fact that our company gets out at 3pm is quite daunting...because every minute you are waiting for the hours to pass and quickly get up to the winding day into the 3 day holiday...

We were all instructed to leave at 3pm, I had another agenda, where I needed to complete the Marathon Training program for the Alzheimer's Association Run to Remember team.

I needed to do this and check it thoroughly because it's the memorial day weekend and it was time to get all of these first time runners off the coach and get moving...

Uhh...long day came to an end and decided to walk home in my Five Fingers...to strenghten up my legs of course! And boy, the city is EMPTY!

I love that feeling though...got home, quickly got my dirty clothes together and scratch off one chore for the weekend to being done: Laundry, Check!

Get up early and round out a good distance mileage for tomorrow...then give blood...then chill out for the weekend!
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Week Summery

Ok, so I haven't had the time to really write this week and I will try to get to all the major topics that I have had, but just to sumerize before the actual write up, this is what happeded this week:

Sunday: Happy Hour at the Park, Tiffany's arrival...12 + downtown deliveries = 20

Monday: Runner'sworld gig, Jamba with Tiff

Tuesday: Speedwork in Central Park, meet up with Ali

Wednesday: legs tired, Alzheimer's selection, HOT and Steamy

Thursday: Gingerman early, JFK 50

Friday...well that's today!
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Watch and J's wedding

Skipped the Brooklyn half and decided to sleep in today as it was J's wedding reception and I didn't want to miss it.

I figured that I had enough celebrations in the past 4 weeks and I needed a running break. It was a good excuse to not run and yesterday's 5 fingers run with VN was a killer.

I awoke at 7am thinking I would go for a 20 mile run, but that quickly changed to a longer nap as my lower legs were sore. Seriously, it hurt and I didn't even imagine having some of these muscles that I had in my legs that were sore...

11am quickly came as I showered and got ready for rocketman to pick me up, but in the process of putting on my shoes, I found a little surprise...it was my watch that I had thought I had lost after doing a practice run on the Boston Marathon course. I had thought I had lost it when we transferred out of CH's car and into GW's when we were done that day or I had thought I had forgotten it in the car...I was grateful!

Jaim and I up, I awaited outside of my apartment, enjoying the nice weather...as we sat there waiting for Rocketman to show...

Jman's reception was really a whole lot of fun. The party was small and it had a cozy feeling to it, I mainly stayed near the group of Flyers that were invited (em, jaim, rocketman) as the reception, food and friends were great.
There was a major sad part, somewhat happy where Jman recognized both of their mothers looking down on them. I know about Jman's mother because J donates a whole lot to my alz

I got back, maybe hoping to get a run in, although felt tired from the drinking and festivities that I just layed on the couch and watched some movies...

Until it was time to go to LH's party in the lower east side, where on the subway I had seen a grandparent asian couple, where I had reminisced about my grandfather and the very ways of all my grandparents...change over at Union Square, but made it about half an hour late...then no one was there...looked around, as I was right about to leave, they showed up...stayed a while since they were runner people and now, just waiting for the subway...long nights!

What to run tomorrow...what to run?
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Thursday: Run home

After a long day which started off running along Time Square, in and out and cutting through streets, sometimes even making it into a clip of the daily morning shows...I did not gather any pennies today, but on my way home, I got the big enchilada! A whole nickle!

Hey I'll take it!

After the long day of 3D modeling I was then instructed to build a foam model and had to stay late because another co-worker who was on the project could not do it because she was pregnant and the fumes would have been bad for her (so they give it to me? Arg!) Anyways, that's a story by itself.

So, I left work late and wanted to drop off the Lava Lava to Papo...since he had requested one and it was Boston where my sister had brought it into town, so I ran up to meet up with him (he filled me in on all the TFK group, as I see them occasionally from time to time)
It was a muggy night as the temperatures just changed from cool to muggy warm, SPRING!

Anyways, as I awaited, I could feel the sweat forming from my legs as it was starting to drip down (ugg! Yes, probably looked like I was peeing down my pants!)

After that, ran home and made it half way, until my sister called and I talked and walked the way back...
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No run

Ok...so today I needed to give my legs a rest from running...

No big deal. They deserve some sort of rest...no?

I mean I was lucky that I was not planning on going to the Brooklyn Half this weekend because I would have really gunned for a PR on that course and I would have tried to PR in general with my half times...

Is it not ridiculous that my marathon time in the half marathon is faster than my PR in just my half?

I know I have not written in a while, but I'll try to catch up with all the daily events...life has been seriously busy for me as finding alone time has been difficult to just chill out and write...

I'll try to catch up with the daily events this weekend!
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Monday - Road Kill

After being in a van during these relays your mind starts to drift and all you can think about is running...
Ok, never mind! I have not written in a while and for the next two weeks I will be "taking off" meaning not much racing going on, which is very good in terms for my body.

I started to run to work again, as last week I took the whole entire week off due to recovering for my 50 miler. Indeed, I needed it and it was good to have the lower mileage at the Ragnar Relays, which we found out that we got 3rd amongst the mixed division (hard to believe, due to the amount of time we got lost)

On my way to work, I spot about 3 pennies - 3 pennies richer and hey it's money...then I spot ROAD KILL...seriously, usually when you run up in Westchester and you spot something like this usually it's a squirrel or some other kind of animal on the side of the road...in manhattan and the city, it's not so much like that...it was a RAT!

Oh man...it was rough, but all I could think about was the fact that we were counting road kills (when you pass a team in relays, it's call road kill) and the amount of people I had caught.

Road Kill...awesome!

How many did I catch during the Ragnar Relay?

Leg 5: 3-4 teams
Leg 17: 8 or 9 teams (so close to double digits)
Leg 29: 11 in a 3.2 mile leg

Quite impressive for the double digits in a short amount of time, but it was amazing!
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Monday: Still sore

Woke up this morning feeling as crappy as ever...

Why did I decide to do this?

Nothing is getting any better...

Yeah, feeling sore as ever as all that muscle tension and fatigue still is there...

Getting out of my cubbie hole, ouch! Uh...going down the step ladders, ouch!

Ok...leaving my apartment!

Ouch! Each step, down my apartment steps, rough! Ouch!

Uh! Walked to the subway...down the stairs...

Seriously, I think I am punishing myself here as I take every step down...this is nuts!

Up and down the stairs, wheew!

Ok...finally to work as I am out of breath...wow, that was exhausting!
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Orchades in one hand

Ok, so I bit the bullet and bought my mother flowers for mother's day. I was going home and thought of getting flowers anyways, so why not.

Good thing they were small though, but I was a bit quizicke about the transportation part, especially in the subway and large crowds and what not!

But I got to work ok with them (as pretty much all week I did not run - since Wednesday?)

Work was a bit rough on the edges (still have a ton to do, so I may go in on Sunday to hash some of it out)

I got my big old bag on my back and well...filled up with all my running gear that I have no clue what to expect in this race. Seriously, I am not going to lie, I am really scared about this race.

Elevation changes, technicality and other stuff...

Go big or go home right?

Total Elevation Gain: 7,038 feet
Total Elevation Change: 14,074 feet

Lowest Elevation Point: 122 feet
Highest Elevation Point: 1,339 feet

Yes, I am on the train now and have to walk back to my parents house, get the car and drive to get some groceries, then eat and go to bed and wake up at 3am in the morning...

Race starts at 5am and I have top get there by 4:15! Crazy!

Wish me luck!

First real Ultra...

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Long day at work as the work load just piles back up again...seriously there is no compensation for all these hours and man o man, I really need to find another job.

Got out of work at the usual time when I am suppose to get out took the subway and got home at 6pm...went straight to the laundry and did other shopping (including buying my mother a mother's day card) and got back at a reasonably good time...

I tried to go to bed early, although I started a project up last night that I should have done 3 years ago...the piles of running shirts just pile up at the foot of my bed and well, I began to just rip them apart...got 6 done in 30 minutes...if I continue that rate, it would be great!

The bad thing?

I just started with the year of 2008 and this is 2010...so two more piles of running shirts that still need to be done, which maybe I'll just combine all of these years together!

Or at least 2009 and 2010...
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Run home

Boy was it hot last night running home...and I have to say that even a high tech garmin has trouble tracking you by satilite in NYC. It got me running at a 5 min average pace last night as some of my split times were pretty darn fast!

I stayed late at work as I was on my feet around the clock, coallating drawings and making sure 6 packs of prints went out for our set. I was suppose to wash my clothes at the laundry...arg!

Anyways, hoping to do that tonight as my legs feel as though they are sluggish. They need rest and I'll give it to them since they will be working hard this weekend and they had worked hard for the past few weekends to obtain some crazy goals of mine.

So...what's in store this weekend? The big 50...just to complete, although in my mind you have to do a 50 miler before a 100 miler right? Although I really know how to pick my 50 milers though...

The Bear Mountain is probably one of the hardest and more technical races there is...

We'll see if it kicks my butt...it will, I know that!
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15 things you don't want to see while running...


Run for the Memory!!

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Today’s morning run was just typical…although it started out pretty chilly in the morning.  Both of my roommates were already up by the time I had gotten up, all the boys that live in our apartment (which is now up to 6 people: 3 ladies and 3 guys)  The boys wake up much earlier than the gals…although the gals went out last night to the strip club (shan’s work).


Did my usual run to work as I zipped from street to street, following the street lights as the lights dinged from red to green, hand sign to walker.  There was one road, near Macy’s Herald Square, which was roughed up and ready to get repaved…well, the light just turned, people were walking on the cross walk and I had to change directions from straight to left…zipped around and maybe I took too much of a gravital force on the turn, not enough traction on my shoes and almost slipped!  Ok…I must have scared a few people, but still I was still on my feet.


Got to work and in the elevator, a women asked me if I was cold or not (I had my typical sleeves, tshirt, shorts...) I told her that I was on the fences of wearing something warmer, but your body just tends to warm up.  She said the day was “crispy”…not cold, not cool…but CRISPY…


Excellent!…crispy huh?



Ok, so I have not written in a while and this maybe the only opportunity to catch up to all of the factor events...well...we shall slowly recap everything that went on from the MORE weekend to Boston weekend.

Let's see...

Yesterday morning I may have disrupted some people's commutes by flying by them...uh! I hate when people come out of no where and I was already late! Opps! It's really my fault when that happens!

So, I get into my office and find some facebook messages with PPP or P...I guess my keys got pushed and send and pushed again and send...my status was PPP...opps! Maybe the keylock would be good sometimes and useful in these terms. I had sometimes even called people...yeah, it's pretty bad as this run calling is as equal to butt dialing!

But short run during the monday group run because Cel was injured (as well as if she can or can not do this weekends marathon) and Rocketman is gearing up towards the Rhode Island Marathon...

I ran back home in the COLD WET RAIN! Uh, it was dreadful!

Anyways...all good, rest day today as I need my rest and this is a testiment to resting your body, getting sleep and eating right. The season is a long season and this is the worst time to get injured because the spring weather is perfect!

Stay strong!
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