Goodbye AZ

I can't imagine living and not running. Paula Radcliffe

I had an early flight back to New York this morning because it was the only thing that got me back at a reasonable time...so 7:30am flight, which meant 5:45am wake up, which I was up at 5:30 anyways.

CH was up already as she used the bathroom, I packed my things the night before and was just getting my stuff ready. Changed and lingered...JK was up and we left on the spot. Got to the airport and said our goodbye's...it was rather sad to leave, although I was eager to go home because I wasn't use to this time zone change.

Ok...got some breakfast as my head still hurt a little from yesterdays finish...stomach hurt (maybe due to the cytomax?) And my head hurt (maybe due to not eating after? Or dehydration?) Uh! I never felt so bad after a marathon before, but I was DONE!

Seriously....I tried to eat at lunch, but only was able to eat the tater tots...ordered chocolate milk, but that was just turning my stomach in and the headache was horrendous! Felt as though I was hungover! Dinner was better when I had soup and rice, but the rest really did it...and the shower!

Anyways, got onto the plane and was going to my seat...when I spotted who I was sitting next to...

Oh my gosh, seriously?

Next to me was the same folks that flew in with me...the blond...and the older man...later I talked to them (she was a sophomore from UPenn Hartford and he was her father...ok, at least I got that right)

Anyways, it was alright on the way back...

Got home at 3, did laundry and was so done by the time I got back that I cancelled all my plans that I had for the evening...

Oh and I got to meet my new roommate...this place seems like it's an international youth hostile sometimes...a combination of cultures (well, at least she is a runner!)
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