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The only secret is that it is consistent, often monotonous, boring, hard work. And it's tiring. Robert de Castella, World champion marathon runner

You know that feeling when you wake up on Christmas Morning when you were a kid? Feeling all giddy inside?

Well, I had that sort of feeling when I woke up this morning feeling very giddy to go on vacation (again...I know!)

Ok, fine...yes, I have been spoiled, but whatever! Sometimes you need this in your life to spoil yourself. I mean really, it's my luxury in life:

_I don't eat out much
_I don't eat anything that I really do not need (snacks, junk food, candy, etc)
_I don't buy new clothes much (except for running clothes)

I combine travel with my adventure and experience of different cultures to explore...I want to do the 50 states because it's a life learning lesson...it's exploration of oneself.

I know, it's an expensive hobby and luxury, but I tend to work hard and have multiple jobs that I absolutely love that fund my luxuries...and I am single...so that's another + in the equation...

Anyways, I went to work, finding myself going up the subway stairs seeing this guy just randomly take out his junk and pee right in front of me.

Uh, gotta love NYC!

I felt tired at work as I was willing to get anything done in the remaining time that I had to do for this project...I felt bad that I was leaving and not going until the deadline, but I worked hard this whole week (staying late and everything) and my body definitely feels the repercussions of this.

I left work finding a spring to my step as I got lunch/dinner at Subway. I think this can tie me over till tomorrow. Ok, I caught the first A train and then transferred half way to another A going to the airport. My father had told me to get to the airport early due to the recent airport security checks, so I listened.

I got to the airport two hours early...left work at 1:30pm and got to the airport at 2:30-3. So I just sat and waited...worked on some Alzheimer's stuff and soon enough right on the plane.

I get on the plane and grab my seat...over to my right I have an older guy (later on finding that he is a doctor) with a very younger attractive blond gal, to my left, I have these two children...one boy and one gal, flying by themselves (or what it seemed, where their parents were ahead, but seriously, they were very good and sophisticated). The gal was brilliant, she was a first grader that was reading these immense books...ok, sophisticated younger gal vs blond chick...

The plane was off and I was caught up in some flyers stuff and alzheimer's items and soon fell into some reading as well.

The blond chick, wakes up from her slumber, wants to watch a movie where she takes out her credit card and slides her card through the crack of where the tv screen can tilt..I was like, ok, I totally have to help her: I told her to tilt the screen and then slide her card through...finally it worked...

Then another problem was that her touch screened volume was up all the way (guess she saw that the volume bars were up and tried to click on the volume down button) ok, so she rang for help...I checked mine and tested it out (turns out that the volume bars are always up, but the volume should have worked) so I told her and went to her touch screen to turn down the volume...

Oh my...seriously? I hate to judge people, but what their conversation was scared the crap out of me. This gal wanted to be a doctor? Or a nurse of some kind...but she was pretty and could probably get by just by her looks and all...

Oh dear!

Anyways, though I lost a few brain cells on the plane as I got picked up by JK.

Felt like old times, (JK was the guy who allowed me to stay at his place when I went to do my first Boston test run - 20 miler, and I ran with him the whole way pacing him during the Boston marathon last year)

Oh my gosh! It was good to see him, his wife and later on his dog...such a nice house and all...

Uh! Exhausted!

Bed time folks!
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