Domestic Violence?

Marathons are about tenacity as much as talent. John "the Penguin" Bingham

I donno about you but placing some really crewd schemes on the subway is just really rude...

Not cool, especially when it's the easily commute.

Anyways, the morning started by entering the brisk weather...gosh! So cold!

Walked to the subway, where there are some pretty stupid people walking in the morning...what's wrong lady do you know what subway station you are going to? What kid? You walk so damn slow, but skid down the stairs like it's nothing!

I then find that the E train service is on halt, but the E train came...and later on found that the V service was suspended due to track difficulties...ok, stupid PA system...

I then get on the train and in front of me is this couple, where the guy was speaking in a very mean tone to this woman, the woman was ignoring him and he nudged her, then scolded her to leave the subway...at least he got her bag for her...

I donno, very crewd morning. At least I am not running today, so I can get some rest...sleep early!
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