Nothing's better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you. Aaron Douglas Trimble, Runner

After getting up quite early (5am?) and not adjusting to the time really well...I had written in my blog, sent out e-mails and read my book to keep company.

We finally went to Dunkin Donuts and ordered up some grub, drove to the airport to pick up CH (another Alzheimer's teammate from the Run for the Memory Program) and went straight to the expo.

CH had been up for quite the day as she had flown in from Boston, catching a 6am flight...ouch!

So we went to the Expo and it was very large, full of vendors and free stuff!

Ok, well we went around visiting different places and looking at swag...the damage?

Asics shoes - for $68, which were the new Speedstar 4 and the very last pair in size 9...I had a conversation with the shoe company in Hawaii and they said they would be out in March. But having them out now? Ok, I had to buy it on the spot. Kramer actually saw them first as he runs in the shoes and I told him about the new model because he saw that I was wearing them.

Anyways, we saw Ryan Hall as well and I told them that I was good friends with him and his wife because they are huge advocates for education and school systems in NYC.

We drove around to Arizona State, where Kramer works and also the finish line area...had lunch there (tex-mex) got change in $2 bills and went home to chill out...

Went pool side for a little while to see the sun setting and talking to Kramer's neighbor...oh it was fun.

We then went to the brewery, which was really nice, interesting and a very educational sense of how they brew beer (casks?) as well as their pint glasses were shaped up.
Very nice day...
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