First run of the year

It is very difficult to train for a marathon; but it is even more difficult to not be able to train for a marathon. Aaron Douglas Trimble, Runner

Woke up this morning pretty darn late. It was nice to finally sleep in after getting in pretty late last night.

So...today marks my time finally off of rest from running.

17 days to get serious and become a super athlete...ok, maybe not. But training seriously for 14 days to see maybe...JUST maybe if I can squeeze one out in Phoenix. I tell you that the chances are pretty slim though, but maybe it can be banged out.

Anyways, should be fun.

First post:
I headed to Central Park, first seeing if the laundry matt was open, but unfortunately even the laundry mat needs some time off during New Years.

Headed up towards the 90th street entrance, but didn't make it that far up...instead I headed across on 72nd street. I had my shorts on as I had thought it was a good idea because the weather temperature was 40 degrees.

Good idea?
I donno...continued on as my legs usually warm up...it was only going to be a 6 mile loop anyways and I wanted to see if I can go pretty hard. I want to train hard and see how close I can do again...might as well rank up the 3:00's or anywhere in between a 3:05 to 3:00...

My legs felt ok, as it had been "off" for quite a while. It's winter and the cold weather makes it hard to just get out. So, running in the cold weather definitely makes it rough for the runners (in many different ways): longer runs are tougher due to the cold, frigid conditions, you bare without water sometimes...it just makes it so difficult.

Anyways...the 6 mile loop was pretty lonely today...

_new year's where everyone is off? come on it was pretty warm!
_Was everyone drunk? _Was everyone sleeping in?
_Did everyone wake up super early to run already?

Ok, I usually know at least some people when I run in Central Park...seriously!

I ran the backside and finally saw a Flyers jacket...who was this? Who was never in the park...EdA...and was it true?

Ahh...the archi, whom moved to Belgium, who's birthday I had missed...oops! Anyways, I tapped them and wished them a Happy New Year! And then flew on by continuing my very hard pace...I decided to stop at 72nd and round out the lower loop at a slower jogging pace, so they could catch up and I can talk to the archi since she had moved....stretched a little and rested due to what was ahead.

I wanted to get some kind of speedwork in as I decided on 4 cat hills...I saw the archi go into the women's bathroom and saw the line just monstrous...so decided to do two hard ones and the met up with her as she got out.

Ok...we caught up way too long and by the time we were done with our conversation, I was done and could not do two more cat hills...I ended up running home as the cold settled in and the temperature actually dropped.

Stretch it out and then do more drills inside...what a way to ring in the New Year!
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