Flyer of the Year - Appreciation

Consistency requires discipline. Force yourself out the door. Bob Glover and Shelly–Lynn Florence Glover, The Competitive Runner's Handbook

Thank you…

This is a huge honor. To be distinguished amongst the few flyers who get Flyer of the Year, I am just truly honored to just be nominated amongst some of the greatest names in our club.

We are a running club that is defined by our numbers. Young and veterans…we are a group that accentuates different types of people. Choosing the Flyers was probably one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I had no clue what the club had to offer in its large vast connections of different people and personalities. Each of us share a unique quality, we all share the bond of running.

At first, I had never been so involved with the club and all I did was race. Three years ago at the awards party, I did not know anyone. Now, I not only know you, but other information goes on in your daily lives. We as runners share our daily lives with one another, we share our families, different stories and little tid-bits of who we actually are. Most of you are family to me, we pass the time while counting down miles training for any race or just going out on a run to be social. We are more than just friends (and maybe even closer than family members) because we meet up once a week on group runs, laugh, cry and just say hello to one another.

This year was like a rollercoaster ride for many of us. The economy had defined our jobs, which gave us more time to train and run. I was amongst this vast number, but with this club’s connections was lucky to have both running and helping others in as a “job”. Our club has so much to offer than just running: we share a devotion to volunteering, socializing and maturing in life. I have learned from many of you to help me become a better person. I will always have the memories in my life and appreciate every moment with you all.

As I thank you all for helping me every step of that way. There is also another small group of people I would like to REALLY thank: the Little Poland Crew, the “cool” kids and Glen, who without the nudges throughout the year, I would not be in the position I am in right now.

As Bart Yasso states, “Winning is a nice reward, but glory isn’t the payoff…the reward of running is living the lifestyle and embracing the journey. It is not only about finishing. It’s about moving forward.”

This award means so much to me. I appreciate it greatly, but believes that this club and all that it has to offer make us the team that we are and the people we have become.

I am truly honored and want to say thanks so much again…

I join the many versitile Flyers out there...who give and give and give...

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