Here's to Fred...

Whatever the pace, run softly, run tall. Joe Henderson, Running 101

Wake up at my normal time for work...what! Come on now...it's the weekend. Ok, wake up, I gotta get out of here by 7AM...ok, sure.

Got about 5-7 layers on to take pictures outside...because the last time I did this, it was fricking FREEZING!

Not so bad...as I walked to the subway station...a little frigid, but everything was alright. I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted to take the 6 or 4or5 trains...so I parked myself in the middle and once I heard the 6 come, I decided to take that.

I got off at 86th street and walked past the NYRR office, where I quickly saw AH...it was her birthday and I took a double take because it was hard to see people's faces.

We walked together to the start as she went into the corrals and I.wandered to see other flyer faces that I would recognize. Snapped a few photos and then they were off...ok, not going to just stand in one place like I had done so many times when I am at 72nd St. So I'll walk to the Fred Statue and snap a photo and then walk back towards the finish...

I saw NC as I had waited. And then the first runner came in as more followed and then Flyers...although, what is up with this new team? North Brooklyn Road Runners? Damn, they got some guys that can fly!

I was officially frozen by the time most of the runners went by and I called it a day...

There is a time and place where you breach a reaching point and I had reached that point.

Walked to 86th street and back home, ate some food and crawled back into the warm bed.
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