A Balmy 32 degrees...

We train through the winter in deep snow and ice. Our slogan is "Pain is good, more pain is even better."
Matt Carpenter, Mountain Runner

So after the incident on the subway last night, I found out that it was due to a fire, where there were firemen and suspensions of the track on our line...so I was lucky enough to get that subway or would have had to find an alternative route.

Anyways, got home and was deciding on either pants or shorts and other warm clothing to wear...it's so hard to decide what you want to wear in coaching because you want to do the actual coaching and speedwork with the person and at the same time you want to not do it and just rest up and stand there with a stop watch and time them...but it was a warm night (well, in the terms of warm, it was a balmy 32 degrees that was much warmer than the teens and wind chills that we are use to).

So I decided to go with shorts and had to wait a little for my watch to charge up...but was out the door. I wanted to catch the Alzheimer's group running the 6 mile loop before hand and though I could have done so, just to say hello...but by the time I had gotten there, they were gone! Well, it was really my fault where I decided to go a little longer route to warm up and get a good run in before my speedwork class...so no problem there...thought I could have been there on time, but they must have just left!

Anyways, I did a little extra to see if they were around the corner, but I guess they were gone!

I went back to the place where I told V and Jacs that I would meet them for their speedwork class...They met up soon after and we took a warm up lap...a nice warm night (well, not that warm!)

We took a loop around the lower loop and as soon as we got to the point of where I wanted them to do speedwork, we stopped to look over the "course"...the FU small hill at the end of the NYC marathon.

Small hill training near tavern on the green and I did all the sprinting with them to ensure good movement and encouragement of any slowdown areas that needed work. It was tough, although it's only going to get tougher from this point on. That's why they signed up for this...

I wanted to also separate them both because I felt that they needed to not compare themselves...running a marathon is a personal thing as you run against time, rather than with a group...understood if you go in there with a game plan of running as a group, but it seemed like these ladies wanted to PR and I understand that. I want the best of this group and was willing to push them through some of the barriers...I mean the temperatures were a balmy 32 degrees because on Sunday before it was FREEZING!

It was a good workout and we discussed about what they can improve upon as we left the park...
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