Long days

Ok...so no running news except for slowing down the frames and taking screen shots frame by frame of my cart wheel finish tonight after work...but good news is, that I'm pretty much 100% back...well...not exactly 100%, but really who is 100% after a marathon?

Anyways, these last two days I have been working like a dog...seriously, it's the whole work hard, play hard mentality and well...I felt helpless when I went back to work on Tuesday, but now I am super swamped when I am back on SCA projects (School Construction Authority) which I was put on and has a deadline of 2 days...great!

Yeah, waking up extra early and staying late...that's what sucks...watching your project manager leave...yeah, good stuff right there...I hate that stuff!

Seriously, I feel helpless, but am trying to do the best that I can do, oh well...that's all you really can do now a days and I didn't get enough time to do things anyways...so, that's what really matters...Hey, I did my best!

Anyways, worked 12 hour days...it will soon be over...right?

Nope...the next project that I am on...again, working with the government systems and that has a deadline on Friday of next week...oh great! Super Special...
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