No Jacket

On a good day, it all blends. I feel a part of a private universe where everything comes together and feels great. Matthew Shafner, lawyer
Start my day by packing up my running items each morning and had everything set up. Ok, last item is my jacket...

Folded it and then I placed it on my couch to put on my coat.

Last thing I know, totally forgot about it and then when I finally got into the office, I was like, "Oh Sh#t! What the hell am I going to do? It is so freaking cold out there that it's not even funny to play around with running in this cold weather."

Seriously, folks this type of weather usually comes during the months of February...that's what makes Spring Marathons not so wonderful subjects of interests...

Ok, so the end of the day, what did I do?

_go out to get a winter jacket?

_go home to retrieve my jacket

_not run?

_had spare layers of tech t-shirts and long sleeved t-shirts, and wear as much running clothing as possible?

Yeah, all those possibilities sounded very nice to do, but luckily I went with the last one:

I had 3 extra tech t-shirts in the office for just in case reasons, a long sleeved tech t-shirt and the rest of the clothing that I was suppose to wear under my jacket (tech T-shirt, sleeves & tights)

Was I cold?

Eh! It was cold, but the layers definitely helped out a whole lot! So...more than the usual people came out tonight...it was a good bunch and it was good to see many faces out there...this group as I always LOVE this monday group is my family...seriously!

These are the people that I see every week, it's great to get to know many of them and it's always very nice to figure people out. Anyways, monday group run on the first mondays means the bar at the end of the run...meeting place: White Horse Bar...

I tried to check out the logistics and told people where to turn...but looks like I didn't look close enough...opps!

Anyways, regular people, regular group run...just made sure everyone was safe though...it's winter time and people can slip and fall on black ice...I know I had once...and it was rough!

Anyways, I wanted to make sure everyone was ok, so I hung around on the back side and knew I could catch up and make sure everyone turns at the right place...

Boy, it was cold out there though...but made sure I got up in front of the pack!

We made the turn and everyone was ok...I had to unfortunately go back to work, but big J was there to greet everyone...amazing!

This family works so well!

Everything worked out and it was a great first monday group run for the year!
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