Experienced runners learn to respect the changing needs of their bodies. That's the wisdom that comes with time, and - for good or bad - with age. Fred Lebow, founder of the New York City Marathon

Ok, after work...I was so tired. The week had finally caught up to me and my body was exhausted.

I literally just wanted to go home and sleep. Though, I figured that I needed some change and excitement. I found off of a website that there was a squash tournament going on in Grand Central Station...yes folks, you had heard me, SQUASH...

I had no clue how they played the game, although I am all about learning and seeing this sports showman ship. So I told JT, since she was a squash player back in the day and we decided to meet up over there...

The heat in my office was getting to me as the office is constantly HOT, then COLD, then hot again....back and forth throughout the whole entire day (they turn up the heat, then they turn on the AC...then the heat is on again....it I so stupid! Obviously I hate this because as I am working I am constantly hot and then cold and then hot again...I wear a t-shirt to work and I have a fan next to my desk because I work better under cooler temperatures...if it is hot, then I doze off to sleep.

Anyways, the squash tournament was very cool. The court, it was a glass cube and the players were amazing. You need serious talent to play this game...back and forth, legs and arms...and most importantly, hand and eye coordination.

Absolutely spectacular to watch.

So, as I waited for JT, there was a whole entire match she had missed...I watched 2 matches before she showed up. I practically learned the game by then...but yes, the funny part was that the ball went wailing into the people's faces and it's hard not to flinch...it was so cool!

Anyways, it was a very fast game, some faster shorter players others stronger, taller players...it seemed like a ritzy sport, where people with money played the game that went to boarding school and what not...uh! I donno, that's what it seemed like.

Anyways, JT and I went to Korea Town to have dinner and then homeward bound for a much needed sleep.
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