To Run or not to run?

Music is my life, but running allows me to appreciate the music of the outdoors. Gail Williams, Hornplayer

That is the question...

I got home pretty late (8pm left my work?) and got home at around 9pm...I still need to pack for my trip out to Arizona, gotta pack up my marathon gear and special equipment, but thinking packing pretty lightly, but with all the cold weather talk in many of the marathons out there around the nation, it's hard to pack pretty lightly.

I had worked pretty darn hard this week and I actually enjoyed the pressure and leniency of doing my own thing and being in charge of my own side project...it's weird work...but oh well, just roll with the flow!

Anyways, I packed up most of the important items and got a hold of all my marathon gear...traveling to different marathons is tough due to the fact that you have to think ahead all the time on what the weather is like and being all nervous about if you had forgotten other things...oh well!

I had various conversations with different people last night: with KC, who is this phenomenal female runner and athlete (highly known in NYC running community) that is an amazingly fast as she tries to again qualify for nationals at Houston...her best line of the night when I told her that I was set to go again for another marathon:


Classic, then talked to peanut (as she likes to be called this and was surprised when I got her a signed poster of Ryan Hall - her loved one) a poster that read to her peanut name.

Anyways, we talked for quite a bit last night of all the ultra's...the extremes of hiking and the craziness going on in her life as well as her focus. It was nice to get the realities of something as well as the extremes of running.

The extremes of running and ultimate goals of mine:

Reachable extreme:
_Western States Ultra 100
_Pikes Peak double (half and full)
_Mt. Kilimanjaro Marathon


Ultimate death wish: (last thing I would want to do before I die, but if I don't then it's ok)
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