Top things that females think are sexy...

Nothing hurts more, but is so rewarding at the same time.

Runner Sandy Zanchi on the Marathon

Ok, listening to the radio station today and was wondering if these items are true about what a female might think is sexy in a guy:

1) One who wears glasses
2) A guy that sweats
3) A guy who has some grey hairs
4) A guy who has scars
5) A guy who owns house plants

Ok...I don't understand this.
Although to me, most of these items I have...pretty sure I have all of these symptoms...so where are the ladies?

Weird...I must be looking in the wrong places...

Oh and great smellin subway on the way home...smelled like fertilizer...I found out later on that it was a homeless guy with his shoes off and feet up in the air...

What did I do all day?
Colored in circles with a colored pencil and cross referenced our entire set of drawings...
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Patricia Park said...

Okay, I admit there might have been a brief time in my life where each of these resp. items produced a tiny smidgen of attraction for some undoubtedly impaired reason. But on the whole, no. That list is kind of ridiculous. Except maybe the glasses.

You going to do the Seoul Marathon yet??? If so...you'll drop down to 39.5!