Warmer weather?

Running is my private time, my therapy, my religion. Gail W. Kislevitz, writer

Ok...was it me or was it just "warmer" today?

It's funny when sometimes getting use to VERY FRIGID weather, you think anything above the usual is warmer...

So today I was thinking of going out for a run after work if I was not lazy, although lately I have been pretty lazy and have been in a "funk" in running.

But after work, I needed to stay a little after because I need to pack up some hours for "make up" time from my trip to Phoenix coming next week, where I will be leaving early from work and missing a day.

Anyways, the warm air and weather was good enough to run, but I decided to do something else, which I have not done a whole bunch since working so much during the marathon season...


Seriously! I met up with AC (ok, you made my blog) as it was good to see her...who I barely knew! But it was good to catch up. AC scared the crap out of me on one of the Team for Kids 20 mile runs where.she really had a medical condition of asthma...man o man! But yes, it's good to just catch up with people that you coach...I got to know a little bit about her and found out things that I never really knew...I say that because Team for Kids had a very large group dynamic and as a coach you try to know everyone little by little, but since you know a little bit about a person, you don't get to know them really well...

Anyways, it was a late night getting in...so long for resting up!

Yeah, I need to work on that...
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