Hopkinton to Woodland

I do my best thinking when I'm running. I don't know why that is - everything seems to flow so easily. It's almost a spiritual thing for me. Apolo Ohno, Olympic Speed Skater

Woke up after about 5 hours of sleep last night as I had the feeling of lateness...but we were on time as AD and I got into the car, I received a phone call from RS, the coach of the Boston Team.

Opps! I was late as everyone was already there. AD agreed to drive me all the way to Hopkinton and I was really reluctant to have such a good friend wake up early in the morning and appease to my mistakes!

Best line last night though was AD asking me to open up her trunk and see if there were any dead people in the trunk. Oh that was funny!

Anyways, stop by a Dunki Do-Does and move on...it started snowing a bit as we went towards a deli to ask where we were at, luckily the team was at the gas station right next door and I jumped out and caught up with them.

Then we drove to the start and AD left. It was a smaller team this year...well, not many people showed up and there was a change in age differential. I mean everyone was nice, but the dynamic has changed. This may be my last year doing the Boston Chapter's Alzheimer's team as I have geared up our own running club and pretty much was forced to fundraise for two different teams, but same Alzheimer's Association.

Crazy, yes indeed.

As we left Hopkinton, I took the beginning hills to my advantage and really geared up. I want to learn to start slow and then have enough juice at the end to really turn it up at the hills and downhills when I reach into Boston. So start slower...but not too slow.

I felt good and accelerated. Not accordingly to plan...this is bad...but kept with it. I was going pretty much 7's and I wanted to go 7:10's to gear up to a comfortable pace...but I felt comfortable...there are parts where I remember that I was tired during my first time around, but still...keep with it and keep going.

Every 3 miles there was a water stop and we had 3 different people that was able to circulate amongst us all...because I was the fastest...it was had to catch up and have a large gap in between me and the first timers...RS, the coach, and I understood each other and it was nice to meet up with an ex-runner before on the team, KL.

But man, did I feel great!

First 3 was all of them, 6 was all, 9 was KL, 12 was another person's wife and then came 15 was KL...and 17 was RS, but that was after I completed the hills and up towards the second one, but my mileage was up and had to turn back...in all 21 miles? And at 17 miles I was averaging something even more than I had expected to average...

6:46-48 pace average...

It really felt terrific, but I felt it...but also I didn't take any GU's or Gels either...so hunger was setting in. My mind was focused and I know the course pretty much by heart. I do enjoy the course, although there are times where there are hills and flat straight aways that are unbearable....

Keep pushing! I have 2 months, I never would have imagined me being at the stage of fitness of where I am right now because of all of the setbacks. It's a great feeling!

Oh it felt great! EM gave me a ride back to Somerville as I awaited for AD to have a burrito with me...what a day!


HS friends

I do recommend running as a cure-all. It's the magic ingredient and an important physical release. It has helped me look and feel better. Dr. Drew Pinsky, Addiction Specialist and TV Host

So AD and SC are my closest High School buddies as they made a surprise dinner for me upon my arrival.

I also did not know that there were two other people joining us, CS and LB, who were married in August and CS is one of my group of HS friends that was close as well...

Ok, my closest friends in HS were a group of 4 ladies (AD, SC, TL, and LM) the boys: (BJ, CS, IY and AB). But as time went by, I have stuck with many of the gals, rather than the guys. These ladies during the Boston Marathon formed the BHFC (Brian Hsia Fan Club) as it was quite the experience there.

It was nice to see CS because in the end, we are good friends and we had grown apart, but in all...we have known each other since grade school and it feels great to catch up.

We laughed...till the wee bit of the morning...granted I had to wake up at 6am, but it was all worth it...we were all hs friend, nothing has changed and many of us are well accomplished (where I felt the least accomplished from the group, where everyone loved their jobs and aspired to being the best they can be...)

I can honestly say that I was lucky to have sugh great High School friends to make me the person that I am today...

It was a great night...other mishaps happened as well, but we got through it all....and finally went to bed at 2am....opps!
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Uh! Aweful!

I don't believe in restricting calories, I believe in burning them. Chanamalla Samagond, Indian National Champion at 800m and 1,500m

Left work early today without any problems...it has been a long week and I need a good rest, but what's rest without an exciting 20+ miles that will happen this weekend.

I'm going to Boston this weekend and really trying to focus on the course and see how I will do, test out the waters and really be conservative at first (comfortable) and then gearing it up at the end and seeing these darn hills they call: Heartbreak Hills again. Oh what fun this is going to be...

I arrived at the bus station figuring the bus will be late, but it was there, waiting for me. So, went on and tried to just do my work that I have been putting off for the Alzheimer's team spotlight section to get into the newspapers. I guess as more and more people got onto the bus, the bus became stuffy with all the different food that each person ate...and the heat on the bus and the clothing I was wearing...

Uh! Unbearable! I quickly became naughious (sp?) And stripped out of pretty much all the clothing that I was in (that was appropriate)...my temperature of my body just eminated with sweat and I was growing ill at the moment...uh! This is so not going to be pretty.

I quickly turned to sleeping and didn't feel like doing anything else...my body is rejecting me as I feel all the time that it takes tremendeous effort to just have the energy...

Oh well, let me take a nap...

In all of this mess, there was a gal that went onto the wrong bus...seriously gal? She was going to Philly! Oh dear, the bus dropped her off at a local train station, but we were on our way.

In all, arrived in Boston on time and met up with my high school friends for dinner....


It is a sublime thing to suffer and be stronger. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American educator and poet


So I now understand the New York culture that maybe some foreigners need to get use to...

Last night when I was on my way to the Alzheimer's Association (Run to Remember) thank-you reception, I had to go from the L to the 4,5 or 6 trains...during rush hour.

Ok, granted that it was a packed subway car, like sardines in a can, but still....

It was packed and on the platform it was packed as well...the subways were not much faster due to the snowfall, so maybe granted the fact that the women was sick beforehand...

I donno...but yes, there was a foreign female who threw up like 3 people next to me! Oh it was so disgusting! Literally it was right just before the subway was getting into the station as well and if she could have waited like 2 or 3 minutes....

But yes, it was disgusting!
the rest of the night was pure honoring the fundraising team of our Alzheimer's Run to Remember team. It's such an accomplishment that these people have done for our team...absolutely amazing!

Overall it was a fun night, except for the puking!


Bridge Runners

Keep varying the program. Your body will tell you what to do. Joan Benoit

D wanted me to go to the Bridge Runners group as I am getting back into the swing of things.

Tough day at work a bit, but got through it and just needed to simmer down. I pretty much nailed everything down on the whole Inspired Daily Brooks Running endorsement...so that was taken care of and I ordered my new racing flats for the year! (Which I will endorse freely!)

Got to Bridge runners on the lower east side and changed, met up with a few people and started running. PBJ was there, Ming, D and a few others that I know.

It was a very warm night as this was very unusual because the a huge snow storm coming.

But yes, our route:over the manhattan bridge, round about to DUMBO area where brooklyn bridge and manhattan bridge against the water, the promenade, over back around to the bottom of the brooklyn bridge and made our way back towards the manhattan.

Wheew, it was rough, as it was a constant battle of fast, slow, fast again (1 because my shoelaces untied and 2 because we were in a group)

Anyways, there was a blind sided turn that went under a bridge and into a "highway area...where one person almost went right into the car! Good thing I wasn't the first one over there...oh man that would have been horrible!

We made our way back towards the shop and called it a day after 7 miles....fast run!
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Easy 6

It is the illusion that we can go no faster that holds us back. Kenny Moore, American athlete and journalist

Regular Monday Night Group last night as 5 people showed up. A little chilly for the night as E showed up estatic.

I ran at an easy pace from this weekends intense workout of Harlem Hills...so my legs needed a rest by telling me because of my soreness when I woke up this morning.

Not good...achilies/lower calf region where I usually have problems started to flare up again after my 3 weeks off that I thought had recovered.

Uh! Oh well...needed to totally take this slow as tomorrow is my recovery.
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Harlem Hills

Run into peace. Meister Eckhart, 14th-Century Philosopher

So D totally insisted that I come the elite nike group that is formed by many Boston runners that are very consistent and speedy runners. So I had joined them on a Sunday before, but the scheduled run today was intense.

9 Harlem Hill repeats that are consistent and mainly based on form and pace. Hill repeats? Form? Pace?

Ok, this one is for me...

Usually I don't attend these things, but when it comes to Boston training and hill repeats...I'm game for that.

I like hills, is that weird to say? Hills are definitely one of my strengths, the pain and suffering is hard and strenuous, but I like the aspect of staying consistent and challenge.

Why? I guess this is part of my past in some ways from High School. I was a sprinter, who sprinted up hills for a short, strenuous good training runs, as my task at hand was to get 11 flat as a 100 meter sprinter. But my home was connected to the best hills around the area and whenever I went out for a summer run, I would always climb those hills as a good distance run (mind you that a long distance run was about 6 miles...if that!)

Anyways, the workout was simple, stay behind some of the best runners in NYC, these guys kept the pace very consistent and a very good pace...as they did some 10 second negative splits for 5 laps...total was suppose to be 10 laps, but I volunteered only to do 9 with watching bottles...but 18 miles was good enough at that pace too and the workout. I didn't need much more since this coming weekend I'll be in Boston on the course running hills and doing a race simulation as well...FOCUS!

Anyways, these guys seemed to be flying, as they geared up towards the hill, they increased speed...but only up to a certain point where the hill started to incline...see that is where I stepped in and led. You have to be consistent and you have to pace yourself on a climb. That's super hard to do and super strenuous.

On the first one we went up as a group, then second...they increased the speed and they only went faster from then on in...my main focus was the hills as I tried to maintain speed and ended up leading the group for many of the hills. It was tough and these guys were far taller than I...longer strides and all...

Amazing, tough workout.


Run for Haiti

When you run, you log on to yourself. You flip through the pages of your being. Kevin Nelson, The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration

Ok, wasn't planning at all to do the race as I was there to take pictures of my local team. I wanted to catch the Alzheimer's Running group at their location early in the morning, although I was late...

I tried to make it to where they were meeting...were they there?

Luckily they were as I snapped a picture of the group that was doing the run. I walked with them to the starting line and then had to break off to get into my position at my usual spot on the pier at 72nd street.

The race started and it was a beautiful day out (not the usual COLD frigid temperatures of winter)

The race? Oh man it was absolutely a cluster F$@* seriously, there were no corrals and people were everywhere! Oh man it was really had to see people!

After a while I gave up...and seeing the walkers...well, after the crew went by: JG and DG, I ran over to the other side just in time to see the finishers go by...oh man that is crazy, where the first finisher finished before some people even began the race!

Took more pictures and then waited for people to finish. Met up with JG and we walked...ended up at nike town to see D and was going to go home, although I had it in me to go out for a run and finished up with a 10 miler.

What a day...


Fashion Week

Running was a practical and mystical discipline. It was a way of melding the inner and outer realms. David Hobler, runner

One of the members of the Team for Kids members works for Oscar DeLaretna, one of the most famous designers of our time.

He invited me to the event last night as it was black tie (yet again, which I love black tie events because you barely are invited to them) anyways, he had seen me in my awards party photos and requested that I wear my Lava Lava again.

Arrived not knowing many people except the gals from the team, it was exciting and fun, these people know their fashion as I was really impressed by the whole event.

The strange thing about running is seeing people at formal events or any event outside of their running clothes. It's so funny the transformation of athletes from black tie events to workout clothes.

After the unveiling of the 3 dresses, which were stunning (black, orange, red, blues...) I chatted with a few members of the team and then left, there after.

It was quite a party, but was I comfortable wearing that?

Usually I wouldn't care much, if I knew the people. Since I didn't know everyone that well, as I know the members of the Team for Kids for only about half of the season (and not even knowing ALL of them) it's hard to feel comfortable...not that I really care what people think.

It was an excellent event though...amazing, amazing!


When you run in the morning, you gain time in a sense. It's like stretching 24 hours into 25. You may need to sleep less and get up earlier, but if you can get by that, running early seems to expand the day. Fred Lebow, founder of the New York City Marathon

This morning's commute actually started really well where I saw in the streets a team for kids member, ED (gosh, I was actually thinking about the conversations that were going on last night about how much all the gals just love him and his good looks, whatever, he's a great runner and needs to break a 3:10...)

ED works near me, so I literally ran into him when the weather was nice and while I was running during the summer time.

Ok, so I continued on, and then on the way to work, I saw another familiar face. CC, who went to high school with me and she joined the same running club when she was running and marathoning. We lost touch after a while as both of our lives got busy...but I was late to work and she worked nearby!

So we caught up and I went about my ways to the subway...got in and then the E trains were re-routed from the West side going by BDF route...which meant I was lost and ended up on West 4th street, where I made my way back uptown by E train uptown...

Uh! Hate MTA subways! Anyways, all good...made it to work...



The ability to make a man go beyond the point at which he thinks he is going to die. Franz Stampfl on what coaches need

So most of my day was still a blurred nothing. I kept myself occupied by learning a program called REVIT.

I was dressed up today...as I always do whenever I have a meeting. Usually I am dressed in a polo shirt or collared T-shirt because the temperature at work is just hot and cold. So everyone knew that I had some sort of meeting/review. I guess I bring drama into the office because everyone is all about my business (maybe because I got put on Furlough? Maybe because I was put on probation?) Everyone wants to know how this thing will go...well, there going to have to wait till 3pm...

At least I was put onto a project, which kept me occupied for the time being. Until 3pm, which I was waiting for both project managers to come...ok, maybe I'll go get them...

Bad decision. I forgot to read my e-mail correctly and it said my meeting was at 3:30.

Ok...when 3:30 rolled around, one of the partners was out of his office? What?!

Oh come on! I was so ready for my review...

The rest of the day was pretty much a blur. I just was super shocked about why they had put an alternate person, my existing project manager, who should have jumped in, although I was not sure why she did not review me because she knows me far better than the partner.

Something is definitely up.

I mean ok folks, it's far better to get a really bad review than no review at all with the PARTNER not even showing up to your review. This is one of the largest diss's (slap in the face?) that I have ever encountered and I feel really small right now.

I needed to get away after the whole incident. So what else do I do best do get around things?


I race in order to dig deep within myself and see what I'm really made of. Maggie, Runner from Idaho

So how do I resolve my own personal issues?

I run....and I had planned on running two loops...so did that on a cold night.

It was tough as I got all of my frustrations out early on and ran really quickly...it was exhausting, good but exhausting. I'm finally feeling somewhat confident in my Boston training, although I need to start, starting out slower and increasing my speed.

I did a loop without avail and people just started calling out my name...wait, who are you? I couldn't see them, but it was good to know that they recognized me.

As I stopped on the first one I tested myself with lunges (sp?) It was tough, but I kept it going from lightpole to lightpole. My legs were burning and it was a good hurt that I felt after one.

I started to do another loop, but this time a 5 miler that didn't include the hills in the park. I saw Lauren (who I later found out her name) who was doing her training runs and was ending her session. I was on a slower "jog" but she got me going.

She was FAST! A 2:46 marathon runner, where her boy runs a 2:35? Wow! Serious power running couple...supposingly running for Manhattan Track Club.

Ok, I chatted with her for a bit as she kept me going and dropped me off after Engineers Gate. She was booking as I had already did lunges, ran about 8 miles and my legs were tired...

I tried to end up well and continue on, but then stomach issues had errupted as I tried to go to the bathroom near the shakespear playhouse...


Ok, run at a slower pace, grip on and it eventually subsided...wheew! Ran all the way home ok...got home and let it rip!

Good times!


Ash Wednesday

It doesn't help to visualize a perfect race. It's better to play out bad situations in your mind and figure out a way out of them so you'll be ready. Bernard Lagat, 2008 National Champion at 1500 meters and 5000 meters

What are you planning on giving up?

I'm not Catholic, but the thought of giving up something for a certain amount of days seems very well...

"Tempting and controlling"

Tempting because the whole thought is about temptation and certain things that tempt you to force you to give up.

Control because you have to be in control to be able to resist temptation and learn that you can live without it.

I'm not a sweet tooth, so any kind of sweets, foods or other items would be just too "easy" to give up. I'm not too much of a shopper, where I don't spend money here and there, except for running related items.

So what am I giving up? I don't know yet...we'll figure it out...

What are you giving up?


Chinese New Year - NY Flyers style

Ultimately, the best runners are the ones who are willing to work very hard but who have a little bit of a lazy streak in them. Benji Durden, Coach

No running today.

Just enjoying the group conversations and catching up with all of my Flyer friends.

Well in between work (what work? I didn't have any real work today - but I learned a little bit of software due to the office not giving me any work to do)

Watched curling in between work and Lloyd's chinese new year celebration for the running club, where I love just chatting it up with everyone. It's just so nice to see everyone and go around in the beginning to just chat!

Oh it was so much fun! Met new and saw old faces and just had a grand old time...people congratulated me (for what? I don no about this whole flyer of the year stuff) but it was nice to receive the congrats...I enjoy this stuff and truly it comes from my heart.

I got my typical rice cake dish that I absolutely LOVE and always loved since I was a kid. I get it every year and it's wonderful...

Good times with the flyer crew, my family away from family.



That is why athletes are important, why records are important. Because they demonstrate the scope of human possibility, which is unlimited. The inconceivable is conceived, and then it is accomplished. Brian Ganville, "The Olympian"

Why twenty one?

I know that I am by far not even close to where I want to be at for the Boston Marathon. I have been feeling very off due to the fact that I have been sick for 3 weeks and have limited myself to a certain mileage during the week and a certain amount of speed when I run. You can certainly feel the amount of output you have during races and you can re-evaluate yourself during these runs to know how you feel…and I have not been feeling at all good or close to 100%.

So where have I been? If I had to re-evaluate myself, I probably was close to 60 to the max 70% of where my fitness should be at. This is not even close to where I want to be at for my personal time goal for the Boston Marathon.

Yes, I continue to be stupid and stubborn and run the races, while sick and not allowing my body to rest. Why? I don’t know. After the Arizona Marathon I was totally drained and probably got sick due to this reason. It really affected me within the last 3 weeks, but there was a good that came out of this sickness.

The good?

The time to rest and allowing my body to recover has brought a good within these three weeks. All my running last year has caused my body too totally erupt…but oh well.

So…21? Well I was supposed to do 20 in my mind. I woke up early to run with the Saturday Morning group run, meeting up with the crew to do a promo for this television show of broadcasting Forest Gump for a certain amount of days. These people contacted our group to ask us various things about running, but they didn’t know how busy Central Park was on a Saturday morning.

My line that they liked?

“Saturday morning runs are like happy hour in the park, you get to see all your friends and socialize, catch up and tell stories of what happened to you during the week” Yup, there isn’t a Saturday morning or a time during the weekend where I would not see any of my friends in Central Park. A simple Hello must happen whenever I go in the park because yes, I try to know everyone. But is that a problem?

After that was done and finished up with the film crew, I saw speedy NC out in Central Park…she is never in Central Park as she told me her story of not at all close to where she wanted to be at for Boston as well. These fast people really are amazing in ways where they qualify on the dime and produce such fast times…dropped her off at 72nd street and rolled on with another loop. Lapped around for 16, where I stopped to take some water and bread, I still felt tired and not at all where I wanted…but continued and lungs were close to ready…Rounded out close to Cat Hill where I saw ST.

ST was another fast gal, whom I write about and run with all the time. She forced… convinced me to run with her for a loop…and at the time, I was pooped, but how can I say no to a run…the mileage was not the issue, it was the pace. She runs fast and it’s hard to run 6 with her on a full tank because she will continue to run with you and push you to your limits. Harlem Hills was where I felt it and I could not hang on, she allowed me to catch up and we continued on till West 72nd where I had to bail and tell her that I would meet her on the other side. I stopped caught my breath and did some squats, walked and did some more squats.


As I was doing squats after poet row, I saw this gal reach into her pocket and pulled out her ipod, in that process she dropped some papered items. I didn’t care much for it at the time and didn’t want to bother her, since she looked like she was in the zone. As I walked and saw what she had dropped, I saw that it was her metro card and train ticket, I quickly ran back after her to give back her items. She thanked me and then I ran off again, catching ST and explaining the whole situation to her.

After we walked back to her street on 72nd, I ran home…rounding my run to 21+ for the day. Pooped and close to done, I relaxed for the rest of the day and video conference with GW about Flyers stuff.

Winter Olympics

The body loves variety. The body is the same as the seasons: It likes change. Priscilla Welch, British marathon runner

The start of the Olympics was tonight and D is planning on coming over as during the day my job put me in a bad position. I don't know what my company plans on doing with me but I have been left with no work today. My project manager and Project architect are both out and the entire day...

I was floating around, surfing the web and doing some running related stuff to keep me busy.

So the fun part with D is that CD, my old running partner on the monday group runs, he works with D. Valentines Day is coming up and this past Monday, D told me that she did not have a date or Valentines to hang out with...

Mind starts to spin as gears start to turn. Knowing that and having a little crush on D, I had decided to send her flowers to her office. I didn't want her to know it was me and I sent a secret admirer card along with it.

I didn't know if the flowers were going to be sent on Thursday or Friday, so I wrote to CD, telling him a cryptic message giving him a heads up.

From his perspective, when the flowers were delivered to her office, D was going crazy! She frantically asked everyone that she knew if they had sent her flowers, 2-3 facebook messages, called her mom twice thinking it was her that sent them...and sent me an e-mail asking if I sent anything to her office.

I played dumb. I asked her what was sent? Why would I ever send anything to her office? I played it as I was teasing her like a little kid making fun of boys and girls having kudies!

The entire day was pretty much on this conversation. And it was hilarious hearing how fluttered she was from trying to find out who "this person" was, she called her mother twice, she wrote on facebook and posted tons of comments, etc.

It was so funny!

So when she arrived at my place as she was going to pasta or Carb up, I totally forgot to get the tomato sauce...great! I caught her on the way in and she asked me again...I denied, with a grin on my face, she caught it and I denied, denied, denied...but she had me pinky swear and I could not do that or tell a lie, just was not worth it!

As we were making food, I had to confess and she was HAPPY it was me!

Awesome! It was a fun day...



Each afternoon I would run my demons hard until I left them heaving by the roadside. Christopher Solomon

Ok, so many people had the day off today and going into the office where many people from the office did not even go into the office was well...demoralizing.

I had told my Project Manager that I was awaiting the Partners of my company to send out a message:

"patiently waiting for an email at work saying: snow...(blah)...early closing....(blah)...leave for work...(blah)"

That's all I could care about...

Well, one of my peers in the office, she's from Florida and hates the cold weather, but loves the snow....JD comes over to my desk and tells me that they are going to do snow angels right outside of the park near our office.

I at first was like, why? Seriously, I don't want to go outside...then fun arrived and I got my jacket and hat...and went out...but I couldn't find them!

I got out of the office before they did...

But we did it anyways...spent 5 minutes out there and had fun...

Oh it was fun!

Then, 10 minutes after we returned to the office, the partners gave us this message:

""If you believe that you will have trouble getting home you are free to leave." Take care!
The Partners

So...I took off my pictures, tooled around with some items and then left the office at 3:30 pm.

Yes! I was not going to stay in the office even though I lived in Manhattan. I wanted to go for a run at least! I needed to get some laundry done...

Get home, get changed, go out for a run and take my camera...of course it was going to be quite the fun run. Seriously peeps, there is snow on the ground and how fast can you go anyways?

White was all around, you can see many tourists around taking pictures, the scenery, snow and beauty. I snap pictures all around, scenery, people and snowmen. Kids, adults all the same were having a blast of a time on this snow day off. It truly was a great day to just enjoy the weather...enjoy the scenery and do other snow factored things.

I went around the park...man this is beautiful...absolutely a winter wonderland...snowmen, kids and white wonderland...

Ok, back to running as I made myself across the loop, snapped pictures and it got boring after a while with all the whiteness...

Made myself back to my apartment thinking about the "leap of faith" and went to the laundry mat, but the man said that they were closed...

No mr. You meant that you were closing early! I saw no sign! Uh!

Lug all my laundry back home and grocery shopped...and stayed in the rest of the night...



I think there is no better way to invite a human being to view their body differently than by inviting them to be an athlete, by revering one's body as an instrument rather than just an ornament. It's a really great way to reorient how you see your body so you can see it as this incredible, awe-inspiring machine that you need to fuel well in order for it to function. Alanis Morissette, Singer/Actress

Ok, so last Friday was a fluke, where on Saturday morning we were suppost to receive snow...

Really, there was not a single flake of white...

So, everyone thought it was going to be the same today when they announced that a large storm was going to hit...

Was it going to miss us?

NOPE...today was pretty bad. I woke up, went to the window and there was SNOW falling from the sky. Oh well...at least they got it right this time.

Many offices (like one of my roommates) had a day off today...they didn't want their peers to risk the factors of accidents and brutal snowy conditions.

The NYC school systems also shut down today due to the incliment of weather. You can see a large change in todays commute as well, as many people were not going to work or going in late...and the subways were pretty sparse as well. There were empty seats all around where it is usually packed.

Ok, let's just hope that my business has the right mind to send us home early today...That would be sweet!

Running wise? I don't feel like my good old self lately. I had been pretty stupid not to take a little more time off after the marathon when I had a sickness of "flu like" symptoms and pushed my body forth in doing the Half Marathon after the marathon...then doing the Empire State Building Run Up a week after. My body is really not liking me at all...

So...this week, as in all weeks, I have given my body a break. I think I'll go for a run tonight...in the 8 inches of snow...

HA! ok...maybe...maybe not...we'll see.


Another Chilly Monday Night...

Free your mind, and your feet will follow. Kevin Nelson, The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration

Today seemed like a dream...really I think I needed the extra sleep though!

I stayed up talking to D for quite a while, she was updating me on a few things about her weekend.

Mid-day at work are my tough moments, if there was a siesta offered, I would take it...I mean I work an extra hour already anyways...so seriously!

I had to get a few things done after work on Flyer's crap, so that was good that I have that extra hour in between work and running stuff...I can get running stuff done then...like my secretarial position, although that took a large amount of time afterwards and during the weekend...seriously so much time!

This blog stuff will really enhance the production side and help immensely with communication...E took it over and he should do a great job, he layed the groundwork for me in the newsletter as I had large shoes to fill...

J was out, as PBJ and him came across Jackson Square Park. It's always good to see where people are at and "other" effects...

Cold run today as the hudson had huge chunks of icebergs just floating and acting as one sea mass...it was nice to just see this, run by this at night and see the night sky and city lights....it was a slower night for myself. I can't go at it hard and act like I am holding myself back because I need to slowly gain back confidence in my lungs. I still have minor reminents of a cold and that is the effects of my training.

I hardly feel like I can go 100% at all...I can't even hit my potential as I always rely back to my comfort pace...just run that for the next week and then hit the road running. It's not like I am out of shape at all though as I can probably easily pull out a 20 miler, but at what speed, what quality?

10 weeks till Boston as I wonder if I will join the Boston Alzheimer's team...I'm in such a fog right now because I have been "sponsored" and I will run into some major conflicts of my teams that I do represent. It's going to be bad and I want to know the answers before I set myself up...

It's all relative.

I run the piers, trying to gain some momentum and run. It's hard and I drift back to wait for D, who is behind me and is doing the piers as well. She missed her long runs this weekend so she's trying every bit to find mileage due to her being in New Orleans for a LAX games.

We cruise along...talk and keep each other busy. This gal will get there...she's busting some good times and I can predict if she wants to feel pain within her runs she can go as low as a 3:15 to a 3:10 or better...she'll do that later this year, although the Ultra's that she does may effect her as well...as much as it will effect me.

We round off lower manhattan and surge our way up towards where we started...making our ways faster and faster and openning up our strides...finish strong and then practice negative splitting...which I hope to do for Boston...we'll see about that!

Alz, night...

Our sport becomes not just what we do but an integral symbol—on all levels—of who we are. Gloria Averbuch

So, nothing much exciting happened today at work other than...well...yeah.

So I bit the bullet and signed up for the Alzheimer's Run for the Memory program for the Boston Marathon. I had been on the fences, because there are many different reasons:

1) I'm sort of a sponsored athlete now, sponsored by Brooks and it's Inspired Daily Program (ID Program)

2) I hate asking people for money, but it's one of my deepest darkest causes that I support and means so much.

3) The split support of Boston and New York...so, I do have a plan for that as well...

After work I awaited for the many meetings that I had falling on one night.

My Junior Committee Meeting and the Run for the Memory Boston chapter for Alzheimers.

Both...were for the same cause, and both fell into the same time frame. I had to pick and choose and I chose what I can actually attend...the Junior Committee...because I was actually there and really hate being on the phone.

All good!
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Grid Iron 4 miler

In addition to the safety factor, we run together for companionship, and to remind each other how important a part of our lives this activity is. Gordon Bloch, author

Wake up this morning at 7am, where I am thinking why am I waking up?

There is a race that I signed up for and looking in hindsight, I wanted to really race this one to get a PR in my 4 miler...but I knew that was not going to happen since yesterday's run.

It was freezing outside and the wind chill just brought out the worse in a person...I set out at 10 to 8 and that was even too early...by the time I got into Central Park my face was frozen and my feet were numb...really? This was not the race to go out and bust out a PR.

Anyways, I am not in true running form and this terrible cold that I have had for two weeks that has really brought me down is finally going away...the cough is irritating (just a little) but the story lays in the "pinched" nerve which is very weird...to resolve this issue, I'm trying to sleep on that side, which I usually sleep on one side (and always have to sleep on one side)

Anyways, I roamed around at the starting line and tried to find people...baggage? Yes, I put that down and contemplated on either to run with or without my jacket...it's freezing, but sure this would feel ok without...so I lost the jacket, put my things away and made my way to round out another lower loop before the race. I wanted to see the CNN sign and see what temperature it was, but the dang thing was already broken and didn't have the time or the temperature!

I got into the corral systems pretty late as the race was going to start...pass all the colors and then make my way back towards the red corral. Ok, I'll start here today...found a few Flyers and then waited for the start...snap! Snap! Pictures galore!

The gun goes off and we start...I am pretty much behind, taking my time and just really enjoying this race...boy, we'll see how this goes with my lungs...I didn't want to really surpass in any of the hard pressing cold weather that may form in my lungs and that would just be bad....ok, calm, take some time and just enjoy...I was near some Flyers where they said hello to another group...I was like, is that JC? She looked and said hello...as I asked her...ok, picture?

I snapped...and then moved up to cat hill...alright...moved on, talked to Chang (who for a while we became very good friends when I first started because we came in relatively the same time...and we both wore kilts during the Scotland Run.

Rounded the transverse where we were suppose to pick sides on who we were going to root for during the Superbowl...I snapped a picture of that because I though it was hilarious, but almost hit the pole! Gosh, I gotta watch out! Most people were choosing Saints because of the underdog mentality and just the COOLness of just the saints...

Half way home...hills, work your way a little and about 80th street on the west side...my left hand near the knuckles started to twing...oh this is not good at all...at first I thought it was typical frostbite and how it slowly defrosts because of heat and circulation...but this REALLY HURT!

My gosh, it was like FIRE and it really was painful...center the pain of running onto the hands...oh my gosh, I need to just finish this damn race!

I finished...but then my hand was aching like crazy...really hurt really bad...horrible excruciating pain. I see ST at the end waiting and I tell her about the pain...she told me that it probably was because I was holding my camera...I didn't realize it but it probably was that reason and because my fingers were wrapped around my camera and didn't move at all...

Uh! Horrible!

I quickly went home and went to the ING cafe to talk speedwork and training program with C...it's going to be quite the exciting year where many of the people that I train will do well...it's all what you believe in and the magic lays within themselves...

It's great to coach...the greater part is seeing them succeed! That's the reward!



My philosophy on running is, I don't dwell on it, I do it. Joan Samuelson

After I reading the Yasso book last night, I cooked myself dinner and was talking to my roommate about relationships, when...peanut calls me. See I find this strange because peanut never calls me out of the blue like this...

I knew something was wrong as I answered and had no plans for the night...she was balling and I knew something was wrong. I now understand Peanut to the greatest degree as we still talk, joke and well put each other in our places.

Peanut is a very inspiring gal that is very prestigious in smarts and in running...she has that "wow" factor...but what makes her stand out amongst the rest...her confidence about her body...she can walk around naked or feeling whatever about no-one in the world...that's the kicker...but her level of intensity and energy was unmatched...

The main reason of dissociation was the fact that I had a hard time coming to terms with many things in my life (living, job, family, and relationship).

I am not the person to usually back out of things, although I knew right then and there that life was very difficult in my life and I needed to just be alone to figure things out. In many manners, I feel that I do some things best when I am alone, when I run alone...it's usually the factor of figuring things out and something or another is bothering me (or I just have no one to run with)

But yes...here is the background for you on me...

I fear commitment. There I said it! In many ways it brings up my past that I never usually write about, but I need to come to terms with it because I do need to move on...

This goes way back to High School...


_in high school, I was raised in a family where grades were the number one thing. I mean at an early age of 12 (maybe 3rd grade) my parents ingrained in our heads that if you came home with a bad grade, you should not really come home at all...

I remember that sometimes I would be afraid of coming home, getting off the bus and walking down the long meandering driveway...up the stone slated steps and seeing my mother at the doorway...sometimes, I would start then and there to cry...

See, I look back at this now and say, "man my parents disciplined me so well and this is how I am the way I am today.". But yes, my parents did not even have to say one word and we would scold ourselves.

Anyways, back to the point, my parents kept saying that education was the number one priority, especially when we got into high school and grades mattered to enroll into college. I studied all the time and to me, I never really truly dated in high school. (I had my first kiss, but nothing much further than that...)

To me, friendship was everything. Since my parents owned a restaurant, I would never really see my parents on the weekends...so my friends took the roll as being my family at the time (I entrust many of my high school friends still to this day) I liked many of my friends, but never truly dated any of them because they steered me to a path where friendship was a stronger bond than a relationship. So, from that period on, friendship is far better than any relationship that I have ever had.

Ok...so what does this have to do with anything of the main point with Peanut...

Let's just say that Peanut had troubles with her boy and I was there to have her cry on my shoulder and make right. Make right of what I saw the guy do to her, was the same way that I did to Peanut a year ago...it was horrible!

The fact of what I did at the time to make peanut mad, sad and full of emotions of after, was yes a realization of all the bad antics of what I had done...and I am sorry!

To me at the time, I wanted to save our friendship. I was at a. Bad place in my life where nothing fit, everything just crumbled and the state of mind is what I never want to be again in my life. I was a miserable person and know it, but realize that I need to work on this relationship aspect of myself...

I run to run because I feel myself on a run. I do all these crazy things because I feel that I need to fill in the space in my life where if I needed to share my time with someone, by doing these marathons, keeping busy and being the person of who I am...

Life is crazy...but life is full of life learned lessons...

Inspiration from Yasso

Success does not come to the most righteous and rigorously disciplined but to those who continue running. Amby Burfoot

So...what hapened to my calm friday night as I was going to stay home and catch up on all my antics and rest up...get rid of this cold?

Well...finished my Bart Yasso Book, "my life on the run"...very good book if anyone wants to borrow it.
There are some very good quotes out there that influence running to a T and yes, Bart Yasso is an inspiring runner who knows his stuff.

Best quotes:

"Winning is a nice reward...but glory isn't the payoff. This may sound cliche, but the reward is living the lifestylr and embracing the journey. It's not only about finishing. It's about moving forward. It's a lesson I took to heart, and I was glad I did."

"...I can still make every runner feel like a hero. If you don't feel welcome in a sport or job or a family, you don't stick around. Running is about acceptance-of yourself and others. When you're out on the trail sweating, it doesn't matter if the guy or gal next to you works at a fast-food joint or is CEO of Kellogg's. It doesn't matter what color they are, or how old they are, or what religion they practice, if any at all."

"Running celebrates our community...I feel more like myself when I run...or at least I feel like the self I like best. Running inspires creativity, relieves stress, and gives us insight into ourselves and the world, making the human condition more tolerable."

It brought great prosper and inspiration that sometimes you just need to enjoy the little aspects in life. Enjoy the teachings of others and enjoy your time on the run.


My apologies...

"The more I train, the more I realize I have more speed in me." LEROY BURRELL

Lots to catch up on...

Ok, forgive me for my lack of blogging lately, I have just been so busy and many things have gone on in my demise that I will try to promise to catch up tonight...

No running tonight or today as I will get rid of this sickness this weekend...it's been the reminents of the bad cold that I had gotten after the Arizona Marathon and I think it was the Flu...sorry folks in the office, I know I should have stayed home and rested to get rid of this quicker...most of you should not have gotten sick because of me, but I need to save up those sick days for running...

Ok, I know. I am sick...very sick!

So...my body still aches from the cough and from that severe back pain (now side pain on my left side...right near my rib cage and all the way up on the side)

I tried to massage the spot out and now it is lower in the abs region...so no ab month for me yet...I'll make up for it!

The spot where the pain is?

I thought that it was a blimp of a pinched nerve...but it got worse! After the ESB (Empire State Building) run up, I was hacking like crazy because of the dust...

So...it's been hurting ever since that day...which was Tuesday and today is Friday...and every time I cough...it hurts so much that it feels as though needles are protruding into my left side of my body.

Great huh?

I think so...it's such a wonderful experience!
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Do I know how to pick some subway trains out there, but oh well...

Life in NYC and well you just stick it out...

Well, you don't have to, but I don't discriminate. I mean what happens if it happens to you? What happens if you are left in the cold and have no one to turn to?

Family....friendship are so important to me. I know there are people out there that care for me as I was family and well...it's true! Friendship is one of the things I most deem in my life...I was raised to view friends as my family. Their people away from home...and with a tight knit family that I have already...the time that I don't spend with my family, I spend with my friends and running of course...which makes it obvious that most of my friends are my running friends.

Anyways, it took forever on the subways today to go to work due to the amount of trains ahead of us...more smelling like a homeless man...

Oh well...there is a truth to be told in every story...every moment in your life...

Not much running lately as I want my body to recover and get better from this sickness!
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Empire State Building Run Up

When they're out there running, for that little slice of time, they're not free, but they have a little bit of mental release. Laura Bowman, who is in charge of a running club for prisoners