Another Chilly Monday Night...

Free your mind, and your feet will follow. Kevin Nelson, The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration

Today seemed like a dream...really I think I needed the extra sleep though!

I stayed up talking to D for quite a while, she was updating me on a few things about her weekend.

Mid-day at work are my tough moments, if there was a siesta offered, I would take it...I mean I work an extra hour already anyways...so seriously!

I had to get a few things done after work on Flyer's crap, so that was good that I have that extra hour in between work and running stuff...I can get running stuff done then...like my secretarial position, although that took a large amount of time afterwards and during the weekend...seriously so much time!

This blog stuff will really enhance the production side and help immensely with communication...E took it over and he should do a great job, he layed the groundwork for me in the newsletter as I had large shoes to fill...

J was out, as PBJ and him came across Jackson Square Park. It's always good to see where people are at and "other" effects...

Cold run today as the hudson had huge chunks of icebergs just floating and acting as one sea mass...it was nice to just see this, run by this at night and see the night sky and city lights....it was a slower night for myself. I can't go at it hard and act like I am holding myself back because I need to slowly gain back confidence in my lungs. I still have minor reminents of a cold and that is the effects of my training.

I hardly feel like I can go 100% at all...I can't even hit my potential as I always rely back to my comfort pace...just run that for the next week and then hit the road running. It's not like I am out of shape at all though as I can probably easily pull out a 20 miler, but at what speed, what quality?

10 weeks till Boston as I wonder if I will join the Boston Alzheimer's team...I'm in such a fog right now because I have been "sponsored" and I will run into some major conflicts of my teams that I do represent. It's going to be bad and I want to know the answers before I set myself up...

It's all relative.

I run the piers, trying to gain some momentum and run. It's hard and I drift back to wait for D, who is behind me and is doing the piers as well. She missed her long runs this weekend so she's trying every bit to find mileage due to her being in New Orleans for a LAX games.

We cruise along...talk and keep each other busy. This gal will get there...she's busting some good times and I can predict if she wants to feel pain within her runs she can go as low as a 3:15 to a 3:10 or better...she'll do that later this year, although the Ultra's that she does may effect her as well...as much as it will effect me.

We round off lower manhattan and surge our way up towards where we started...making our ways faster and faster and openning up our strides...finish strong and then practice negative splitting...which I hope to do for Boston...we'll see about that!

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