Ash Wednesday

It doesn't help to visualize a perfect race. It's better to play out bad situations in your mind and figure out a way out of them so you'll be ready. Bernard Lagat, 2008 National Champion at 1500 meters and 5000 meters

What are you planning on giving up?

I'm not Catholic, but the thought of giving up something for a certain amount of days seems very well...

"Tempting and controlling"

Tempting because the whole thought is about temptation and certain things that tempt you to force you to give up.

Control because you have to be in control to be able to resist temptation and learn that you can live without it.

I'm not a sweet tooth, so any kind of sweets, foods or other items would be just too "easy" to give up. I'm not too much of a shopper, where I don't spend money here and there, except for running related items.

So what am I giving up? I don't know yet...we'll figure it out...

What are you giving up?

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Laura said...

I gave up coffee and tea. Now I need to ADD more sleep!