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D wanted me to go to the Bridge Runners group as I am getting back into the swing of things.

Tough day at work a bit, but got through it and just needed to simmer down. I pretty much nailed everything down on the whole Inspired Daily Brooks Running endorsement...so that was taken care of and I ordered my new racing flats for the year! (Which I will endorse freely!)

Got to Bridge runners on the lower east side and changed, met up with a few people and started running. PBJ was there, Ming, D and a few others that I know.

It was a very warm night as this was very unusual because the a huge snow storm coming.

But yes, our route:over the manhattan bridge, round about to DUMBO area where brooklyn bridge and manhattan bridge against the water, the promenade, over back around to the bottom of the brooklyn bridge and made our way back towards the manhattan.

Wheew, it was rough, as it was a constant battle of fast, slow, fast again (1 because my shoelaces untied and 2 because we were in a group)

Anyways, there was a blind sided turn that went under a bridge and into a "highway area...where one person almost went right into the car! Good thing I wasn't the first one over there...oh man that would have been horrible!

We made our way back towards the shop and called it a day after 7 miles....fast run!
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