Chinese New Year - NY Flyers style

Ultimately, the best runners are the ones who are willing to work very hard but who have a little bit of a lazy streak in them. Benji Durden, Coach

No running today.

Just enjoying the group conversations and catching up with all of my Flyer friends.

Well in between work (what work? I didn't have any real work today - but I learned a little bit of software due to the office not giving me any work to do)

Watched curling in between work and Lloyd's chinese new year celebration for the running club, where I love just chatting it up with everyone. It's just so nice to see everyone and go around in the beginning to just chat!

Oh it was so much fun! Met new and saw old faces and just had a grand old time...people congratulated me (for what? I don no about this whole flyer of the year stuff) but it was nice to receive the congrats...I enjoy this stuff and truly it comes from my heart.

I got my typical rice cake dish that I absolutely LOVE and always loved since I was a kid. I get it every year and it's wonderful...

Good times with the flyer crew, my family away from family.

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