Fashion Week

Running was a practical and mystical discipline. It was a way of melding the inner and outer realms. David Hobler, runner

One of the members of the Team for Kids members works for Oscar DeLaretna, one of the most famous designers of our time.

He invited me to the event last night as it was black tie (yet again, which I love black tie events because you barely are invited to them) anyways, he had seen me in my awards party photos and requested that I wear my Lava Lava again.

Arrived not knowing many people except the gals from the team, it was exciting and fun, these people know their fashion as I was really impressed by the whole event.

The strange thing about running is seeing people at formal events or any event outside of their running clothes. It's so funny the transformation of athletes from black tie events to workout clothes.

After the unveiling of the 3 dresses, which were stunning (black, orange, red, blues...) I chatted with a few members of the team and then left, there after.

It was quite a party, but was I comfortable wearing that?

Usually I wouldn't care much, if I knew the people. Since I didn't know everyone that well, as I know the members of the Team for Kids for only about half of the season (and not even knowing ALL of them) it's hard to feel comfortable...not that I really care what people think.

It was an excellent event though...amazing, amazing!

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