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So AD and SC are my closest High School buddies as they made a surprise dinner for me upon my arrival.

I also did not know that there were two other people joining us, CS and LB, who were married in August and CS is one of my group of HS friends that was close as well...

Ok, my closest friends in HS were a group of 4 ladies (AD, SC, TL, and LM) the boys: (BJ, CS, IY and AB). But as time went by, I have stuck with many of the gals, rather than the guys. These ladies during the Boston Marathon formed the BHFC (Brian Hsia Fan Club) as it was quite the experience there.

It was nice to see CS because in the end, we are good friends and we had grown apart, but in all...we have known each other since grade school and it feels great to catch up.

We laughed...till the wee bit of the morning...granted I had to wake up at 6am, but it was all worth it...we were all hs friend, nothing has changed and many of us are well accomplished (where I felt the least accomplished from the group, where everyone loved their jobs and aspired to being the best they can be...)

I can honestly say that I was lucky to have sugh great High School friends to make me the person that I am today...

It was a great night...other mishaps happened as well, but we got through it all....and finally went to bed at 2am....opps!
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