Grid Iron 4 miler

In addition to the safety factor, we run together for companionship, and to remind each other how important a part of our lives this activity is. Gordon Bloch, author

Wake up this morning at 7am, where I am thinking why am I waking up?

There is a race that I signed up for and looking in hindsight, I wanted to really race this one to get a PR in my 4 miler...but I knew that was not going to happen since yesterday's run.

It was freezing outside and the wind chill just brought out the worse in a person...I set out at 10 to 8 and that was even too early...by the time I got into Central Park my face was frozen and my feet were numb...really? This was not the race to go out and bust out a PR.

Anyways, I am not in true running form and this terrible cold that I have had for two weeks that has really brought me down is finally going away...the cough is irritating (just a little) but the story lays in the "pinched" nerve which is very weird...to resolve this issue, I'm trying to sleep on that side, which I usually sleep on one side (and always have to sleep on one side)

Anyways, I roamed around at the starting line and tried to find people...baggage? Yes, I put that down and contemplated on either to run with or without my jacket...it's freezing, but sure this would feel ok without...so I lost the jacket, put my things away and made my way to round out another lower loop before the race. I wanted to see the CNN sign and see what temperature it was, but the dang thing was already broken and didn't have the time or the temperature!

I got into the corral systems pretty late as the race was going to start...pass all the colors and then make my way back towards the red corral. Ok, I'll start here today...found a few Flyers and then waited for the start...snap! Snap! Pictures galore!

The gun goes off and we start...I am pretty much behind, taking my time and just really enjoying this race...boy, we'll see how this goes with my lungs...I didn't want to really surpass in any of the hard pressing cold weather that may form in my lungs and that would just be bad....ok, calm, take some time and just enjoy...I was near some Flyers where they said hello to another group...I was like, is that JC? She looked and said hello...as I asked her...ok, picture?

I snapped...and then moved up to cat hill...alright...moved on, talked to Chang (who for a while we became very good friends when I first started because we came in relatively the same time...and we both wore kilts during the Scotland Run.

Rounded the transverse where we were suppose to pick sides on who we were going to root for during the Superbowl...I snapped a picture of that because I though it was hilarious, but almost hit the pole! Gosh, I gotta watch out! Most people were choosing Saints because of the underdog mentality and just the COOLness of just the saints...

Half way home...hills, work your way a little and about 80th street on the west side...my left hand near the knuckles started to twing...oh this is not good at all...at first I thought it was typical frostbite and how it slowly defrosts because of heat and circulation...but this REALLY HURT!

My gosh, it was like FIRE and it really was painful...center the pain of running onto the hands...oh my gosh, I need to just finish this damn race!

I finished...but then my hand was aching like crazy...really hurt really bad...horrible excruciating pain. I see ST at the end waiting and I tell her about the pain...she told me that it probably was because I was holding my camera...I didn't realize it but it probably was that reason and because my fingers were wrapped around my camera and didn't move at all...

Uh! Horrible!

I quickly went home and went to the ING cafe to talk speedwork and training program with C...it's going to be quite the exciting year where many of the people that I train will do well...it's all what you believe in and the magic lays within themselves...

It's great to coach...the greater part is seeing them succeed! That's the reward!

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