Run for Haiti

When you run, you log on to yourself. You flip through the pages of your being. Kevin Nelson, The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration

Ok, wasn't planning at all to do the race as I was there to take pictures of my local team. I wanted to catch the Alzheimer's Running group at their location early in the morning, although I was late...

I tried to make it to where they were meeting...were they there?

Luckily they were as I snapped a picture of the group that was doing the run. I walked with them to the starting line and then had to break off to get into my position at my usual spot on the pier at 72nd street.

The race started and it was a beautiful day out (not the usual COLD frigid temperatures of winter)

The race? Oh man it was absolutely a cluster F$@* seriously, there were no corrals and people were everywhere! Oh man it was really had to see people!

After a while I gave up...and seeing the walkers...well, after the crew went by: JG and DG, I ran over to the other side just in time to see the finishers go by...oh man that is crazy, where the first finisher finished before some people even began the race!

Took more pictures and then waited for people to finish. Met up with JG and we walked...ended up at nike town to see D and was going to go home, although I had it in me to go out for a run and finished up with a 10 miler.

What a day...

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