Harlem Hills

Run into peace. Meister Eckhart, 14th-Century Philosopher

So D totally insisted that I come the elite nike group that is formed by many Boston runners that are very consistent and speedy runners. So I had joined them on a Sunday before, but the scheduled run today was intense.

9 Harlem Hill repeats that are consistent and mainly based on form and pace. Hill repeats? Form? Pace?

Ok, this one is for me...

Usually I don't attend these things, but when it comes to Boston training and hill repeats...I'm game for that.

I like hills, is that weird to say? Hills are definitely one of my strengths, the pain and suffering is hard and strenuous, but I like the aspect of staying consistent and challenge.

Why? I guess this is part of my past in some ways from High School. I was a sprinter, who sprinted up hills for a short, strenuous good training runs, as my task at hand was to get 11 flat as a 100 meter sprinter. But my home was connected to the best hills around the area and whenever I went out for a summer run, I would always climb those hills as a good distance run (mind you that a long distance run was about 6 miles...if that!)

Anyways, the workout was simple, stay behind some of the best runners in NYC, these guys kept the pace very consistent and a very good pace...as they did some 10 second negative splits for 5 laps...total was suppose to be 10 laps, but I volunteered only to do 9 with watching bottles...but 18 miles was good enough at that pace too and the workout. I didn't need much more since this coming weekend I'll be in Boston on the course running hills and doing a race simulation as well...FOCUS!

Anyways, these guys seemed to be flying, as they geared up towards the hill, they increased speed...but only up to a certain point where the hill started to incline...see that is where I stepped in and led. You have to be consistent and you have to pace yourself on a climb. That's super hard to do and super strenuous.

On the first one we went up as a group, then second...they increased the speed and they only went faster from then on in...my main focus was the hills as I tried to maintain speed and ended up leading the group for many of the hills. It was tough and these guys were far taller than I...longer strides and all...

Amazing, tough workout.

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