Monday Group Run

Winning has nothing to do with racing. Most days don't have races anyway. Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up. Amby Burfoot, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

So yesterday I ran to work...nothing really exciting there although I may be getting into people's ways as I sometimes bump into them pretty often...but hopefully not interrupting their daily day in a huge way...

Ever believe in that?

How big of an impact you have on another person's life in a day? What little changes you make that makes a person's mood change or what kind of an impact you have?

Anyways, after work on the group run, I had a pretty strenuous day at work. The fog rolled in on the Hudson River as the colder water and warmer air caused it to fog up as it floated down stream.

Our group run consisted of 4 people as there was the senior group that went out to do a 6 miler and a new person that showed up and I ran a 5. It was at a moderate slower pace, which I needed for the day. I was going to opt to not even run if it was all senior runners out there that already knew the course because I could feel a little twinge in my leg (near my groinal area).

I think I took a huge chunk of zest from my running this weekend and I need to recover from the fast pace practice run that I had in Boston...yes, I am really going for a Sub 3... So maybe, just maybe I can be in the "elites" as a status...but if not, it's quite alright...I just run for fun anyways.

So yes, there was a new person that made me run...or I chose to run along with her. No worries there because I was the group leader and I needed to do my job! It was really fun...

As a new person comes to these group events and runs, you want them to feel as comfortable as possible. I learned from my own experience as a beginner runner and a new flyer...who helped me and how did I become friends with some people? I started going to group runs...I didn't know anyone at the Flyer's awards party 4 years ago...John Ward introduced me to many flyers at the awards party and he won the award that year!

Anyways, we had a nice 5 mile stroll and I tried to give her the usual speal that I give everyone about our club, the plus's of course and not just running..social, volunteerism, contacts, etc...

Well...hope she comes for next week's run...
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Often, the enjoyment is the training before and the memory after. Doug Kurtis, former race director for the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Bank International Marathon

So today I get a break from running all the time. I opted to take the subway into work as it was pouring outside.

It's Passover today as that really doesn't make much of the difference...although there is a slight change in the commuting as there were not many people out.

No running today as I am taking my rest days pretty seriously, or what I can make out of them.

Hope today is a good one!



Once you are a runner, it's always there in the back of your head. Bill Rodgers

There are lots of things that goes through a person's head as they come right back from someone's wake.

A co-worker of mine had recently passed away on her trip to Peru with her family and it is simply sad because it brings up two notions.

One: the people whom have passed in recent times who you have known and would honor.


Two: simply the graciousness of who and what that person has in your memory that simply you remember about.

Elizabet was a great person whom I had worked with on a project and had humorous conversations with in the morning when the very few people would be at work. Her smile and laughter was very infectious and it really helped that sher took nothing really seriously and never complained. Her sarcasm was very rude, crude and blunt...but it was hard not to take it as a laughter of a joke. She was a very sweet person and true to the heart.

It's just amazing today to see so many co-workers go to her wake. Its the honor that you get when you are not with us any longer and you will never get to Thank...the people that you spend so much time with...

It's very scary...
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So stupid!

Love yourself, for who and what you are; protect your dream and develop your talent to the fullest extent.
Joan Benoit Samuelson

Ok...all packed up to go to Boston this weekend as we tune up for another 20 miler ewith the heartbreak hills.

Wonderful, really can not wait for it!

As I left this morning I made sure that I took out the trash and recycleables. Got my bag and I was a tad late. Ok...let's run.

It was a bit chilly this morning as I was wondering tights or shorts?

Nada...all good with shorts...let's roll...

I saw my teammate, ED from Team for Kids as he works nearby where I live, so whenever I am late, I usually see him, which is a bad thing!

I got about 1 mile away from my house as I remembered from yesterday that my watch just zonked out and stopped...what is up with that!

Ok...anyways, checked the watch and got to 55th and 5th...yeah, totally forgot my shirt that I was suppose to wear today!

Great! I pondered what I had in my bag and wondered if I could wear any of that at work...umm...nope, no avail as I brought the pure minimum on this trip because I was running to work.

Yeah great job B...

Ran back a mile home and decided that I was too late to run again to the office and I should just take the subway, shower and start my day...

Such troubles!


Time doesn't stand still, and you don't stand still. Things change within yourself, within your life, and within your sport. Priscilla Welch, British marathon runner

Ok...first Tuesday and now today?

Come on!

I looked at my watch and about 50th and 5th avenue right at Rockafeller Center it was a one miler mark.

Ok! Fine with me...I finish the end of my run and still had one mile...WTF...

First on Tuesday - where my key was locked, then this glitch happened...WTF!

Anyways, got on the net, did some researching for the assignment and found my answer..

Ok, maybe there was a glitch in the system...
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Time doesn't stand still, and you don't stand still. Things change within yourself, within your life, and within your sport. Priscilla Welch, British marathon runner

Uh! So almost making it to work and right around 14th street...I usually run in the bike lane, so? What's wrong with that?

There was a guy that was coming down and he was on the inside lane...but so was I in a way..ok, bikers going with the flow of traffic...they usually get the outer lane and they move fast!

So, I'm the right way right? Because I feel that he can move faster to the outer lane and I am already on the inside lane, so I am ok!

Wrong, this guy wanted me on the outer, while he wanted to take the inner...WTF!

He then gives me some lip and puts out his hand (like he was playing around) put it in my face to think about...

Wtf? Did I know this guy? It seemed like it at first, but then realized what an ass he was!

Uh! Crazy Ass Hole!
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You feel good while you're running and you feel even better when you're finished.
Fred Lebow, founder of the New York City Marathon

Ok, the weather man predicted showers all day on Monday, but in the morning I expected rain as I heard water outside my window.

So...by the time I finally got out of bed and ready to work...no rain! Perfect! I can still run to work and nothing to it...regular day, regular Monday Morning.

After work, there were signs of rain coming, although it was ok to give it a go. 5 people showed for the group run: J-man, Rocket man, NC, running seal and I. Then when we waited to begin...down came the rain.

Ok, running in the rain sometimes is ok, but by the time we got half way around..it was pouring...and away we go...I was doing my regular tempo type run as I saw the Running Seal and ran with her back to the office...

I was drenched!

Seriously, since I was cold, wet and rained on, I decided...grab my stuff, keep running and go on home in the torrential downpour...but it was good..just keep going, that's all was said in my mind...keep going!

I made it home, wet, cold and rainy...it was alright...could have been worse, but it was all good!
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A blur...8K?

You should not be flying down the home straight. Most of your efforts should have been put forth earlier.
John Treacy, Silver medalist in the 1984 Olympic marathon

8000...What is that exactly? An 8K...k?

Sure, waking up in the morning hearing rain...rain and more rain and walking to the subway station was not particularly fun. It was windy, cold and rainy, not really my ideal conditions for a racing experience.

So...get to the race all whine and cold, see fellow flyers JH and TB, and fellow Alzheimer's Run to Remember teammate: LC. We walk to the start together and I am in bitter shock that the NYRR would let this race go...tornado like winds in Central Park...rain that splattered on your face like bullets...

Uh it was utter chaos and no one really wanted to hear the announcements or hear the national anthem. We were just here to do the race, get in, get out and move on...

It was so cold during the race as fellow flyer JA ran along side of me...saying some words that I just zoned out and continued running...uh...is this race over? That's all I kept saying to myself for some reason...

1) I didn't get enough sleep last night

2) It was crappy weather and I have not really raced in a whole while

3) The joys of just racing...doesn't really appease to me anymore for some reason. I have much more joy in just taking pictures of my teammates, being out there and cheering and just enjoy spectating.

But yes...during the run, just trying to get comfortable, relaxed and well...rain drops and cold pellets hitting your face...not really a suitable place to get comfortable in, so just tried to do my best and just enjoy it...keep going...dazed and confused!

Ahhh, hurting, pain, cold...

Ok, it was just miserable, just let's get this over with!

Finish line near...


Get my bags, walk to subway and go home...shivering, wet, cold and straight into bed, couch, hot cocoa, or warm shower!

It was rough!
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NYC Half

As every runner knows, running is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other; it is about our lifestyle and who we are. Joan Benoit Samuelson

Wake up in the morning, feeling like...

Uh! 4:30 in the morning as I got out of bed to work the water stations and had the bright idea to run down to the water station stop...um...

It was dark out and I ran through Times Square...out towards the west side highway and saw Rocketman as I passed him with 10 minutes to spare...he was huffing and puffing for some reason?

I don't know why...we filled up water cups and waited for the race to start.

It was chilly and we formed as a group...the flyers with a bunch of other people...we had fun...although most of us had been there so early!

We waited...and then we saw...the front runners were absolutely amazing, then the monsterous crowds of runners..until the bus and the back of the pack...the fun bunch!

We were finally done, as we poured out half of the cups that we had already made...it was because we were about 800 meters away from the finish line...I mean seriously, how many people take gatorade and water when they are 800 meters away from the finish line?

Anyways, it was a fun day as I really took pictures throughout the session...my volunteer credit is done at least!

Fun times...
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A Beautiful Weekend...

Tears streamed down my face as I crossed the finish line. I was a new person, a runner.
Thomas King

Woke up quite late this morning as there was no races and it was the weekend...

My roommate V was just about to get ready for her run and I was just waking up and not ready for my own...but asked her to wait...V did and we ran together to Central Park.

I didn't mind at all running at her pace as she zinged ahead at first and I thought it was unusual. But, kept up and as she entered the 3 mile mark, she had to slow down. I was fine with this as I encouraged her to do more than she wanted. We ended up taking the longer route as well...going the full loop and harlem hills. I wanted to show her the whole loop of the park, although she had to stop and walk many of times...which was ok! I wanted to let her know that she can challenge herself and go through the full loop of the park...but there was one thing I didn't realize...she was to do 7 miles with me, as I left her at the mouth of mile 25 at the NYC marathon right at Central Park's loop edge...and there was still a mile left to go home...so all together she was going to so 8 miles!

I continued on because I needed to get some good mileage in for a long run. I needed to get at least 12 miles. So I geared up to do another loop, but got distracted by GW as he was resting for the NYC half and enjoying the nice weather.

We chatted with another coach who was stunning and she developed the charity group's program and infrastructure. It was about an hour that I stopped and talked and by that time, I wanted to just be done with my training run...I was enjoying too much of this weather and really enjoyed it to the fullest.

The rest of the day? Watching a little of the March Madness...and going to bed early for the NYC half as I need to wake up early to help volunteer at the water stop!

Ok, good night!
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Mileage Inflation: Where Will It End?

"If you under-train, you may not finish, but if you over-train, you may not start." STAN JENSEN


Mileage Inflation: Where Will It End?

Mark Remy

Running a marathon used to be a big deal.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. Running a marathon isn’t any easier today than it was 5, 10, or 50 years ago. (Or isn’tmuch easier, anyway; I guess you could argue that advances in training, nutrition, and gear make marathon running more comfortable now than ever before.) But I think we can all agree that running 26.2 miles — that telling someone at a cocktail party, “I run marathons” — doesn’t impress people quite the way it did, say, a few decades ago.

Why? Because marathon runners used to be a fringe group. Strange. Obsessive. Weird. And rare, like an exotic species that’s nearing extinction because its members are always too hungry and exhausted to mate. Today, everyone including your Aunt-Eunice-with-the-bad-hip has a finisher’s medal from some marathon or another.

Today, in short, running a marathon is only kind of a big deal. Not a BIG-big deal.

Now, before anyone comes out swinging, let me be clear: I’m not saying that this development is a bad thing. At all. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, either. It’s just… a thing. What really interests me is a related phenomenon, and one that I’ve never seen acknowledged: Mileage inflation.

“Mileage inflation” is a term I’ve coined to describe what’s been happening these past several years, as marathon participation has exploded, and those fringe-y, obsessive types have been forced to run crazier and crazier distances in order to retain their status as fringe-y, obsessive types.

Like the addicts they’ve long been compared to, the fringe-y, obsessive types need more and more mileage just to maintain equilibrium. So they run ultras: 50-K’s, 100-K’s, 24-hour runs, multiday events. It’s amazing, to a common marathoner like me. I can’t fathom running that far, for that long. (If you run long enough, is it possible for nipples to rub completely off?)

Of course, years ago most people couldn’t fathom running 26.2 miles, either. Which is exactly my point. Today, most people can fathom running 26.2 miles all too well. Today, you need to run, I dunno, 50 miles to attain that same level of unfathomable-ness, that same eye-pop and low whistle from a stranger.

See? Mileage inflation.

The inevitable question is, Where does it end? Your guess is as good as mine. I just read about a 1,000-mile race, which this guy hopes to win, in less than 16 days. One thousand miles. One-zero-zero-zero.

If it weren’t for the whole lack-of-atmosphere-and-gravity thing, I’m sure some folks would already be organizing a race to the moon and back. That would be about 478,ooo miles. Somehow I have a feeling that even if there were such a race, eventually you’d see it growing, then starting to sell out months early. Before you know it, you’d begin to hear grumbling from the fringe-y, obsessive types that their Lunar Ultra isn’t what it used to be, and looking to move on.

How far away is Mars?


The Donald

The true runner is a very fortunate person. He has found something in him that is just perfect.
George Sheehan

Well, can you Trump this?

Yeah, going to work this morning as I made my way across to Times Square...I saw Donald Trump! He was leaving the Fox 5 TV station (in the 50's?) and well, all I see is his head and hair...

Yup, how can you miss that?

Well...not racing this weekend in the Half, although D is and I am going to meet up with her tonight for dinner...

Vegetarian for dinner?

Great! Wonderful! Terrific!
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The aftermath of St. Patrick's Day

As we run, we become. Amby Burfoot, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

Uh! The aftermath of all the drunkin fools out there who were absolutely wasted after St. Patrick's day. Seriously, I mean there was so many drunk kids out there and going back home...it's like Halloween!


Anyways, the streets were disgusting the morning after and I zig-zagged my way across to work...

Speedwork with Celia tonight as I get her ready and well...she's getting better!

We'll see how this goes!
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Running to work

The secret shared by women runners: running is not just physical exercise but a spiritual, mental, and emotional journey. Runner's Gazette

Yes...today was the first day I ventured back to work where it was actually warm outside. I had forgotten how exhilarating it was to run to work as I ventured in and out of the streets and back and forth. It was getting warmer and well...hot!

By the end, I figured I hit around 3-4 miles as going through, stopping was quite annoying, but it's just funny watching people look at you as you run to work with a bag full of crap on your back...

Alzheimer's group meeting tonight as I won't be running back home and today is St. Patrick's Day...

Oh...and on my way walking to the Alzheimer's meeting, I GOT HIT ON BY A GAL!

Ok, don't flatter yourself too much. I think all she wanted was for you to join a pub crawl and then pay for your drinks along the way...yeah that's probably it!

Ha...like a gal wants you!
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Last day - Subway Commute

Vary your training, your running partners, and your environment. Only your imagination limits the ways you can spice up your running routine. Bob Glover, The Runner's Handbook

Spring is finally here and tomorrow I will start my Spring\ Summer Commute to work again to start saving money for my marathons and maybe even buying a bike this summer!

It's been nice to blog on the subway, see different things that I would normally not see, but again the new world of running and seeing what streets I zigzag across finally awaits as my monthly metrocard expires!


Topic: how many running shoes do you wear? Own?

It should make us proud to know we are part of a running lineage that stretches back from the original Olympic Games in 776 BC to this very moment. Michael Sandrock, Author and runner

Well...to answer my own question at hand:

2 running shoes at work (one that I have in the box still and one that I have for Monday group runs)

1 that I use and wear all the time for running

1 that are old for walking around town that was "done with mileage"

2 racing flats from Brooks that are brand new

1 old racing shoe that I used for a year

1 still new out of the box

1 that I bought that was suppose to be used for my "long runs"

Most people wrote:


1-2 for longer runs (swap)
1 for racing
1 for rain
1 fresh out of the box
1 they have that is worn out and need to donate...

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Great is the victory, but the friendship of all is greater.
Emil Zatopek, Olympic gold medalist in 5 km, 10 km, and marathon


I woke up at a little early, then waited...and all of a sudden, I looked at my clock and I realized I went back to sleep!

Oh man...so late! I woke up at the time where I usually am at work! What happened here!

Oh man...bad, bad, bad!

I made it into the bathroom, then quickly changed and was out the door in about 20 minutes...scurried to the subway station and made it into work alright.

Uh!it's just going to be one of those days!

Work was alright today, although I may have to head into work this weekend to get a few things done and get ahead. Uh! Hate working weekends, but would rather kill two things with one stone and learn a few things or two and just get ahead for my own educational uses.

On the forefront of marathons:

I signed up for the Broad street run in Philly and also the NYC marathon (sucks that we are coaching and paying for the race at the same time) which does not make any sense at all to me...

And maybe looking ahead to memorial day...not sure if I want to do this Wyoming Marathon after the cost to go out there is quite expensive.
We shall see...uh! The burden!

Speedwork with Celia tonight...wonderful & also in the rain!
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Do I know you?

I run almost every day and love it. I need to stay lean for my sport, and I tend to build bulk and muscle easily. Running helps me stay stringy. Apolo Ohno, Olympic speed skater

Getting off the L train to go uptown, I was at the door, when I thought I had recognized my fraternity brother...but was it really him?

I hit him on the side in the chest and then got a better look...was it him? I have no clue.

Crap! I don't know it was him or not...opps! Maybe it wasn't him.

Gosh, now I am thinking it was not him and I hit a random guy!

Oh well...word to the wise, if I are not in Central Park and I don't know you...if I am...then I do know who people are...
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Bridge Runners

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Confucius

Come on...faster?

The course, Brooklyn Bridge over to Brooklyn Prominade to manhattan Bridge and back...

The whole run was based on a tempo run, sprint-stop-sprint-stop-sprint-stop...run-rest and repeat.

What feels like a 10 mile run is actually like a 7, but the intensity level is scorchin.

The sprint, stop effect really gathers the intensity of how quickly you can get to one place to another adding hill elements to the run and gathering the roles of "who's first"

It really doesn't matter who is first, what really matters is how you use your intensity and how you factor in your form and comfortableness...I'm getting ready for Boston and that's what really matters...which these guys are getting me ready for.

Also, the little sprint between D and Chang really sparked things up...gosh, had to bring back my sprinting abilities back!

It still was D's birthday and she had a little randevou over at a bar...chose not to go because I was too exhausted and needed some time...
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Running to catch the rabbit...

Act like a horse. Be dumb. Just run. Jumbo Elliot, Track and Field Coach

Got off work today feeling pretty pissed off at my Ex PM. Life has been difficult for me at work and I have been trying to get off this so called "probation" period that they made up. I was not too pleased, but now...I just go in and get out. No iffs, and's, or but's about it, seriously!

But that is worth another blog post as I changed, threw in my after run clothes and soon was out the door to go run a regular loop around the park.

I guess in hind sight, I didn't reset my pedometer, so it continued my calculations from whatever I did on Sunday back from the park...probably a slower 1/2 mile. So I couldn't get my pace that I was on last night...

So I was going to meet up with D at Niketown, since she went with the Nike runners and I wanted to do a regular run for 6 + miles...I literally raced around Central Park like I was chasing a rabbit...

Ok, maybe not that fast, but I was hustling and I was getting use to the whole factor of running with my backpack on...since it is getting warmer and I will again choose to pick that option and run to work to save some money (since we arrive at the same time "give or take" 10 minutes)

But yes...we were suppose to meet at 7 at Niketown...I had thought D was going to run with Jen...and I saw Jen pass me by in the park as I screamed out to her (but really could not hear a response) I didn't see D with her, so I had thought that D had changed her plans to meet somewhere else, so I finished up my loop, gave her a call and no response...ok, I'll wait and change at Niketown.

Changed...and waited...

30 minutes pass by and finally D shows...she changes and we get out of Niketown pretty quickly...by this point it is 8 and I did my speedy workout for my own sake, but I stretched as I was waiting.

So we quickly picked up some food along the way and then went to the movie theater to watch: Alice and the Wonderland in 3D IMAX!

Oh it was good...sooo good!

After, well...it was D's birthday in 30 minutes after we got out...so we walked down 34th street and we saw the Empire State Building...

So we went up to the 102nd floor, which was the first time that I had been there? Maybe not, but I think so. And stayed up there...2 architects, watching the world go round and listening to the quiet city at midnight to the early morning of the day...

What a night!

Oh and I thought I had lost my credit card when I purchased the Empire State Building...so D went back...and right when I was going up to the escalators...D was already on...I pulled it out...and d was going up...

It was funny...
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Is that you?

I don't know how the creative process works, but it always seems, as I'm running...that thoughts start coming in; sentences start coming in. Robert A. Caro, biographer

My friend JK sent me an e-mail today saying:

JK: On the NYRR Homepage? I took a screenshot in case you haven't seen it and it changes...
I sent her a response after checking the NYRR website:

ME:Yup! They use that every time...
Yup...I'm like their poster child for this race....Wonderful...

Her response:

JK: Ha ha i love it. Asian kid in a kilt, plus the patriotic headgear. Your the total package.

And then mine:

ME: Yeah they also took a video of me last year and they showcased it on Club Night because I always wear my Flyers shirt as well..

Kind of crazy huh?

Yes...the total package...rough!


Brooks: Inspired Daily (ID) Program

The thinking must be done first, before training begins. Peter Coe, Father of Olympic Gold Medalist Sebastian Coe

So...why the new change in the blog website? Why is Brooks and the NY Flyer logo next to one another?

I have not told many people about this, but here it comes...

I am now "sponsored" by Brooks!

I know, I know...so many people are being sponsored these days, but still it brings about a presence for myself and my running career.

For me at first though, I wanted to make sure that things were right and ok. What I mean by this is that I had trouble seeing if my other teams and their "athletic" gear would conflict with this. Ultimately, the charity groups that I represented meant more to me than anything else...and I believe that since I do represent (coach) other teams, this is what got me into this program...not my times, not my presence, not my persona.

Ultimately, I am humbled by them choosing me as I hope to commit and become a better person by this. I fully enjoy the aura of running and what it embodies, but have to honor what is in my heart. This is working with my charity groups and caring/bringing people to just run...and maybe, just maybe love running.

As I have said many of times, this year has brought me something that is priceless. Ultimately if I do not get a sub 3, I would be ok with that. I love the sport, love competition, love goals, but if I don't get something...I know I have tried my best to reach it...

I am going to be running Boston this year with different intentions that I have ran last year...last year was to help people, care about others and reach out...this year is similar, but different for this race. This race is for me, myself...and to reach one goal...to hit a sub 3...pressure, yes, there is pressure. It's a mental wall, like me trying to qualify for Boston countless amounts of times before, but I got though that wall and I can get through this wall as well...

Anyways...Buy Brooks!
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Are you Married?

A marathon is like life with its ups and downs, but once you've done it you feel that you can do anything.

I was listening to the radio this morning about signs that a person is married...

Ok, literally they were talking about if you were in a scenario at a bar where you are trying to figure out if a gal is dating someone or if she is single...

Little tid bits of information that they had said to look upon are:

This really does not work because the fact that it can go either way. If a gal is single, sometimes they have more confidence and has nothing to lose, so they flirt more than the average gal.

If the gal is married, she may not flirt as much bePublish Postcause they might be reserved...so? There is no win or lose in this...

There demeanor:
If they are dressed up more they may be single, although this would be tough in an after work ordeal...very crazy! But if they don't take care of themselves than the "average gal" then they have a chance to being single.

OK...so how does this tie into running?

Well...I can tie anything really to running related activities. In this instance, RUNNERS and telling if they are married. YOU CAN NOT TELL!

Ok, so we as runners only see each other mainly in the running scene, now...this is super bad because you can not tell if a runner is married or single because they do not have their wedding ring on and they don't usually talk about their significant other! Runners usually separate themselves completely when they run. As we run, we basically talk about oneself or ask about how another person is doing...usually leaving our significant other aside...unless we have problems or issues...which we usually talk about or we "slip" and have something planned with a significant other.

Funny how things work...

I remember that JM and I were going to institute a running wedding band...this tells people that one is taken or single!

Your thoughts?
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The distance race is a struggle that results in self-discovery. It is an adventure involving the limits of the self. Paul Weiss

Speedwork this morning with C proved that I need a little more communication and one v one with people when I coach. It's interesting though to learn and teach a person the fundamentals. No, I don't mean that it's a bad thing, every once in a while we need a refresher on the little things that we do over the years that we have kept to and adapted to our own strides. We can not see our own selves when we run, we have to ask other people to advise us on our little quirks, etc.

So...it was good and hopefully C can change, make better and develop...it takes time to be a good runner...hell, I am not even a good runner yet and I am learning each and every day. Though the benefits of teaching someone and analysing them, it's really priceless in the end.

After the speedwork session, I had been debating the whole weekend to switch to my "new" phone since I have had trouble with my existing one...track ball, program issues, and other stuff. But I took a nap instead...the week really killed me and the 21 miler really consumed my legs to being very stiff this morning.

I had a massage with good friend AC, whom I had been really goof friends with since the Urbanathlon a couple of years back with PBJ. So she gave me a "full" body massage and telling me what to stretch, all the strains and muscle techniques that come with it.

It was nice to know that I didn't have many kinks that I thought I was going to have, which AC thought the same as well...

Oh well...
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100 miles...

When you have the enthusiasm and passion, you end up figuring how to excel. Deena Kastor

Wow, seriously...

What is 100 miles?

A whole lot of things can be done in a 100 miles...that's pretty much equal to 24 hours...RUNNING...

Seriously, what was I thinking?

It's an adventure, a challenge and a vacation.


Yeah, it's going to be seriously a hell of a training session as D got me to run this race with her. She has a strong influence on me and my running abilities and why not?

I think it is seriously funny...but everyone thinks I am just JUMPING into an 100 miler...nope! I'll also be doing a 52.4 miler as well.

Oh well..

Run strong, run happy and keep moving!
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Giving Blood...

The expression 'misery loves company' is meant for winter running. As I'm lying in bed on dark, cold mornings, it's a lot harder to talk myself out of getting up when I know I'm accountable to other people.
Jason Lehmkuhle, of Team USA Minnesota, runner-up at 2008 U.S. Half-Marathon Championships

Ok, so I woke up early to get down some longer mileage. I wanted to do somewhere between 12-16-18 miles...but to my dismay, I ended up doing 21 miles...


It was a gorgeous day out today, shorts were flying and long sleeved shirts or even t-shirts were worn and I made myself make it to the Scott Jurek run at 8...NOPE...missed it. He was only running 5 miles anyways, so I needed to do longer.

I ended up doing a regular 6 miler and then chilled at 72nd street transverse for a while for the Saturday Group run and met up with many of my old Flyer buds. I ran with E for a while until he cut out at the top of Central Park. After that, did some drills at 72nd and worked more on my form, speedwork drills and just strengthening stuff.

I beat myself up, talked to Frank for a while from TFK and then ran another 6 miles...totaling 21 when I got home...very crazy!

Then I had an appointment at the blood center (first time going) at 1:50...opps! I was late and got a little lost!

Yeah, went to the bathroom, filled out the forms, got my finger pricked and then....

They told me I was too late to give platelets, because it takes forever (2 hours!!!)

But I was bummed...really? Yeah, but I was able to give blood! Oh well, can't get everything right?

Opps! Well... Back in trader Joes right now, buying my groceries to lug up...they ran out of PASTA! Can you believe that? They are my supplier for PASTA!
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People sleeping

People sleeping on a tired friday morning...it was pretty funny seeing a women just sloop down and wobble right, left...straight...it was actually really amazing!

But this brings about a vulnerability factor in this...sleeping in any public place brings about a kind of vulnerable aspects in our lives...

What happens if you sleep on another person' shoulder?

I mean really...the rocking of the subway, really brings somewhat of a nice, easy ride...perfect for a Friday morning commute.

I didn't get to post this this morning due to the fact that I was wiring the NYF blog post from the
NYRR Team Club Night.

So...rough week at work...crazy stress, tired and letting things just rest and die. There was a whole slew of things that have effected my life as I try to bring back an equalibrium and stability of just getting back on track.

Life is a little nuts sometimes...but yes, I'm on the subway on a friday night watching all the couples going to their various locations. It's funny how love is real, love is in the air and well...

Maybe it has to do with spring?
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Club Night

Those long runs cleanse my system, physically and mentally. Joan Benoit Samuelson

The New York Road Runner's (NYRR) held its usual Club Night honoring all of the 242 local clubs in New York City area. Many of the local clubs do not offer an awards gala like the NYF, so to them this was their time to celebrate for club night. The festivities were held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, the second year in a row, forming a more presentation setting for slide show pictures and video reviews of the decade.

The NYRR honors some of the top scored teams and the greatest running athletes around the NYC area in each age category for team points races.

Congratulations to the New York Flyer Veteran team, who did very well taking home the 3rd place or "bronze" in the 60+ division. A very special "shout out's" to the following ladies who contributed throughout the season in achieving this goal These ladies came behind only two powerhouse teams: Central Park and Greater New York, although word has it that they will overcome them in the 2010 season.

For all Team Award Winners:


For all Runner of the Year Nominees:


For a recap of the night:


As many of us know, the NYRR produces some of the finest races in the country, as well as an amazing array of world class athletes.

The night was very awe inspiring, where all of these amazing athletes, young and elder, came together from different clubs to battle it out for these age group awards with their amazing times. As each age group continued into the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s…it brings great hope to see these people stay so active even in their prime. Probably the more predominant effect was the amount of energy these winners projected at their age.

Race after race we mix ourselves within this wide range of runners from different teams, countries and cultures. We exuberate a healthy competition amongst each other, some will even grow good friends with other runners around as you see them from race to race. Although we all share one common goal with one another and that is to run for each other’s respected club team and leave it all out on the race course…or just have fun.

Best quote of the night:

"Run happy and run with all your heart" Gordon Bakoulis, NYRR Runner of the Decade winner.

Check out pictures from this year’s Club Night




No run....

I've always liked hills. I see a challenge, a goal, and I feel instantly galvanized to achieve the goal.
Amby Burfoot, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

Holly arg!

Schedule? Yeah I am so off schedule due to the constraints of work and all on top of that.

Work has taken over and my priorities are clear, take care of business before anything else, but always have some room to relax, which I am doing.

I was supose to wake up early this morning in sights to do a 6 mile run...

I woke up at 5am...then work up at 5:45 with my alarm, then 6:45 and it was too late...

I just felt so out of it when I woke up...but we will keep trying.

I need this to be a daily or weekly thing where i need to get up early to go to bed!

Just that work gets in the way of things...arg!

We'll see about tomorrow's plans. Hopefully I can wake up early for that!