100 miles...

When you have the enthusiasm and passion, you end up figuring how to excel. Deena Kastor

Wow, seriously...

What is 100 miles?

A whole lot of things can be done in a 100 miles...that's pretty much equal to 24 hours...RUNNING...

Seriously, what was I thinking?

It's an adventure, a challenge and a vacation.


Yeah, it's going to be seriously a hell of a training session as D got me to run this race with her. She has a strong influence on me and my running abilities and why not?

I think it is seriously funny...but everyone thinks I am just JUMPING into an 100 miler...nope! I'll also be doing a 52.4 miler as well.

Oh well..

Run strong, run happy and keep moving!
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JohnnyGo said...

Great to see you in the park today. When we passed you the second time (going the other way, of course), I told my friend that you were running a 100 miler. She didn't believe me. She was sure that I misread "miles" for "kilometers".
She had me convinced, but now I see I was right. You are a wild man. Good luck!